Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

beaudotgiles: No wait, it isn’t Limbaugh. He’s listening to this freak Dude says he’s trying to "open my mind" about the world.
Bodhi1: #tcot Where to hear Rush Limbaugh online:
Bodhi1: Where to hear Rush Limbaugh online:
beaudotgiles: Wear goddamn headphones if you’re going to listen to Rush Limbaugh on your computer asshole.
benjaminjackson: @Harold Let us know if you get a chance to try out Blogo, and thanks for the compliments on the icon :)
billstreeter: @CableNewsie1 Yeah because everybody knows the KKK doesn’t like dope fiends like Limbaugh
FortuneGeorge: @dmooney9 Dennis-Nice youtube of Palin! Thanks for the follow.
jwesley: 60 facts about Sarah Palin
mrsmartguy: @ThePBG lol @ the palin wink
swampfaye: @slyfoot – not Palin – she gets it, I’m talking about McCain and Colin Powell, who vilify people who listen to talk radio and stay informed
sarahcuda: @MTSeeker um… i think you have me confused with sarah PALIN. i’m not inflicting violence on anyone as far as i know
slyfoot: @swampfaye Was the ‘maverick’ comment about Palin? Just curious.
joshbuddy: @verity79 i’ve never seen the phrase "helicopter parenting" before. immediately made me think of Palin.
gerardmanogin: my mccain palin sticker wouldn’t rip. lol
CableNewsie1: Cafferty compares Limbaugh to the KKK..time for CNN to fire this hack. Officially off the deep end.
iconmaster: Fire at Palin’s church was almost certainly arson. That’s messed up.
LakeMtkaLiberty: 2012 is shaping up as another Democrat-lite for the GOP: McCain refuses to endorse Palin I guess the Republican ..
carsonhalley: ugh, my dad just put on rush limbaugh! I think he is trying to torture me. How can one man think his opinions are that important?!?!?
tracykarol: @itsonlywords Yeah, going to do both just not time today. Can’t believe no cvg on Palin. Glad I get ADN via email. #TCOT
Crevek: #tcot Palin church fire has intrigue, who did it? Blagojavich is "mental" and can only tarnish our anointed one.
itsonlywords: @TracyKarol Definitely Palin fire media coverage. It’s shameful.
tracykarol: Prefer blog about thoughts on shoe-thrower and punishment or Palin fire and media ignoring it? Comments at webform
YatPundit: @moesch Sarah Palin is like herpes, truly a gift that keeps on giving.
graphmac1: Palin and dying turkeys!
guerrillamama: @bfp palin vid was sick…simply sick
davidlwarner: @paulrobertlloyd I’m going to register as a Republican in 4 years just so I can vote for Palin in the primaries.
fortm: Burroughs & Palin, together at last in celebration of turkey day (right link):
senselessbabbl2: I’m amazed how fast the Palin/Turkey video is making the rounds. 1st saw the link this morning here on Twitter, now its getting air on MSNBC
spyapp: The conversation around Sarah Palin is heating up, ‘spy’ on Twitter, FriendFeed, Flickr and more at
flutist: Is wondering abt this crazy palin turkey video. What is going on!!!!
fortm: Burroughs and Palin, together at last in celebration of turkey day:
DanikaV: I’m not gonna lie…Palin is just stupid.
yayamartinez: I’m terrified of spiders more than the thought of Palin being vice prez. That says a whole lot….
gtcaz: Ironic given the campaign ads how Palin has become a Paris Hilton-like gossip celeb.
Eskinner: Who is Sarah Palin’s handler? They let her do an interview while a man slaughtered a turkey in the background.
princessleah7x: RT @ijustine loling at Palin being interviewed while a turkey is slaughtered in the background! haha!
paleobiology: Newsflash: Fainting AG Michael Mukasey to be euthanized in the background during a Sarah Palin interview.
mariadeathstar: @gchaix yes it did! check it out! Sarah Palin of course:
bryanrodas: hehe palin talking and turkeys behind her are being slaughtered .. hehe
chrysb: Sarah Palin gets interviewed with turkeys being slaughtered in the background:
mariadeathstar: @gchaix yes, it did! check it out! Sarah Palin of course!
louderthan10: At a loss for words after seeing the Palin turkey slaughter interview.
amachina: RT Did they set her up?! blech @zuno Palin interviewed in front of turkey slaughtering ->
seabright: I need to turn off the internet in order to escape the Palin turkey-slaughter fiasco, because I cannot seem to stop looking at it. Sheesh.
kidffm: Neu bei kidffm: Sarah Palin Stilsicher
JonathanRauch: Don’t know if it’s the video quality, less makeup, or post-campaign tiredness, but Palin looks about 15 years older in that turkey video
dreamnotoftoday: The Hater: Sarah Palin Is Queen Of All Turkeys
jepaco: Palin: "Oh, well, this was neat," as turkeys are slaughtered behind her.
iTwon: Have we all seen the new Sarah Palin interview while turkeys are being slaughterd behind her yet?
passi66: omg!The Palin-Turkey interview video is……Awesome?Scarrying?Gross?Horrible?SoooFunny? Is that PR strategie?

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