Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

sglassmeyer: @pvenard Go outside, turn around three times and spit. I do not want to deal with another go-around of Palin and her awful NW accent.
CandiTomlinson: @idealist615 #fs You voted for Palin? I thought she was an embarrassment. In fact, I think that’s why McCain lost. I have met McCain…….
surfpark: Sarah Palin. Mylie Cyrus. Elliot Spitzer. Pregnancy Pact. What are the Top 10 Scandals of 2008? Read it: Oh the ju
lando2284: Jindal/Newt = youth/experience or Jindal/Romney = Well rounded/Economy, better than Palin i think. #tcot
jgillmartin: @mattriopelle how would you stage him w/ Palin? Palin-Jindal or Jindal-Palen & why #tcot
thebcast: #TCOT #bbtv Morton Kondracke "GOP recovery: Fire Rush Limbaugh"
thebcast: #TWOT #bbtv Morton Kondracke "GOP recovery: Fire Rush Limbaugh"
mclouthier: @dmataconis why? Cuz his name is Newt? His lady issues? He’d be a food Veep to Palin;)
mccain_quotes: "I have the greatest of appreciation for Governor Palin and her family," he said. "It was a great joy to know th..
larryq: I hope Blogo appoints Blogo or Mrs F-U Blogo – really bring all this to the front of America’s mind – will Chicago ever grow up? #tcot
jamesmelzer: Remember: in DC, the bumpersticker "I have more foreign policy experience than Sarah Palin" is probably not hyperbole.
larryq: @lando2284 Was he alive after he endorsed Obama and trashed Palin? #tcot
MassRon: McCain was far to moderate for most conservatives, we had few choices after the primary, thats why Palin was so popular #fs
thebcast: #TCOT #bbtv Up next on the show: Rush Limbaugh Fires Back at Colin Powell (
larryq: @idealist615 Romney, Thompson, Newt, Palin. . . may would have been better #tcot
LLAmos: On the radio: Jesse Jackson, Jr. announced to have been an FBI informant for the past 10 years! May have been working for the Feds on Blogo?
joshuaculling: Gov. Palin proposes budget 7% smaller than the current one #statebooks
Kudzu630: @larryq #tcot I was contemplating a vote for Obama but when Palin came on board I changed that quick. I saw a chance for real change to govt
robport: It Finally Dawns On Joe Scaraborough: The Media Is Treating Obama Differently Than They Did Palin
mattriopelle: @idealist615 Oh we can fall in love and in line when it makes sense. I voted for Palin and against Obama. McCain was irrelevant. #tcot
idealist615: @kudzu630 wow….so really you were voting for mccain purely because of palin? #tcot
michelle_v: @GreenishG ugh, hate that with a passion. Thanks for nothing, Sarah Palin!
sioked: @snachodog How do you feel about Sarah Palin being the possible future of the republican party?
Kudzu630: @idealist615 #tcot safe to say many conservatives didn’t vote for mccain, but against obama and for palin
glittermonkey: lmao "Oxite is the Sarah Palin of ASP.NET MVC"
convincingindie: Oh! So THAT’S how you pronounce "Blogojevich."
calebhays: fundraiser to help Gov. Palin’s church that was burned by an arsonist earlier this week:
RoadheadRules: Sarah Palin pardons a Thanksgiving turkey as others die around her via @ShareThis
Mountainsister: I wonder what Palin would do in a Tampax ad.
dh3lix: frau palin und der truthahn ->
glenng: Sarah Palin pardons a turkey… the others weren’t so lucky –
JoeyMcAllister: RT @pnh The Sarah Palin turkey video is one of the strangest things I have ever seen.
dh3lix: frau palin und der truthan ->
Mountainsister: I wonder if Palin will hold another new conference to explain away this last one.
moominmama1: Love her or hate her, THIS is classic Palin. You can’t get folksier than a slaughter-house.
davidblair: Palin pardons turkey for Thanksgiving, does interview while other turkeys are slaughtered in the background.
martha_feingold: OK- who’s clueless here – the cameraman? Palin staff?
Given the "pardon purpose" of her turkey farm visit??????
jasonhanggi: turkey killing fowls palin news conference:
chucknewton: Media Savvy Sarah Palin ain’t. I guess that’s why some people like her.
jacobm: wtf palin doing an interview while turkeys are being slaughtered in the background, you’ve got to be kidding me!
davidblair: Palin pardons turkey for Thanksgiving, does interview while other turkeys slaughtered in the background.
whoapower: Classic Palin video.
99Twitches: Have you all seen the Sarah Palin video where a turkey gets slaughtered in the background?? Loser
cloudlover: oh geez, Sarah Palin…
danimalik: I promised myself I wouldn’t talk about Palin ever again, but oh my, comedy like this has to be shared:
yksin: Palin wanted to feel presidential so pardoned a turkey then talked w/ press while other turkeys killed behind her.
sasha_nagy: Palin. Turkey slaughter. The interview #gam
hanqduong: this Sarah Palin at the turkey slaughterhouse video is the weirdest thing yet:
HuffNewswire: Wash. Post: Sarah Palin Pardons a Turkey: By Philip Rucker Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin visite..
buzzfactor: i’m somehow stuck in a turkey theme. that turkey for thanksgiving not looking good. more evidence, 3 words: palin, turkey, omg.

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