Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

JoeWhitchurch: @ictv I see this story of the arson of recent VP candidate Sarah Palin’s home church made page 7 in Gannet local. W shoe thing, a joke. ??
asterbotvideo88: Asterpix Interactive Video – Fox News Denounces 9/11 Truth Movement Again:
Fox News’ Hannity & Colmes d..
cheney_quotes: Vice President #Dick #Cheney (web | news | bio) , in an interview with conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh..
politechnicart: Blogo Numericus : Annotations en ligne, quand Google tisse sa toile
SeanCon: Anybody see that Sarah Palin turkey-slaughter video? Morbid, but really, really funny.
rcpost: New blog post: Group Makes Support Video for Palin in Rancho
telegraphnews: Sarah Palin gives interview as turkeys slaughtered
Wikio_LaUne: Là où Sarah Palin passe, la dinde trépasse (au broyeur) (20 minutes): VIDEO – A ne pas regarder avant de manger…Source : 20 ..
joemescher: @TechCrunch this Palin-turkey video is just so absurd. (RT) How does she still harbor political aspirations?
Kyrsten_Jensen: Sarah Palin’s interview: so amusing that the killer pauses for a while, then continues!
Dorkenhoff: @himasunk Yay! Palindrome Day! Not to be confused with Palin-Drone, where Sarah Palin drones on and on.
abcandrea: anyone see Palin video at the turkey slaughterhouse?
ecopolitologist: @shellinaya Palin: "I’m just thankful for my family’s health…" [cue struggling turkey fighting for life in background]
danieljurek: Palin pardons turkey as bird bleeds out on camera:
sarking: Tom Turkey: The Latest Target in the Palin War on Animals. Hey, so long as it’s not Perky the Turkey… (Don’t ask.)
pjperez: @alisonem times like this I’m glad I never watch TV. When I go to the gym, Palin’s annoying face is ALWAYS on at least one screen! Argh.
LeMecRedir: TechCrunch: this Palin-turkey video is just so absurd.
sarahpalinfeed: Sarah Palin’s turkey of a photo op :
sarahpalinfeed: Palin, Romney, Huck top GOP’s 2012 list :
tribune: Sarah Palin’s turkey of a photo op
tribune: Palin, Romney, Huck top GOP’s 2012 list
iusher: Unbelievable – Palin talks turkey: Don’t worry world, she wasn’t elected.
tangokdesign: Have you seen Palin & the turkey?
TechCrunch: this Palin-turkey video is just so absurd.
lucyfir: For next Thanksgivin,Palin should start a Turkey /Penquin hybrid farm.The Tunquins operate gov &butter balls r made of Fur coat merchants.
mpjoyceii: Palin turkey processing field trip!
GHollingsworth: Just now watching the Sarah Palin Turkey video, so when do the PETA anti-Palin commercials come out?
Wattyz: OMG! Sarah Palin getting interviewed with turkeys getting slaughtered! WTH? Showed on ET, but blurred out turkey deaths
Roxy206: Since all of my dresses are too big on me, my interpretation of trophy wife = Sarah Palin. It works, right?
JosephTheGreat: Have I already mentioned how much I love Sarah Palin? She’s good comedy value.
WiLDFL0W3R: HAHAHAHA! This woman next to us looks like Sarah Palin! LMFAO. xF
pa5fn: dvorak uncencored Palin Pardons Thanksgiving Turkey and Rambles on about something: Palin ..
CJBarker: This Palin interview strongly reminds me of those Vonage commercials:
SimonTalBal: @arthurjauffret Ah non. pas la meme chose. Palin c’est moins grave. Ca fait Groland. Le PS c’est un scnadale
gendashwhy: Was that a Burberry scarf Palin was wearing in front of the Turkey Massacre?
Race42008: Talking Turkey: The media is all in an uproar because Sarah Palin gave an interview while turkeys were ..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Palin vs. Biden:
Read my blog! Sarah ..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Gov. Palin Gets Under Joe Biden’s Skin – She Wins Debate!:
Video prod..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin in Carson California with 20,000+ Part 1:
Sarah Palin win..
arthurjauffret: @SimonTalBal T’as Palin et des dindes, ca se vaut. Presque…
celebritypaycut: Sarah Palin Pardons Turkey then gives Interview in front of Slaughter
DHSDarcy: @arush I’d never thought of that before, but now that you mention it, Principal Victoria does remind me of Sarah Palin.
shaadakaalo: Palin offered $2 million to appear in porn film !
shaadakaalo: 8 Things We’ve Learned About Sarah Palin
charles_hope: How Rush Limbaugh is a feminist
soverpeck: Palin needs new PR. Really? Who lets their client get interviewed next to a slaughtering site?
mdouglass: Sarah Palin. Best Interview Ever.
huffpost: New on Has Palin Been Pallin’ Around With PETA? -openleft
KVNUftp: Now on The Sarah Palin Turkey Massacre ( )
jamiesfeeds: Palin Pardons Thanksgiving Turkey and Rambles on about something: Palin Pardons Thanksgiving Turkey a..

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