Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

readmylipstick: Petition asking Gov. Sarah Palin to run for Prez in 2012: Rec’d from We Need Sarah:If you haven’t signed our pet..
mediagadfly: LOL people comparing Obama and Blagojevich to Palin and Troopergate. Logic fail.
RodDavis: @dcagle When Hannity walks into a room, all of the plants die… can you draw that one for tomorrow?
badarrow: Loving that McCain won’t promise Palin support for 2012. Best hed: "McCain disses Palin (now he tells us)"
dcagle: I came back from lunch to a whole bunch of @replies about Sean Hannity – seems he doesn’t have many friends here – makes me smile!
philmang: @austinhill check out blogo — — haven’t used it but here good things
tvtalkradio: @ColonelTribune still trying to figure out how to spell Blogojevich right?? lol
gyokusai: When that Ed Wood flick "Rise of Palin" reached its climax of dumbosity, winking died horribly. Now live specimens have been sighted again.
mygoodcents: Well maybe not. Just watched the Sarah Palin video w/ poor turkeys in the background & suddenly got the urge 4 a vegetarian Thanksgiving.
minerva9544: The Palin Turkey slaughter interview is priceless! Thanks to everyone for not making her the next VP!
louisianaBNN: Howie Luvzus: Palin Still Making Gaffes!:

Here she is in an interview. Behind her, turke..

ciaoenrico: Oops – sorry – Sarah Palin interviewed while a guy beheads TURKEYS in the background. Hey, as long as there’s death!
MarilynM: @mleis you’re just seeing the latest Palin fiasco? :)
stadol: Leave it to Dick Cavett to summarize the disaster that was Sarah Palin: . Well written, and must be read!
cbs2chicago: Sarah Palin’s turkey incident, musings on the economic woes, and a 3rd grader who’s helping the needy.
juliafish: the whole Palin/Turkey thing makes me giggle
pamjohnston: The Sarah Palin Pardons a Turkey clip – sure to become a holiday classic.
dirtymushroom: "As Palin Pardons One Turkey, Others Die." Yeah, I’m betting millions and millions of turkeys, in fact. This is news?
eestimeedia: Sarah Palin kalkunite tapamajas: "Nii lõbus on siin olla!":
mellenger: Sarah Palin at a turkey slaughter:
lexicola: I never want to hear about Sarah Palin ever again, but her pardoning of a turkey went awry and should be viewed:
RicRaftis: @beulahgg At least I got to say what I think of Sarah Palin on that site.. LOL
richardhenry: RT @SketchStudios lol, Happy Thanksgiving from Gov. Sarah Palin (read the captions) –
ciaoenrico: World’s best news clip: Sarah Palin interviewed while a guy beheads chickens in the background. AWESOME! – http:…
aharcharek: EWWWWW. Niki and I just watched the Palin Turkey video. So disturbing…could not even finish it. What a nutjob.
BoingBoing: The Sarah Palin Turkey Video
Drwright1: If I wanted to learn how to be the best winker ever, I would pick Sarah Palin for my mentor
shirleyramb: Feelin’bad for all the unlucky Turkeys…Palin’s latest tv interview didnt help either!
slummer: I’ve suddenly lost my appetite. Check out Palin cluelessly interviewed in front of a turkey slaughter machine
blairwarren: @davelakhani OK. Let me try to spin it. Sarah Palin is clearly an extremely focused person. Nothing can distract her from her work. Yes? ;)
SketchStudios: lol, Happy Thanksgiving from Gov. Sarah Palin (read the captions) –
008jtd: 15 La Palin parla, sgozzano un tacchino : Surreale intervista alla governatrice: alle sue spalle viene m..
snackfeedbuzz: liking Turkey pardons – Palin style-Nov. 20: Countdown guest host David Shuster discusses Gov. Sarah Palin’s speec…
genecowan: ☞ Sarah Palin may have succeeded in making me go vegetarian.
supinternets: Sarah Palin Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered
HuffNewswire: CNN: Palin interview causes stir: An interview Gov. Sarah Palin did Thursday is causing a stir.
heathr: @tyler_smith I’ll see if I can work Princess Leia + Sarah Palin + Doris K Goodwin into the piece thereby making it CPAN/NASA + PBS friendly
Dayn: RT @theandy No. Effing. Way. Seriously Mrs. Palin? SERIOUSLY? p.s. Burberry is so 2002
plolita: @littlestbird Sarah Palin is the gift that keeps on giving. Riot!
mleis: oh good gd. Guy slaughtering turkeys while Palin is invterviewed
slipstream74: Palin is a complete ass hat
vlakhwara: Palin talks while turkey gets slaughtered, awful.
blackbirdsings: Sarah Palin turkey video. I am so disgusted, I am virtually speechless.
danielduende: @_romi I’m not surprised by ANYTHING Sarah Palin does. I expect only the worst, the most absurd, from people like her… :)
scandalist: Sarah Palin Talks, Turkeys Die:
Worried about an awkward thanksgiving? Three days full of dry turkey ..
k_michael: @raine1967 Palin pardons turkey – then gave interview in front of active turkey-kill station, saying "No worry"! More like no brain. Turkey!
mrsdannytanner: I just watched the Sarah Palin turkey slaughter interview… so disturbing.
VS2008: Slachtpartij tijdens interview Palin: Gouverneur van Alaska Sarah Palin redt, zoals gebruikelijk, één kalk..
wcbs880: Palin Pardons Turkey in Front of Slaughter Farm – VIDEO
terrymyers: Better web site for Palin Turkey Pardon. Nothing like a turkey in death throws to solidify your point.

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