Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

2012Palin: Palin, Like Reagan, Receives Horrible Treatment From Her Own Party: H/T to JP @ Sarah Palin for President——-..
WooManna: It’s like explaining Russian relations to Sarah Palin. You don’t… I can’t… Just because God told me so, okay?!
stevenlp: Rush Limbaugh response to Colin Powell very interesting
palin_quotes: When questioned by CBS anchor Katie Couric, #Palin said she reads "all of them, any of them that have been in fr..
palin_quotes: Later, when asked whether gay people are welcome at her church, #Palin describes Wasilla as "quite open in terms..
palin_quotes: "Conditions are changing even as we speak," #Palin said.
censey: @oneeyedcarmen Nice work! you forgot Sarah Palin, zero day, Obama, monitter, tweetgrid, mr tweet, and bacon
jpmeyer: hahahahaha there are articles in flow about rule 34′ing sarah palin and on kim kardashian’s butt
matthieu_harbo: testing Blogo (21 days test version)
willfjohnston: Sorry for the random McCain/Palin tweets, I put the wrong credentials into
Flap: Updated With Video: Rush Limbaugh Responds to RINO Colin Powell By Calling Him a Washingtonian
swedishbeauty: @ijustine that interview of Palin makes me want to never eat turkey bird again. :/
funnymonkey: Oy. And url: Warning: This link contains both Sarah Palin and Turkeys.
moesch: palin pardon’s a turkey; gives post-pardon interview with giant turkey beheading machine behind her. sigh
sunshineejc: The more we chatter about Palin’s turkeys, the more we inflate her image-the more we shoot ourselves in the foot-wake up!-ENOUGH ALREADDY!
brianwright: @ailie I know, whats next? "Palin interviewed wearing purple in front of a christmas tree. What was she thinking not wearing red?"
nrek: YouTube – KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview
nrek: Watching the vicious bitch (Palin) interview while a turkey gets slaughtered right behind her. Next up? Baby… re:
channelone: Poultry-pardoning Palin interviewed in front of turkey slaughter: A smiling Sarah Palin appeared obliv..
kiranmaxweber: Palin is interviewed while turkeys are being slaughtered in the background and she’s AWARE of it. Fucking nut job.
funnymonkey: @kveton RT Sarah Palin Turkey Interview. Amazing juxtaposition of her jawing in the foreground with turkeys being executed in the background
webology: Regarding my last tweet: @Lena_ thanks for keeping me honest!
twinch: Is Sarah Palin actively trying to out Onion _the Onion_?
hvezda: @tonibarros algo de obsessão com a sarah palin, hein?
ChadMortensen: @grigs I was referring more to the irony and how Palin’s all about the media being out to get her. I’m pro turkey.
webology: Regarding my last tweet: @Lena_ thanks for keeping me honest!
debbiemahler: @MoonTiger Palin – I don’t understand how someone can defend human life yet kill defenseless animals. I catch and release bugs!
JeffSays: RT: @ijustine loling at Palin being interviewed while a turkey is slaughtered in the background! haha!
bjedwards: Palin is really into fresh turkey. Watch thanksgiving dinner get offed while she gives an interview. Wacky.
moontiger: I did my best to tarnish Palin’s reputation and published stuff on USAToday+Reuters etc about her murdering Alaska’s wildlife.
johnremy: Orwellian irony: turkeys slaughtered behind Palin interview after she exercises her governor’s powers to pardon one.
Cainam: Oh How Sweet! Gov. Palin pardons a turkey for Thanksgiving. Behind You!
kestrachern: Palin pardins a turkey the rest are slaughtered just out of frame (end of video for wide screen) RT: @lalav
huffpost: Poll Tracker: GOP Voters Say Palin, Romney and Huckabee Are Top 2012 Choices -cqpolitics
cqpolitics: Poll Tracker: GOP Voters Say Palin, Romney and Huckabee Are Top 2012 Choices
webology: The real story here isn’t Palin pardoning a Turkey in front of a very visible slaughter house, but rather is that a Starbucks Red Cup?
moontiger: Noone likes Sarah Palin – even the Republicans booed her and wouldn’t let her speak on election night.
bayou: Hot News: Sarah Palin Interview in Front of Turkey Slaughter (Video):

The press can’t seem..

moontiger: I don’t think Barack Obama would try to indoctrinate the young with phony crank beliefs like Palin did.
SecondBot: [SecondLife Blogs] Sarah Palin the Turkey Slayer – SLUniverse Forums
webology: The real story here isn’t Palin pardoning a Turkey in front of a very visible slaughter house, it’s is a Starbucks Red Cup she’s holding?
TelegraphMG: Sarah Palin’s bizarre ‘turkey slaughter’ interview : Sarah Palin, known for her moose-hunting prowess..
moontiger: I don’t think Barack Obama would encourage redneck hicks to persecute endangered species like Palin did.
mtnsurfer: Hilarious clip of Palin talking to the camera while turkeys are being killed in the background.
brianwright: I keep seeing tweets about the Palin interview with the Turkeys. News flash – Who cares!
kyigit: palin thanksgiving turkey video is #3 search item on google. Yep, it is.
moontiger: I don’t think Barack Obama would publish "experts’" reports denying global warming to protect vested financial interests like Palin did.
HurricaneAlice: watched Palin at the turkey slaughterhouse, on This is "fun"? Cruel woman. Why does she hate animals? Can’t she just go away?
justinderekrich: @darbiw That Palin interview is incredible :D

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