Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

chipchristian: Now he tells us! "McCain unsure if he’d support Palin for president"
jks4usc: McCain says not sure if he’ll endorse Palin in (4) yrs if she makes Presidential bid! He’s open to other "bright, upcoming" governors. Hmm.
vergelbradford: Patrick Fitzgerald reputed to be a good prosecutor blew it by going motor mouth in his press conference announcing his bust of Blogojevich.
tehnico: One more laugh at Palin’s expense before she disappears forever?
NeueMinistry: Palin Apologizes to Church for Fire: Alaska Governor and erstwhile vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin apolo..
2012Palin: Sarah Palin Radio: Governor Palin has a radio show devoted to her @ SarahPalinRadioYou can listen right now to l..
2012Palin: 2010 Alaska Budget Released: Governor Palin Releases Fiscal Year 2010 Budgets Spending Less Than Current YearDec..
vergelbradford: Prosecuting Rod Blogojevich won’t be all that easy. Convicting someone on something he said he’d do is not like actually committing a crime.
hoopycat: ok, i gotta go buy some coffee. i just read the display on the radio as "House of Palin" instead of "House of Pain"
awearnessblog: Colmes Leaves FOX, Hall and Oates Croon: FOX News announced in late November that come January, Sean Hannity wil..
vr8e: waiting for the side by side resume comparisons of Palin and CKS to start
grovernorman: Fox News follows a tease about the fire at Gov. Palin’s church with "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" heading to commercial break.
lightsleeper: noticing Bush’s war crimes and treasury looting aren’t getting play, while Obama’s non-association with Blogo is. You go, liberal media.
mccain_quotes: #McCain said he has "the greatest appreciation for Governor Palin and her family, and it was a great joy to know..
Jaustin: @Flap @Reverse_Vampyr The real reason I like Sarah Palin; God, guns and family aside, was because she is not a Washingtonian
alisso: Palin proposes 7 percent spending decrease – Forbes: AlaskaReportPalin proposes 7 percent spending decreaseForbe..
wizard1974uk: @xavierla Yeah it could be worse you could have got a miserable McCain/Palin Turkey beheading one instead :-)
SarahPalin: Sarah Palin victorious in battle of the quotes (The New Zealand Herald)
NewJournalist: Minnesota — 2012: McCain snubs Palin in favor of Pawlenty: With the presidential election less than..
2012Palin: Sarah Palin Heads List of Top Quotes – Digital Journal: Your News …: News, photos, video and debates from citi..
2012Palin: X Curmudgeon: Is Sarah Palin Jewish?: "Sarah Palin’s mother, Sally Sheigam, was of Lithuanian Jewish heritage an..
Flap: Rush Limbaugh Responds to RINO Colin Powell By Calling Him a Washingtonian×6748
StudentVoices: McCain "can’t" endorse Palin for 2012
KansasJackass: Kansas Electors Vote McCain/Palin, Earn $3 a Piece: Who had any idea doing your constitutional responsibility co..
JJSoteria: Did I miss the coverage of church burning as a "hate crime" fueled by all the false things media attributed to Gov Palin? Didn’t think so!
craigstoltz: Priceless: Palin being interviewed, with turkeys being beheaded in the background.
Petergorman: Palin pardons turkey while others slaughtered. McCain seen running from scene.
kristenkuhns: OMG the sarah palin in front of turkeys things made me want to hurl. Am SO not eating turkey for thanksgiving. Or ham. Any meat.
acollegeman: Wait… have you seen this? Turkeys being slaughtered in the background of Sarah Palin interview.
popcultPRgeorge: The news of Clinton accepting Sec. of State offer is getting less attn. than Palin and turkey slaughter. She just won’t go away, will she?
patriot2008: @ricksanchezcnn Sarah Palin was the fuse that ignited this torch. John Lewis warned against this, but Palin marched on with hatemongering!
illinoisBNN: The Swamp: Palin, Romney, Huck top GOP’s 2012 list: by Frank James Gov. Sarah Palin sits atop the lis..
wyborcza: Wywiad Sarah Palin z obcinaniem indykowi głowy w tle: Nazywana królową gaf gubernator Alaski nie daje o ..
Sc00ter: @kentakoga AWESOME! RT – @kentakoga: ZOMG best Palin Interview ever: [after the pardon part]
iaccuse: Palin is a fucking idiot.
charmcitychica: I work with a woman who hates Sarah Palin with a passion. Guess how she reacted when I mentioned she sounded just like her?
Ninfan30: Palin does interview while Turkey is slaughtered in the background: JUST when I thought she couldn’t get dumber!
JerkyChid: @ricksanchezcnn Palin supporters; "You betKKKha"
kentuckyjohn: why i love sarah palin
genepark: Sarah Palin pardoning a turkey for Thanksgiving:
jinnyp: feels sorry for Palin. She just can’t catch a break:
alaroche: We loved Fey as Palin, but I agree SNL needs a new Obama –
jamesmb: While I wait for my iPhone to backup, I ponder how much of an idiot Sarah Palin still is…
snackfeedbuzz: video added Michael Palin at Turkish baths in Istanbul – BBC-Palin receives the complete treatment in one of the oldes…
amanda_pants: Palin doing interview infront of a man killing turkeys? for real. He is killing them. WTF?
trout: @miacross poking fun at palin is like putting a bounty on wolves in a barrel
racheliza: is anyone else really upset b the video of sarah palin talking as a guy is slaughtering turkeys? this really, really upset me.
digiphile: What a range of reactions online to video of Sarah Palin’s interview against a backdrop of turkeys being slaughtered Fun?
roonoid: Maybe Palin is just unlucky with photo ops,
Colgo: RT @britl Palin pardons a turkey… as turkey-death occurs in background Great but smells of stitch-up to me

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