Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

Jim207: #TCOT So how many Democrats who called Palin unqualified now support someone with no record of public service (Caroline Kennedy) for Senate?
kingsman01: @CandiTomlinson Palin was an embarassment? Huh? Based on what? Give me some substance, not SNL. She lives her conservatism.. #tcot #fs
chiefbroad: Saw a Hummer today with a Palin 2012 sticker next to a Drill, Baby, Drill sticker. My future husband?!?!?
nlj: i love how no one thought SNL crossed the line about Sarah Palin, but for Gov. Patterson, maybe they did. cuh-razy.
mattriopelle: @jgillmartin Tough call. Probably Palin, with Jindal as an active VP grooming to run after term ends. #tcot
EmperorNorton: NEWS –> Someone set Palin’s church on fire –> <– not right even if they are jerks
snackfeedbuzz: checkout PAC Spends Thousands To Praise Palin & Smear Obama, Dems-
johndipietro: Important message from the NORTH POLE,,,not from Palin,,,,
Kudzu630: @Canditomlinson #fs Gov Palin was the breath of fresh air that we needed after 7 years of "compassion"
tynken: @dcagle I wonder what Sean Hannity would think about this He would probably villify me for this work!
kingsman01: RT @kingsman01 @MassRon Right on!! The real campaign results for conservatives: 75% palin 25% McCain #tcot
kingsman01: @MassRon Right on!! The real campaign results for conservatives: 75% palin 25% McCain
dmataconis: @mclouthier Also, I wasn’t sure if you were kidding or not, but I could never see Newt taking second fiddle to Palin.
MassRon: #fs I voted for Palin. A true conservative, reason McCain was not wiped off the map #fs
surfpark: Sarah Palin. Miley Cyrus. Elliot Spitzer. Pregnancy Pact. What are the Top 10 Scandals of 2008? Read it:
UCBearcats: I am surprised the story of the arson of Sarah Palin’s church has not gotten more media attention. Different story if it happened to Obama..
surfpark: Sarah Palin. Mylie Cyrus. Elliot Spitzer. Pregnancy Pact. What are the Top 10 Scandals of 2008? Read it:
noisesource: @beetleginny I want the impalin palin t-shirt. Nothing says classy quite like spoof porn merch.
andru: Palin IS a turkey.
webjedi: dude, funny… Palin does it again, this time with the Thanksgiving Theme:
mitchellkane: Go To YouTube and check out Palin pardons Turkey. She’s great.
ExaminerJoshua: Did you see Sarah Palin’s turkey video? Must see:
ceruleanbill: Okay, its a little late, but: Women Against Sarah Palin:
geefunk: Palin did say at the end that she was in charge of the turkey this year. So maybe she was there picking one out? hehehehee
johntabin: I honestly don’t see what the big deal with the Sarah Palin turkey video is. Did you think they waited until the birds had heart attacks?
amrittsering: Talk about foreshadowing RT @drthndr palin strikes again! check out creepy guy. her pr team must be on vacation:
beetleginny: Please tell me someone has made a sarah palin shirt that says, "I ran for VP of the USA, and all I got a was $1.5K worth of clothes.."
clocktower: Palin gave an interview in front of a turkey slaughter station. Classic.
rumorator: new Palin vid at
matthewgagnon: Political Capital: What Happens When You Cross Sarah Palin (Even If You’re A Turkey) ( )
janedavis: "Gov. Palin apparently oblivious to turkey carnage over her shoulder." And there you have it: today’s Best Thing Ever:
shakalover: remind me to skip the turkey this thanksgiving. after seeing that damn palin video, i feel nauseous
karrie: RT @xenijardin AMAZING palin video that reminds me of @mariethebee ‘s post
karrie: RT @xenijardin AMAZING Palin turkey video that reminds me of @mariethebees ‘s post
rachelakay: rt @joemarchese OMG (that’s right, I said it) OMFG: I am starting to feel bad for Palin/ HIDEOUS.
f1zzler: Sarah Palin gives a speech in front of a guy slaughtering turkeys! LOL I’m definitely watching The next SNL!
jaycolle: If you haven’t seen the Palin/turkey pardon video, go now: It is an SNL skit in real time.
elise81: check out sarah palin interview and look what’s going on in the background…
adogg4629: totally surreal. I’ll miss you Palin.
pnh: The Sarah Palin turkey video is one of the strangest things I have ever seen.
TavioZ: @geefunk …all of sudden I lost my breakfast appetite… uhh, wow… Sarah Palin has yet to ‘cease to amaze me’. Only in Alaska….
SashaWolff: @Patterson13 this video is PRICELESS Seriously Sarah Palin?
Szczepanik: in Palin’s defense people always seem to be killing things behind my back too.
susanrichardson: Palin and the turkey slaughter, what the heck? She’s a fool and a doofus.
alaroche: Oh silly Sarah Palin and you’re funny unintelligent ways. Never leave us.
TheSkunk: Sarah Palin pardons turkey – while others killed behind her. This is just fantastic.
Wallaceh: The turkey slaughter/Palin interview wasnt as greusome as I thought it would be. Reports make it sound like Gallagher is in the background.
LexiBadger: RT @TheInDecider Sarah Palin Correctly Predicts That She Will Be Criticized for This Interview
devanieangel: @9to5to9 I feel better knowing you don’t know it either. It’s a slaughterhouse. I read it in the Sarah Palin turkey coverage.
ericmakesmusic: @themverses I know ur trying to stay within the 140 character limit. But you should use punctuation. Your texts sound like Sarah Palin. lol.

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