Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

Divapalooza: @caddiechaplain – Rush, Laura, Bill, Hannity, Boortz – and sometimes Dr. Laura. I can only take so much of Dr. Laura.
2012Palin: AP’s Probing Double Standard: Obama vs. Palin Ethics Inquiries: From NewsBustersGet a load of the first two graf..
jdmeac: There seems to be a Sarah Palin calendar out, thought you might be interested in it @littlebytesnews.
Snakecharmers: @TheArquebusier Blogojevich is trying to give you a little post-Bush comedy preview, but big shoes to fill.
hoskog: Palin Refuses to hire African Americans
cfurj: Illinois talk radio complaining about bad spoof Blogo accents.
alaskaBNN: Alaska Politics: Palin on the church fire: ‘There were some crazy, mean-spirited people out there’: Last night o..
cameronmoore: @CarynMoore I say we do what Palin did with Alaksa’s jet, and put those seats on eBay.
2012Palin: Where’s the Outrage? » Sarah Palin’s church burned: Now, I don’t agree with Sarah Palin on almost anything but A..
come2yoursenses: Doesn’t understand why Caroline Kennedy is not qualified to be a senator and Sarah Palin was qualified to be a VP candidate.
mclouthier: OH man, the dude sitting in for Rush Limbaugh just burped into the microphone.
connecticutBNN: Connecticut Commentary: Kennedy vs. Palin: The New York Times has now weighed in on Caroline Kennedy’s fitness t..
laurenmc18: The cashier at the craft store just told me I look like Sarah Palin.
HeatherWit: @joecascio Joe, have you seen the latest Palin turkey killing video?
LaLaV: just saw the video where Palin pardons a turkey…and you can see one getting slaughtered in the background – seriously:
jabbott: I didn’t want to post about Sarah Palin but how did she did not notice the guy behind her slaughtering a turkey in clear view of the camera?
adevlen: Stunned by Palin interview w/turkeys slaughtered behind her:
conservatweet: [SayAnything] Palin Gives Interview While Man Slaughters Turkeys In The Background
robport: Palin Gives Interview While Man Slaughters Turkeys In The Background
rae_bot: Wow, I know Palin drives me nuts but I did enjoy her Turkey interview–and not just cause of the guy in the background haha
cyablonski: actually likes Sarah Palin even more because of this video:
jseiden: RT @danimalik (RE: Palin) comedy like this has to be shared:
maxheadroom: RT @gruber Sarah Palin holds news conference standing in front of turkey killing machine.
blahpro: Retweeting @gruber Sarah Palin holds news conference standing in front of turkey killing machine.
DamienMcKenna: Sarah Palin interview should cause problems with FCC –
stribs: Sarah Palin flute solo with Jethro Tull on "Locomotive Breath" –
modernmom: 1/2 of the people that we’re celebrating Thanksgiving with (incl me) are refusing to eat turkey after watching the Palin interview video…
mtony75: New Bookmark – Sarah Palin Turkey Incident: Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered..
vectorb: Palin pardons a turkey. With turkey’s being slaughtered behind her. Genius.
snackfeedbuzz: another one The Sarah Palin Turkey Massacre-Sarah Palin pardons a Thanksgiving Turkey in Alaska and then gives a spee…
sanfrandan: OMG: Sarah Palin "pardoned" a turkey – then rambled while others slaughtered on camera!
mattjanz: Wow… I’m convinced that Palin is retarded when it comes to PR,
liddylids: couldn’t help watching the turkey video, even though the last 3 weeks of her life has been so much better without Palin’s voice.
peasleer: BREAKING: Palin gives an interview in front of turkeys being slaughtered, proving politics ARE funny:
soniason: this is just awful! – RT @gruber Sarah Palin holds news conference standing in front of turkey killing machine.
gerarddolan: RT @jeremybell Sarah Palin does an interview while turkeys are slaughtered in the background.
ellenronnie: @Chefjen Ala Lt. Columbo: Just one more thing.The interviewer asked Palin if she was okay with what was going on behind her. She was!
trodrigues: how does Sarah Palin still gets media attention with stuff like this happening ? (via @gruber)
telegraaf: Slachtpartij tijdens interview Palin
reginaavalos: From Celebrity Today Sarah Palin Fouls Up
portlandhead: @gruber Palin’s not too bright not to notice t/turkey slaughter, but TV station set her up – they framed the shot.
kwyk: just plain disturbing (weak stomachs beware) – I thought Sarah Palin couldn’t get any more out of touch or creepy – wrong!
levydr: Why do we pardon turkeys? Sure, I appreciate the humor of Palin doing it front of a turkey grinder, but what crime did they commit?
thechicgeek: Has anyone else seen the Palin turkey video? Completely insane. Balls to the wall insane.
glenngutierrez: Gov. Palin press conference to pardon holiday turkey. But.. wow.
ffholic: Emily Bruce: Sarah Palin Pardons Turkey – While others killed behind her
Yagg: La revue de web du jour est en ligne: Vanneste encore, Sarah Palin et les dindes, le zizi du prince William, "The L Word", Pink et sa moto…
willgillam: Oh my god that Sarah Palin turkey interview
birdmeat: Palin pardons turkey, then gives interview while oblivious to the turkeys being slaughtered in background
stupidfeed: stupidtweets : Oh palin. You stupid ass hat. No more turkeys for you.: Oh palin. You stu..

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