Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

ThePBG: @mrsmartguy lawdy, that link took me BACK!! Maybe I will write something tonight…hmmm *palin wink*
theindependent: 2008 Madness: Over 2500 votes cast! Wii Fit still ahead of iPhone; Batman’s killing Iron Man; & Sarah Palin is ahead:
HighPlainsBlogr: [Buzz] AP’s Probing Double Standard: Obama vs. Palin Ethics Inquiries (*sigh* The MSM is so tiresome.)
rockstarpolitic: McCain: Times are to serious for a Palin. wow!
thebcast: ‘The Turncoat’: Rush Limbaugh Fires Back After Being Blasted by Colin Powell
vergelbradford: Patrick Fitzgerald and Rod Blogojevich are both motor mouths. Did Blogojevich actually commit a crime or just talk about committing a crime?
willjohnston: Sorry for the random McCain/Palin tweets, I put the wrong credentials into
willjohnston: Alabama’s Nine Electors Vote For McCain-Palin (WDHN Dothan)
RunawayJimPVD: @JennyMack I believe it. After all, Palin thought Africa was a country. I think the number used to be closer to 50% when I was younger.
HighPlainsBlogr: [#tcot] BATF confirms arson as cause in Sarah Palin’s church blaze: But liberal media treating it like …
chadolson11: I am loving the Mac OS X application BLOGO. It’s an almost perfect app for blogging on the mac…any other ideas?
tdro: What a surreal day. Snow. Sarah Palin. Turkeys. Buffy Box Set for 69.99. Sun. Warren Ellis’ Freakangels. Twilight.
vitaminjeff: Palin Interview. Turkey getting slaughtered in background! LOL. :(
Brad: Co-worker watching censored video of Palin Turkey Slaughter video. Her reaction: "AAAUGHH GODDDD WHAAAATT OHHHHH!"
koehmstedt: Carrie & the Koehmst I give up.: Excuse me Governor Palin… Didn’t you know that ..
michaelpfalco: Tears in my eyes, pardoned turkeys, dying turkeys, Palin blathering on none the wiser — classic news moment!
rightblogs: [rightblogs] Next Palin "Gaffe" Left Will Detonate Over: After pardoning a turkey, Palin g..
testastretta: @colinn Does Palin need lipstick? Yes and yes.
simX: Jeebus. Sarah Palin is an unending source of DUMBASS:
rightblogs: [The Corner] Sarah and the Vegan Weenies: Getting lots of fun mail about the Sarah Palin t..
schof: Via @gruber Sarah Palin holds press conference about "pardoning" a turkey in front of turkey-killing machine. Two turkeys die during clip.
gregmays: Did everyone see the Sarah Palin "turkey killing video"? Note the turkey spazzing at it dies toward the end.
ebaumsworld: [Video]
Happy Thanksgiving from Sarah Palin :


rbrant: Like a Farrely brothers movie. Palin interview with turkey’s getting slaughtered in the background:
MyPinkNirvana: Billhilly Palin -Sarah Palin’s Turkey Pardoning Fiasco
toosweet4rnr: palin and turkeys being slaughtered, insert witty commentary here_______
jswartz652: Note to Palin and other politicians: Do not share camera time with live AND dead turkeys.
HappyAndAngry: Regardless of political or animal rights opinions, this Palin/turkey video is just comedy gold
jeremyfritsche: To Sarah Palin’s communication director: scout your backdrops, dude! Or are you trying to tell us something?
screwtheman: Sarah Palin just set off some alarms at PETA
SerenaSays: The Sarah Palin thing is just surreal
jeremyfritsche: Tso Sarah Palin’s communication director: scout your backdrops, dude! Or are you trying to tell us something?
beevans: Happy Thanksgiving, Palin style.
conservatweet: [Michelle Malkin]: Turkey jive: Palin-bashers strike again: Gobble, gobble.
davidpiette: This Palin Vid, unbelievable.."what goverment programs are on the chopping block"..
gwarm: Sarah Palin Turkey Interview: Hey Sarah, we think it is cool that you went to a turkey farm to…
bendrix: Warning: Gruesome Imagry – Sarah Palin Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered In The Background =>
lgpiper: @gtcaz Palin has grasped, like Madonna, Paris, and Zsa Zsa Gabor before them, that only lack of publicity is bad publicity.
nightmareofyou: Palin interviewing in front of turkeys being slaughtered.
askymi: If you haven’t seen Palin lay an egg with a turkey, see ADN
rckprentice: "Palin’s getting a book deal! Wasilla’s getting a book store!" -S.C.
cshappley: Unbelieveable. Sarah Palin gives interview while a turkey is slaughtered in the background.
lizpurcell: Sarah Palin knows her turkeys –
ryoung77: @anamariecox ahh sarah palin…will you never cease to supply me with laughter.
spleentim: @brianherman The beauty of Hannity – I think comedian Rush Limbaugh said it,and now the parrot repeats what he heard. Polly want a cracker?
snackfeedbuzz: we’re watching Turkey Pardon– Palin Style-The Huffington Post (11-20-08):

Some videos you just have to see to believ…

tushin: "Gov. Palin pardons turkey while news video cameras capture fowl slaughter". You can’t make this stuff up.
peterrost: Ever seen a turkey slaughtered? Check out what happens duing most recent Palin intervew.
shindotv: @nrek I wonder why Palin doesn’t think these press events through, considering she has a BA in journalism.

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