Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

Reverse_Vampyr: Writing Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Mike Gallagher, Mark Davis encouraging them to join Twitter and #tcot.
BuzzFeedFeed: Colmes, Garfunkel & Oates: Now that Colmes is leaving Hannity, we’ve got an idea: We’re going to try to…
johnryanKTOO: trying to chase down a quick story on Compensation Commission’s recommendation of $25K raise for Palin, ~$20k for Commissioners
rightblogs: [hotair] Video: Palin on the Wasilla church-burning: Torched.
SMcCaffrey: @JoshuaRubin Understatement of the day!!! (real answer: media fatigue over Palin?)
joshuarubin: Arsonist burned down Palin’s church. Why is this not news? What if Obama’s church (Trinity United/Reverend Wright) was burned down?
gruber: Sarah Palin holds news conference standing in front of turkey killing machine.
LN_IB: Yikes! Sarah Palin does an interview while turkeys are being slaughtered behind her!
mattunger: @alaroche When mocking Palin’s intelligence, it’s best not to spell "your" wrong.
BlakePalmer: Sarah Palin does an interview in front of the worst backdrop EVER.
FresnoBeehive: Heather: Sarah Palin, you have been missed
michaelbd: @DorianDavis That is the most succinct explanation of Palin I’ve ever heard. Nicely done.
Roblizzle: Sarah Palin: Thanksgiving idiot:
amy_robinson: can’t watch the whole accidentally brilliant Palin turkey interview, but she can’t not watch it either; it’s both compelling and repulsive.
mrbill: Sarah Palin interviewed while some guy kills turkeys in the background:
twitturly: New #3 ⇧ from #4: – YouTube – KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview – via @raymondpirouz
TheInDecider: Turns Out Sarah Palin Was Really Just Giving Us All a Valuable Life Lesson
perivision: @jacobm yea rly palin and turkeys ftw.
Anthony_JK: New blog post: Sarah Palin + Attempted Turkey Pardon = Turducken
weirdsmobile: I’m surprised Palin’s turkey pardoning went so badly, considering how much practice she’s had pardoning herself.
rss2twitt: Hourly Trends: hard rock cafe syria, jason chambers, palin turkey, c stock, …
j_ellis: The Buzz: Sarah Palin loses the turkey vote:

Alaska governor and former VP nominee Sarah ..

The_W: Sarah Palin pardons a turkey, then misses 2 others being slaughtered
moryan: Retweeting @BoingBoing The Sarah Palin Turkey Video
banane: @djwaldow that palin/turkey photo opp is so precious. I sent it around last night. Sigh. If you haven’t seen it:
ailec: @chromepoet Palin Turkey video LOL completely agree about the guy :P some funnies too in there like "chopping block"…
toldorknown: <srsly>None of this fun at Palin’s supposed expense has cost her a single fan, and mockery just solidifies her base.</srsly>
bookworm_gp: This is fun???!!!
Palin video.
lorelleonwp: Blog Herald – Sarah Palin Blasts Media Not Just Bloggers
RedskinsInsider: I’ve just made a huge mistake. I sent a friend a link to the Sarah Palin "turkey processing" video and failed to warn him. My bad. #skins
davethegreat: "said the governor in what appeared to be a single sentence." Palin, the gift that keeps on muthafukin giving!
Quisp: @jenbeee Is that the Sarah Palin video? You can’t trick me into watching that!!
FiggyStardust: jesus christ, sarah palin. the turkey interview. i don’t know where to start.
lucasftw: lol @ sarah palin’s post turkey pardon interview
johntroch: Palin should give it a rest
ellenronnie: What’s more disgusting?Sarah Palin’s grating voice/speech pattern or the turkeys being slaughtered in the background?(On the news yesterday)
shinnphoto: Rush Limbaugh reminds me of the hateful media guy – the voice of the party – in the movie V for Vendetta.
bellurypants: Palin talks, turkeys die.
KreuzersKorner: Sarah Palin Pardons Turkey…But Misses the Rest Being Slaughtered Behind Her: Alaska Governor..
beulahgg: @RicRaftis At least I got to say what I think of Sarah Palin on that site.. LOL Hmm, didn’t even know you knew her. :)
noellhyman: @jaybaer The more press Palin gets herself, the more America will know what we’re in for when she runs next time around.
blanco_nino: palin keepin it real…
ianelli: @varagao O melhor é que a Sarah Palin continua ainda mais engraçada que a Tina Fey. hhaha…
nexion: Sarah Palin interviews while turkey’s are being slaughtered in the background… REALLY?
flysupes: In honor of Sarah Palin, I had Turkey Meatoaf for lunch… wasn’t easy, but I got through it.
lanewspace: Weird News: Palin Pardons Turkey As Another Bird Is Killed
chefkeem: RT correct Palin/turkey link:
WhiskeyChick: RT: @nickhammond wow, wouldn’t you change the background? oh Palin
nbcsandiego: watch the turkey behind palin.

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