Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

ltpeace: The Blogo saga is crazy. It appears that Oboma will sail above the fallout
hummingbrdbrain: pathological liars (Bush, Palin): every sentence lives in a different brain fold from every other; no contact no cognitive dissonance no lie
pierrefar: Bill Clinton on Palin: "Where was she while I was in office?" Political humor at its best :)
mccain_quotes: "Listen, I have the greatest appreciation for Governor Palin and her family, and it was a great joy to know them..
agenciadigital: Seguimos buscando gente que quiera escribir para Blogo. ¿Quieres ser blogger profesional?, esta es tu oportunidad.
mnindy: 2012: McCain snubs Palin in favor of Pawlenty
orbitz: HuffPost Palin Church Fire: Accelerant Poured Around Building: ANCHORAGE, Alaska — An accelerant w..
matwilcox: this is absolutely shocking…Palin is nuts.
urbanreporter: Sarah Palin turkey farm interview. They’re killin birds in the background
JamionW: Re-pinging @ijustine loling at Palin being interviewed while a turkey is slaughtered in the background!
myloveforyou: I can’t bear to watch the Palin turkey slaughter interview…Did anyone else? & is it really bad? I need to rubberneck vicariously.
sinnamonxie: That Sarah Palin/turkey slaughter video disturbed me. McCain was right about GOTCHA journalism. It’s dangerous for dumb animals.
g_rob: Here’s Palin being interviewed while a dude slaughters turkeys. She’s such a damn moronic bumpkin.
squeakmouse73: @sarah-palin Hey, I’ve missed ya. Glad you peeked into say hi.
BradMays: RT @dsilverman:Palin holds news conference standing in front of turkey killing machine |Surreal! (Hpy Thxgvng, Dwight :)
Crad: Watch the guy behind Sarah Palin. Yes that’s a turkey in his turkey killing chute.
universalexis: So sarah palin thinks turkey slaughter is "fun" and a chance for "levity" after the political stress.
timmmii: @skwirl i can’t say i’d be sorry if ms Palin ‘accidentally’ fell into one of those turkey machines. the dude behind her rules
kgranju: sarah palin is definitely back in alaska (funny!) –
susan_s_smith: Palin talkin Turkey, no problem killing em behind her in interview
SerenaSays: Between the Sarah Palin thing and the one about the guy on I’m not reading any more news today.
ffholic: justine: KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview
AmSpec: Blog: Les Nessman Interviews Sarah Palin:
Didn’t anybody learn from the "Turkey Drop" episode of WK..
mchampagne: is getting a giggle out of the Sarah Palin turkey pardon video.
politikfeed: [] Sarah Palin und der falsche Experte: Er war der Think-Tank-Berater, der verbreitet..
detroitmike: Just caught the Sarah Palin turkey video. Hi-larious! Still giggle every time she winks at the camera.
alexgamela: Sarah Palin and the turkey slaughter (or how no-matter-what-i-do-it -turns-to-shit)
denverpost: WestWatch: Turkeys to Palin: Please no more pardons: As former vice-presidential candidate S..
tinyvlad: @andricon daft punk is playing at my house….and sarah palin’s gonna be there.
HIRH: OMG this is hilarious!
Yes… Palin… turkeys being killed IS fun.
redlotusblossom: : Sarah Palin seems to be most productive when in proximity to or participating in blood sport. At least I don’t have *that*.
DannyRobles: New Blog: Oh That Palin
mcpierce: CNN Political Ticker: All politics, all the time Blog Archive – Palin interview causes stir « – Blogs from It’s t..
andymatic: Thankful the Palin/turkey interview didn’t end up looking like the end of ‘Carrie’.
andricon: NEW RULE: No one is allowed to talk about, look at, click a link to or mention the name of Sarah Palin ever again. Period. Thanks.
rightblogs: [The Corner] re: Palin and the Turkeys: This is weak of me, I know, but I’m rethinking Tha..
altuslogic: @johncordova Nice one !!! Sarah Palin Turkey Incident:
danoshinsky: as palin talks turkeys on the killing floor i’m thinking of cj cregg’s turkey pardons
carriejessica: Sarah Palin gets interviewed while some dude slaughters a turkey in the background. God America is great.
ericholsinger: Gov. Palin pardons a turkey and then chats it up on camera while some dude continues slaughtering birds in frame.
_DaveS: You can’t make this stuff up. Palin at a turkey farm. Where are her handlers? Where are the PR folks? Not for the squemish
genepark: The Sarah Palin Turkey Massacre Unrated Edition! lolz:
ganjablue: Sarah Palin is interviewed, yawn, in the background there’s a guy slaughtering turkeys. Freaking surreal. No pardons?
strebel: @THE_REAL_SHAQ just dont let them see the turkey going to sleep, a la Sarah Palin
Phoenix_L: I should call my computer "Palin" because it is acting dumb as hell
RickMacMerc: not to kick a dead campaign but there are more people watching the shiba inu cam than lived in that town over which S. Palin served as mayor
johncordova: one more time. PALIN IS A FUCKING IDIOT.
ramarob: Not sure what to make of the Sarah Palin turkey video.
heroicnudity: ☞ ☠ Palin uses a straw in her coffee cup! And oh ya, dude kills turkeys in the background! ☹
jennafoo: Sometimes I don’t even know. Palin chatting while a man slaughters turkeys behind her. (Warning: kinda gruesome.)

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