Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

idealist615: @mattriopelle so its safe to say you didn’t vote for Mccain-Palin? #tcot
TeamWMD: @JohnKasich will be on Hannity & Colmes tonight…
bradwilson: Someone just dared me to tweet "Oxite is the Sarah Palin of ASP.NET MVC" and I said "no". :-p
cheney_quotes: Vice President #Dick #Cheney, in an interview with conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh, cautioned that "if..
2012Palin: Sarah Palin’s Real Accomplishment – Right Wing News (Conservative …: Right Wing News is the best source on..
Anarchic: @garyburge yea just like Sarah Palin jokes…
bobtait: hey @umassdilo Sarah Palin won’t call me back can u get us a winning team back in Tampa?
nowpublic: Investigators Find Accelerants but No Motive in Palin Church Fire: read more
Caprismama: Palin’s home church set on fire
NECN: Palin pardons turkey, names it ‘Thanksgiving’
xylem: @newmediajim, @ricksanchez:do you think the camera guy stayed with this shot on purpose? Palin talks, turkey dies
silas216: Oldest Boy Scout troop… « Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and more
theandy: No. Effing. Way. RT @PMarzullo Seriously Mrs. Palin? SERIOUSLY? p.s. Burberry is so 2002
jrfarr: Sarah Palin answers "You Betcha" Did she seriously think this was normal to do with a turkey getting slaughtered
adriennewilker: I have just been told I’m good looking AND down to earth…just like Sarah Palin. Uhhhhhhhhh.. .is this a compliment?
wpeterson: Sarah Palin does not like Polar Bears. Or Turkeys. Serious, wtf is up with this interview?!
WFMU: Sarah Palin keeps on giving: waxing philosophical while turkeys bleed to death behind her:
MauiPixie: Why do I torture myself in the AM by listening to Limbaugh’s radio program in the car??? He is the biggest ASS ever. Buckets of crap.
planetuga: Sarah Palin é a Rainha das situações absurdas –
rightblogs: [The Corner] I Blame Nicolle Wallace: An unfortunate Sarah Palin press availability.
SalonMedia: Happy Thanksgiving, from Sarah Palin:
The ceremonial "pardoning" of a Thanksgiving turkey is an old ..
MonicaMingo: Palin train wreck continues:
snackfeedbuzz: we’re watching Palin pardons poultry — Wasilla style-Nov 21: Gov. Sarah Palin pardons a turkey, then conducts a "kil…
minicacher: @vaudesir for sure! yes we get it: McCain=old, creepy; Palin=dumb hockey mom; Obama=poop comes out wrapped in gold foil and smells of roses
uberjill: for those who haven’t seen the latest Palin SNAFU… enjoy :)
bobspace: Classic: Sarah Palin jabbers nervously at the customary turkey pardoning while goober beheads turkeys in the background.
PMarzullo: Seriously Mrs. Palin? SERIOUSLY? p.s. Burberry is so 2002
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Matthews: Palin Sounded Like She Was At A Spelling Bee:
Chris Matthew..
pinkraindrops: What is Sarah Palin on? Seriously.
thepinkc: MSNBC was having far too much with Palin’s turkey fiasco ..
dannysway: as governor palin pardons a turkey then stands around while others get drained of blood on tv.
danielduende: Sarah Palin e o massacre do Perú de Ação de Graças:
daveatmzinga: @DJDiva5 I don’t know what’s funnier about the Palin video – the video itself or the graphics on the screen.
againer: Retweet: wtf palin in an interview while turkeys are being slaughtered, you’ve got to be kidding me!
daveyeah: Sarah Palin did an interview about the whole "pardon a turkey" ceremony, and it was recorded in front of turkeys beign slaughtered. Wow.
raine1967: Does anyone else find the Sarah Palin Turkey Pardon ironic? Think turkey… think GOP…
Jeters: Palin gives an interview while a guy slaughters a turkey in the BG. WTF?
bagntrash: @bklynhandspun @e_to_the_m hmmm that’s kind of grim. to be fair (and i hate palin) i dont’ think it’s necessarily her fault.
basslessfaceist: Sarah Palin IS a MILF– a Moron I’d Like to Forget
davelakhani: Why the GOP never wanted Palin on TV even @blairwarren would have a hard time spinning this video Palin Is NOT a Persuader
joeyTWOwheels: As Palin talks, birds get killed behind her (seriously):
sherrilynne: Palin: ‘I’m always in charge of the turkey’. Never a truer word spoken in gest.[ via ]
Mountainsister: Gee I wonder if Palin traveled to Afghanistan, she could stand there
while a IED exploded in a crowd behind her. Whoa!!!!!
melaclaro: RT (goes to show, context is key) @jacobm wtf palin doing an interview while turkeys are being slaughtered…
Sarah Palin and Turkey death
frankepi: isn’t used to defending Palin; sees nothing wrong with her interview in front of the turkey slaughter. We SHOULD know where food comes from.
nodleigh: @weirdsmobile PS: "Sarah Palin killed irony." you kill me.
mssinglemama: Has everyone seen the Sarah Palin turkey video! Tks @uberlibrarian
SeattleCondo: Just watched Sarah Palin’s turkey pardon video…hilarious!

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