Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

malanb5: fucking drunk back from the bars…Sean i hope you score tonight otherwise you have a long cold walk back. stole some mccain palin signs:)
aubecherie: Not eating Turkey for Thanksgiving after watching Sara Palin give an interview while their heads were cut off in background. Ew
bderwest: Chris Matthews mentions Sarah Palin interview-in-front-of-turkey-killer for third time this hour. Calls it "interestig." Indeed.
rowlikeagirl: finds the Sarah Palin turkey interview disturbing.
terryhowald: Interesting field of view issue in Palin’s turkey slaughter video. Perhaps the turkey headsman didn’t realize he was in the field of view?
peteworldwide: hat gerade palin’s turkey interview angesehen. *prust*
wordsmith: @edziolem360 sorry. No time. Search "sarah palin turkey interview" on youtube.
blaisetnutter: I can’t stop watching the turkeys getting slaughtered behind Sarah Palin.
mokim: that crazy Sarah Palin and the turkey-pardoning-slaughtering video is funny yet disturbing. You can’t write this stuff this good!
lexwhite: Wondering who was the genius who framed the Sarah Palin’s interview (with the guy killing the turkey)
brappy: It’s amazing that Palin can’t even get a turkey pardon right:
joncombridges: Still can’t believe the Palin turkey video:
THErealBLOG: Palin Pardons Thanksgiving Turkey and Rambles on about something
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin Rally Highlights:
Carson, CA 10/4/2008

Author: asterbot..

newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – O’Reilly Factor on Palin:
Marsha Blackburn(R) tried to defend Sarah P..
Bianca681: Palin oblivious to her surroundings
jtemple77: @derekspringer @tmarthal That could be the best thing I have seen this month. Oh wait, I forgot about Palin and the turkeys…
shaadakaalo: Sarah Palin Turkey (VIDEO)
daymap: Sarah Palin pardons turkey, while others are being slaughtered, on …
daymap: Palin Pardons Turkey While Others Killed – Politics News Story …
sarahcpr: Sarah Palin and turkey slaughtering. Going to go throw up now.
KnowYourObama: Palin pardons turkey while turkey is slaughtered. Videos.
ten1seven: BBC: ‘Palin pardon amid turkey butchery’. Nice…
roseannhiggins: "Despite Katie Couric’s excellent interview coverage w Gov Palin, viewing audience declined during the election campaign." -Robert MacNeil
ten1seven: Palin pardon amid turkey butchery
missanneelk: have you ever fallen asleep with one of your favorite objects on purpose? i fell asleep with my michael palin book before….lol
joeofalltrades: Sarah Palin talk may be passe right now, but this is funny–this is what happens sans-handlers:
dogwalkblog: @NBLCreations just illustrating an incapacity to learn… it wasn’t the RNC or the "gotcha media" it was the Palin-factor so sad…
wordsmith: Just watched the sarah palin turkey interview! Hilarious!
100111240: Watch the background of the Sarah Palin interview… poor turkeys up there in Alaska.
commcounsel: Re: the Palin/turkey video: people in rural US will say "so?" Urbanites will be shocked that cute turkeys are killed before Thanksgiving.
eatdrinkchad: Sarah Palin, how do you do it (over & over again)?
sopeauh: @valerie2776 :( of course that would be in the background of somethign sarah palin
jdub: so, sarah palin will be the gift that keeps giving as the international news media tracks her every dunderheaded move in alaska.
MomsterGina: Palin interviewed while turkeys slaughtered behind her AFTER she pardens one – does this carnival ride NEVER end?
benboychuk: Somebody please explain EXACTLY what is wrong with the Palin appearance at a turkey processing plant. Beyond gut media hysterics, please.
rivalee: Wishing I hadn’t watched the latest Palin interview. I feel sick.
DuncanMoon: Watching Palin interview with turkeys being killed in the background.
freerepublic: GOP Faithful Like Palin, Romney, Huckabee in 2012: PRINCETON, NJ — Republicans and Republican-leani..
bryanjones: Retweeting: @gruber Sarah Palin holds news conference standing in front of turkey killing machine.
alisonem: Cannot wait for Sarah Palin to get off my tv screen… for good.
rightblogs: [The Corner] If it bleeds, it leads: I didn’t think I could like Sarah Palin more than I d..
denverposttalk: Comment: Palin talks pardon as turkey killed in background: While I am certainly no fan of Dick C..
palin_quotes: "This was neat," #Palin said of the outing.
goodnesgracious: RT @papascott sarah palin interview at poultry farm "Gov. Palin Apparently Oblivious To Turkey Carnage Over Her
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin Tina Fey. Can you tell the difference? Must See!:
drkiki: @davidstripinis Heh. Palin?
SnarkRemarks: New blog post: Two Words: Sarah Palin. The question is…
djsvengali_hex: Best Palin Interview Yet : Turkeys get beheaded in the background! AWESOME!

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