Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

demisdouble: @dcagle Did he spank Barry Blitt for "The New Yorker" cover of the Obamas’ "terrorist" fist bump? (Don’t watch Hannity …)
seventenths: Hank Jr. Can kiss my skinny white ass after the Palin BS ♫
G_MacMurchy: Someone needs to tell Hannity just how bad the education system is in Chicago. A caller just asked and he wasn’t sure. 55% graduation #tcot
nosilencehere: Worst media feuds of 2008: 2. SARAH PALIN VS. THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE 4. REVEREND WRIGHT VS. HIS OWN EGO 6. WALL ST..
WebNewser: Lycos: Poker is most-searched word of ’08; 3rd consecutive year. Sarah Palin (5) is more popular than Britney Spears (6). Facebook is 9th.
G_MacMurchy: @TracyKarol You should give Hannity a call and update him to the shattered education system in Chicago. A caller just asked.
palin_quotes: "Alaska is different from every other destination in the world," #Palin wrote. "Every day offers an unforgettabl..
JJT: Wake up and smell the cat food, people. $20 yardsale Blackberry spills
McCain-Palin secrets
hotairblog: Video: Palin on the Wasilla church-burning: Torched.
psjs: New Post! Palin’s Problems
conservatweet: [Hot Air]: Video: Palin on the Wasilla church-burning: Torched.
s_carolinaBNN: Press Time: André Bauer Offers You His Crap For Christmas:
This story has already made the rounds of the blogo..
AlterNetRSS: Much Ado About Wing-Nuts, the Arson Attack on Palin’s Church, and Hypocrisy
cbracy: Am I the only one on planet earth who doesn’t think Fey’s Palin impers was brilliant? Just b/c she looks like her doesn’t mean it was good.
orlfeed: I pulled a Sarah Palin. ;)
lindsayccw: I pulled a Sarah Palin. ;)
Knownhuman: Dear god, I just saw a Sarah Palin 2012 picture on a blog that wasn’t ironic. I threw up a bit in my mouth.
michaelsimmers: Palin sucks and Rush is a anti american pig, now go away, and wake up.
mythman: Empowers Women w/ Michelle Obama Comic Book: First it was Sarah Palin. Then it was Hillary Clin..
Divapalooza: @gpittman – Believe it or not, that is the start of Sean Hannity’s show today. ie: Global Warming.
HighPlainsBlogr: [#tcot] Video: Palin on the Wasilla church-burning
chefkeem: Gov. Palin interview while turkeys slaughtered in background..strangely funny:
dulin: Palin is the gift that keeps on giving…
jaybaer: Is Palin a goofball, or the genius behind an elaborate, Paris Hilton-esque campaign to be in news always, even if it’s turkey beheadings?
jpmeyer: the best part of the new palin video: MSNBC’s crawl or the look on the face of the butcher going "should i really be doing this on tv?"
katieshort: Palin interviews while Thanksgiving turkey is slaughtered. She scares me.
barzelay: Sarah Palin interview. Look in the background.
pa5fn: Palin interview causes stir: An interview Gov. Sarah Palin did Thursday is causing a stir.

(CNN) &#8..

alkey29: I see a sarah palin look alike!
net_news: Palin spares 1 turkey, others not so lucky – United Press International: The Money TimesPalin spares 1 t..
NewsOnTwitter: GOOGLE NEWS – Palin spares 1 turkey, others not so lucky – United Press International:..
Jasonaspen: Sarah Palin should stick to pardoning yams.
vermaao: @redeyechicago Re: Palin the Turkey – I’m having images of what would have happened had she been Veep and doing an interview at Gitmo.
madlolscientist: @dELYSEious Sarah Palin IS a turkey.
weirdnews: Palin spares 1 turkey, others not so lucky
chtv: Palin Pardons Turkey, But Not That One:

"Good thing she wasn’t supposed to pardon a human."

carbongirl: Warning it is pretty bad! Sarah Palin just ruined my Thanksgiving!
MarisaAlexis: Turkeys sacrificed as Palin conducts interview: (not for those with a weak stomach). Gulp.
carbongirl: OMG! Palin: turkey pardoning interview w/gruesome beheadings in bkg. Did she know what was going on behind her?
nickhammond: wow, wouldn’t you change the background? this isn’t even related to what she is talking about. oh Palin
MakeWavesBonnie: Sarah Palin: the comedy gift that keeps on giving.
shekbaker: thinks it’s almost as if that talk radio show never stopped pranking Sarah Palin
bigmue: Palin und die Schlachtung der Truthähne (Video)
jchausse: Say what you want about Sarah Palin, she knows how to pick an interview backdrop:
SpartanLonewolf: Next week is Thanksgiving. I’m thankful for Sarah Palin showing me step 1 in how turkeys get to the market.
mnology: World, positive or negative, Palin news is, for the near term, irrelevant. Plz stop. TY.
jenshow: For all the people upset about Palin’s Turkeygate – where do they think those tasty turkeys we eat at Thanksgiving come from? Trees?
capecodtimes: Palin pardons turkey while others slaughtered
s_carolinaBNN: Eye of Polyphemus: Sarah Palin Visits a Turkey Farm: Sarah Palin Visits a Turkey FarmSarah Palin re..
jackassletters: Sarah Palin gives an interview while turkeys are decapitated in the background:

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