Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

norcross: @dcagle Sean Hannity is a blowhard. I’ve never heard someone so married to talking points
nagrommit: To those still sporting McCain/Palin bumper stickers: The Electoral College met yesterday and your guy didn’t win. Time to move on.
marknutter: @janellem1220 @B_Rats Tina Fey is not funny. Her Sarah Palin was good but then again that was prime material.
eston: Fast food in the car? In the words of sarah palin, you betcha.
cmaynard: @dcagle If it upsets Hannity, then life is good. He’s not happy unless he’s rousing rabble somewhere. You do fine work. Keep poking!!
Harold: Now, "fed and bred with love by Blogo", though still a bit vague, would indicate that the blog is managed by an app or person named Blogo…
jerrypettit: Throwing $150,000 worth of high heels (and other clothing items) at Sarah Palin
chicarmoire: @juliedarling sarah palin will be dissapointed
jenxer: @dcagle the thought of a Hannity Spanking is extremely upsetting. B{
jcurries: @dcagle Vilified by Hannity? Oh, that must’ve made you feel just awful. :-)
Ramona_W: @dcagle Hannity spanking cartoonists? Sound like it should be on Pay Per View not regular cable.
cyn3matic: @dcagle (Hannity’s a turd.) Hey, I invented a new hashtag for your collection of shoe ‘toons: #shoehaha. Use, if you like.
mclouthier: RT @freerepublic Dissing Palin By Dr. Paul Kengor | Tuesday, December 16, ..
Jaustin: @conblog Hannity is passionate and repetitive, which is great for the people who just want the red meat from the raido.
OUChevelleSS: Sometimes my Philosophy paper sounds like Sarah Palin: a bunch of words thrown together hoping for a good effect.
gonzomehum: @dcagle A lot of things upset Hannity. Reality upsets Hannity. Implying that he isn’t graced with godlike wisdom upsets Hannity.
ThursdayGirl: @dcagle Probably because cartoons are the only thing Hannity understands.
conblog: @dcagle *Everything* upsets Hannity. Even the people who agree with him. He’s a big whiner…
kishizuka: @dcagle Do go on Hannity. Wear loafers so you can chuck ‘em. A predictable punchline, but funny just the same.
Crystal_alisha: @brettbittner And I SURE hope that Palin and Huckabee fall off the face of the Earth together. Though Huckabee has fabulous taste in ties.
damianchidgey: "Ferguson: The shoe-throwing incident has made Sarah Palin want to be president even more. Free shoes! You betcha!" that’s the best one
sbtodd: @dcagle when you listen to Hannity you have to wonder if anyone at Fox believes it’s "Fair and Balanced"
politicalbugger: Would the sarah palin presidential library have had ALL the newspapers?
WineForNewbies: @dcagle Makes one wonder why any cartoonist would go on Hannity’s show.
dcagle: Cartoons often upset Hannity. He likes to have cartoonists come on so he can spank them, and demand apologies.
cyn3matic: @dcagle Vilified by Hannity? That’s a badge of honor. ;)
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Dissing Palin: Shades of Reagan: Dissing Palin By Dr. Paul Kengor FrontPageMagazine..
wabbitoid: @dcagle Hannity clearly needs something to do. Like, I dunno, report Or do other work.
alexmassie: Sarah Palin the Hipster!
brettbittner: Just watched Huckabee on The Daily Show. I SURE hope that he & Palin are not the extreme that the Republican Party chooses to follow.
blogherald: [new] Sarah Palin Blasts Media Not Just Bloggers
adkinsjm: A great Sarah Palin interview.
kristinhillery: I hereby declare the Sarah Palin Turkey Video the best video ever:
plinko23: I shared ‘KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin Turkey Interview’ on ffwd.
adkinsjm: A great Sarah Palin video.
slansing777: @TinaFey Hope u seen this RT @theandy: No. Effing. Way. Seriously Mrs. Palin? SERIOUSLY? p.s. Burberry is so 2002
Inspiretech: New blog post: The Best Sarah Palin Interview ever
oliverschwarz: Gruesome interview location with Ms. Palin: Unbelievable.
NewsGang: Sarah Palin Turkey slaughter (from Duncan Riley) :
She’s back!!! Alaska Governor and failed Vice Presid..
ROLAFN: Tina Fey outdone by Palin herself. You can’t make this stuff up. Happy Thanksgiving! http://⁢
WriterWriter: Haha! Does Palin recognize the irony of doing an interview in an abatoire with turkeys being slaughtered behind her? Huffington Post today
spreeblicknews: New blog post: Sarah Palin spielt in der Fortsetzung von Fargo mit
kcfrederic: seize to amaze me. what is wrong with this women. "palin and the fun of turkey slaughter"
hmaust: RT @gruber Sarah Palin holds news conference standing in front of turkey killing machine.
bheater: New rumor: Sarah Palin can’t get to sleep without a CD of turkeys being ground up playing softly in the background.
Mimismartypant: RT @gruber Sarah Palin holds news conference standing in front of turkey killing machine such poor taste…
kdiddy: I predict Sarah Palin will have her own reality show in five years.
thatgamergirl: One more time. Happy Holidays from Sarah Palin.
julieb: Sarah Palin Pardons a Turkey
ABKing: Turns Out Sarah Palin Was Really Just Giving Us All a Valuable Life Lesson

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