Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

Shannon_Ahern: Idiot Hannity implying Obama terrorist because he’s using his middle name at inauguration… Just like EVERY other president. For shame.
kaburke: #TCOT Palin not qualified as VP after 2 yrs. as gov, but Caroline is qualified for senator after 50 years as princess.
happygirl616: @tonydornacher wouldn’t you love to see palin in the whitehouse for the next 8 years?
idealist615: @kudzu630 im not gonna argue the validity of sarah palin, but i’m going to enjoy the next 4 yrs w/ the guy i supported since 2004. #fs
fshagan: @idealist615 #tcot Palin and Jindal are both reform governors, and may have a compelling story to tell in 2012.
Kudzu630: @idealist615 #fs we are up in the air about Palin I think. The media bruised her good. She’s still a spark and I love her. BobbJ?
cheney_quotes: Vice President #Dick #Cheney, in an interview with talk show host Rush Limbaugh, cautioned that "if the automobi..
fortybillion: George Strombolopolous is going to interview Sarah Palin on New Year’s Eve. Should be a gooder.
cluttered: New twitter client (eventbox), seeing if I like it. currently use Twitterific on one and Blogo on the other. both nice (blogo best so far).
SarahPalin: Sarah Palin victorious in battle of the quotes (The New Zealand Herald)
newsbusters: AP’s Probing Double Standard: Obama vs. Palin Ethics Inquiries: With apologies to the creator of the famous evan..
KamDeesse: McCain: "I can’t promise to support Palin for president"–That’s some bull-shit, but you wanted the American people to support her.
owlspectre: thinking about those poor turkeys that were slaughtered during Palin’s interview.
roadkillrefugee: @ruthdfw all in due time. For starters, Gates likely to remain at DoD for a while. Hagel may get V.A. Maybe Palin will get airspace defense
underpope: This video of Sarah Palin answering a reporter’s questions while turkeys are being slaughtered behind her is amazing.
conservatweet: [ACE] Next Palin "Gaffe" Left Will Detonate Over: After pardoning a turkey, Palin gives an app..
Mr_Bloggerific: @abalone She’s no Sarah Palin though. She even hunts turkeys with bow and arrow. Prize winner and all.
tv2nyhetene: Palin i forferdelig kalkunintervju
TeresitaMercado: @lezzymom Honestly, listening to Dr Phi is like going to a priest for marriage counselling, or Rush Limbaugh for advice on organic nutrition
BillSeitzler: You can’t make this stuff up! Palin does an interview with a guy getting ready to kill a turkey behind her.
gerik: Palin pardons turkey then is interviewed in front of the slaughter line. Brilliant!
metrosistah: OMG! Sarah Palin has just done for Thankx(giving) what the Greench did for Xmas. Next time Sarah, HELP THE BEAR!
amberlrhea: Ha, RT @womanistmusings wonder if Limbaugh has gone to shoot up with the announcement of Hilliary as SOS?
nicoleslaw: Anyone notice Sarah Palin wearing a Burberry scarf in this disgusting turkey interview video? Maybe she bought it at a thrift store.
newforms: This turkey slaughtering video with Palin is really unbelievable… "I’ll probably get criticized for this as-well…". You betcha…!
so77: Do a YouTube search for "Palin turkey"
igerard: Sarah Palin/Turkey Slaughter Extravaganza Video –
snackfeedbuzz: another one Sarah Palin Pardons Turkey – While others killed behind her-MSNBC – Sarah Palin Pardons a Turkey. While…
crawfordbrand: What? Another Turkey died as Palin spoke? I thought they were talking about McCain. Doh!
modernmom: @lisalin Yup — looks like Jim’s roast will be the star of Thanksgiving this year. Thanks a lot Sarah Palin.
chrisross: Huh, Palin is talking about forward funding and…JESUS THAT TURKEY IS BEING WATERBOARDED AND GARROTED. Glad Trig is doin’ ok.
britl: Not for squemish. Palin pardon’s a turkey.. as turkey-death occurs in background
Tyler_Stone: Just slaughtered a turkey behind Gov. Palin
BellaRossa: Dudes, I scooped like six major blogs with the Palin turkey thing. My minuscule reward for a coughing, sleepless night? Bah.
louloufrance: I know I’m probably the last one on the planet, but I just watched the sarah Palin turkey video and I can’t get over that she’s such a dolt.
joshuareich: @santaclaus25 is following me, twitter is so weird, first sarah palin, now santa claus, guess i’m just cool
careyhart: RT @ijustine loling at Palin being interviewed while a turkey is slaughtered in the background! haha!
swdowling: A day in the life of Governor Palin. They guy in the back is priceless. Right out of Fargo!
PuddleMonkey: My boss is a graduate of the Sarah Palin School of Communication.
majah: Not only is Sarah Palin standing with the turkey murdering machine, she is wearing a $495 Burberry scarf. I don’t know which is more wrong.
howieeatworld: "Turkeys die as Governor Palin takes questions from the media."
purpure: Watching the Palin turkey video. WTF.
paulrobertlloyd: @davidlwarner I’ll go one better. I’m going to become an American Citizen in 4 years just so I can vote for Palin in the primaries.
womanistmusings: wonder if Limbaugh has gone to shoot up with the announcement of Hilliary as SOS?
dtizzle: I hope people saw the Sarah Palin turkey killing video! Note the turkey spazzing at it dies toward the end.
svdodge: @raster I didn’t know @heygabe was a musician. [Palin wink]
miacross: I think we should enjoy our win and stop talking s*** about Sarah Palin. It’s just extending her 15 mins.
ecopolitologist: Laughing at: Sarah Palin talking about how thankful she is while turkeys are slaughtered behind her. ( )
legend_killer: @grubi : not a first. If Sarah Palin can be a "Maverick", damn it so can I. Difference is I define what it means to be an asshole. I
sparky89: Palin is pardoning one turkey while others are slaughtered behind her:

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