Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

G_MacMurchy: How about the MSM saying that her only qual. was that she had never had an abortion? Has every Lib. woman had an abortion? I love Palin. #fs
gregular: @Sarah_Palin and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you Governor Palin!
larryq: @CandiTomlinson As a self-described "bleeding heart liberal" you are obviously lying to say Palin’s experience was the key to your vote #fs
chiefbroad: Sean Hannity hates the aged and the wrinkled. Botox for all you geezers!! I wish he would go back to bartending full-time.
larryq: @CandiTomlinson Palin not ready as Mayor, Governor, and head of National Grd-Obama ready because he gives speeches?-at least be honest! #fs
Kudzu630: @CandiTomlinson #fs wait how is Palin not ready and Obama was?
CandiTomlinson: @Kudzu630 #fs but voted Obama instead of McCain because I just felt Palin wasn’t ready. I am not a fan of hers. But I think she’d make …..
MonicaStruth: Mayhem is explaining why it is very important to not match socks. Palin the Perfect Puppy is eating Chaos’s Little Pony. Love my life.
greatscott: @queenofspain Instead of Sarah MacLachlan, it could be Sarah Palin… BNL would still be good. :)
indigoskynet: @dcagle Hannity does rhyme with insanity.
sassylawyer: A 3-month-old entry on Sarah Palin is still geting controversy
avenuez: RT @misscharlie Colbert followers: Clinton, Homer Simpson &Borat. Tina Fey: "Fart4art", "IjustFarted", "SilentFart" & "Sarah Palin’s Vagina"
misscharlie: Colbert’s twitr followers: Clinton, Homer Simpson and Borat. Tina Fey’s: "Fart4art", "IjustFarted", "SilentFart" and "Sarah Palin’s Vagina".
CandiTomlinson: @vannschaffner @Kudz630 @michaelpleahy #TCOT Anyone care to join me at #fs to continue our Palin/McCain impromptu?
crootnik: I prefer to NOT engage w / folks who do not agree on what constitutes reality. when debate begins: Bush/Palin are idiots, I’m done. #tcot
m_howard: Sean Hannity gets annoying after 15minutes. Recovering with ESPN Radio. Texans put 2 players in the Pro-Bowl!
papascott: sarah palin interview at poultry farm "Gov. Palin Apparently Oblivious To Turkey Carnage Over Her Shoulder"
gendashwhy: @WaPo44 Palin may have pardoned the turkey…but the moose are going DOWN….shes got mouths to feed…u betcha!!!
alexhaar: Palin interviewed in front of turkey slaughters:
mdigirol: credit to @extralife for providing the palin-ism of the day.
ryanirelan: @jimray Please put $5 in the "Palin Jar" for mentioning her name on Twitter. Ah, crap.
dallasite: "Gov. Palin apparently oblivious"..redundant? Add This:
roadkillrefugee: Sarah Palin’s gory interview
altma: another fun video feat. palin check the turkey!
zalm: Paste’s top album of 2008 is … [drumroll] … She & Him – Volume One. Really? Seems like Paste might be pulling a Palin with this one.
CarrieWorthen: Sarah Palin is actually Pro Choice.
shmu: [votes:17] Gail McGowan Mellor: A Rousing, Tightly-Controlled, Poorly Reported Palin Rally in Indiana,
whet: sarah palin and my history with animal slaughter
ethanhurd: Watching Sarah Palin talking politics in front of a man draining Turkey’s of their blood No joke:
boml: I do like the irony of Palin giving the interview at a turkey-pardoning ceremony, but I’ve never gotten the point of those.
westvirginiaBNN: Don Surber: Palin supported: Number of comments: 1Katie Couric refuses to help David Letterman mo..
transistor33: I probably shouldn’t read too much into Sarah Palin giving an interview while turkeys are slaughtered in the background… for 3+ minutes…
jimray: If Palin really wanted to nail that turkey slaughter interview, she would’ve had Gaear Grimsrud working in the background.
WaPo44: Sarah Palin Pardons a Turkey: By Philip Rucker Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin visited a turkey farm in her hometo..
eddieroger: Turkey-killing fowls Palin news conference. You couldn’t even make this stuff up.
csgazette: VIDEO: Palin pardons turkey while others slaughtered: WASILLA, Alaska – Gov.
mandarella42: Sarah Palin you are a fricken idiot….How can you not see the guy killing turkeys behind you
mdigirol: just saw an interview with sarah palin being conducted in front of a turkey slaughter: idk what to say…
BBwerner: nothing says home for thanksgiving like Governor Palin and turkeys being killed behind her:
CocteauBoy: @MikeyPod re: palin; twitter character limit too low?
boml: Re: Palin and turkeys. It’s an odd place for an interview, sure, but that’s how the turkey gets to the dinner table!
mastermaq: Weird. An Edmonton company has purchased the liquor stores in Sarah Palin’s hometown!
tbeckett: Sarah Palin supports Local Food: NSFV (Not Safe For Vegetarians)
amrittsering: @drthndr Weird video. A Turkey being ‘slaughtered’ and ‘cleaned’ in the background as Palin speaks, talk about foreshadowing ;-)
mandi: Gov. Palin gives an interview with turkey-slaughter going on in the background:
mamarussell: @chasenkids What Palin and turkey video????
dudex: the Sarah Palin Turkey video
arossello: Now THAT’S frame composition – RT @xenijardin The Sarah Palin Turkey Video.
chasenkids: At work. GM showing everyone the Palin and turkey video.
bryancoffelt: oh my god. sarah palin interviewed while turkeys are slaughtered behind her:

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