Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

JasonKeeling: To disagree w/ Sarah Palin’s policy viewpoints is one thing, but to burn down her church, that is unacceptable. | #arson
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Palin Church Fire Sparks Debate: Sarah Palin’s church was badly damaged by a f..
jillianofdoom: Ronald Reagan + Posh Spice = Sarah Palin? (courtesy of rani23)
juliegomoll: Just a wild ass guess: Sarah Palin probably didn’t notice she was a clue in the Sunday NYT crosword puzzle.
mario_chavez: Oxite es la Sarah Palin de ASP.NET MVC
Kudzu630: #fs Gov Palin is truely a self made woman
Kudzu630: @idealist615 #fs Palin was the best chance a woman stood at becoming president and would have been better than BO or Billary IMHO,
ReesForCongress: @CandiTomlinson #fs Have to agree w/you on that one. Not a Palin fan here, either. No good for 2012. Too religious right/anti-choice/etc.
diogoweb: @novo_submarino Amo novidades!Não blogo,twito! Wire?Só se for less! Não surfo mais para para comprar,navego(num submarino novinho!)
diogoweb: @novo_submarino Amo novidades!Não blogo mais,twito! Wire?Só se for less! Não surfo mais para para comprar,navego (num submarino novinho…)
mattriopelle: @idealist615 #fs Good. Now, what principles specifically do you support that were in conflict with Palin’s/conservative principles?#fs #tcot
NIK0_BELLIC: New blog post: John Cleese on Sarah Palin
larryq: @CandiTomlinson I was responding to idealist, saying Palin represented nothing she stood for. Ridiculous #fs
CandiTomlinson: @larryq #fs Sure, if you can do it. As a single Mom, I couldn’t. I am more on issues and can I just say I am personally NOT a fan of Palin
blogomode: Blogo Mode
Tout sur la mode, les mannequins et les tendances.
jswo: @amblass I’m assuming you’re talking about the new Palin tape, and I agree 100%.
tdcool: Sarah Palin obviously doesn’t read Digg…
edovett: A turkey has been pardoned from a head chopping, not the VP, an Alaskan bird, by Gov. Sarah Palin,
drthndr: palin strikes again! check out creepy guy. her pr team must be on vacation:
NicoleElise: ew Sarah Palin. get a clue. watch out where you give interviews.
andyfluke: Trying to at least like Sarah Palin, but failing miserably. See why:
romeneskoblogs: (Obscure Store) Van Susteren scolds Letterman for his Palin-gets-me-aroused remark.
candyhog: @jordamhayes Forget Palin personally, it was a surreal and gruesome moment in TV
joemarchese: OMG (that’s right, I said it) OMFG: I am starting to feel bad for Palin.
MikeyPod: reserving comment on the palin video.
kirkfontenot: Election’s over, I’m over it. But I have to say — how do people take Sarah Palin seriously when they hear her speak?!
snackfeedbuzz: video added Turkeys sacrificed as Palin conducts interview -Nov. 20: After pardoning a turkey, Gov. Sarah Palin had a …
omgblog: OMG, how deadly: Sarah Palin media appearances: Sarah Palin just won’t stop appearing on television and s..
hortontyler: Sarah Palin pardons turkey My heart goes out to any inmates on AK death row seeking her help
francijb: @Ashley3613 At the end it says Palin agreed to using the slaughter house as a backdrop. Depending on the network, s/he might be promoted.
seattleblank: Governor Palin needs some PR assistance. Anyone willing? Check out this clip:
excessdb: @megohio ryan giblin likes hockey and sarah palin is the ultimate hockey mom
swaller: Oh Sarah Palin, I am so glad you aren’t our VP elect:
xenijardin: Wow. Reality is funnier than ANYTHING I could create. The Sarah Palin Turkey Video. Paging @peta!
nickmontgomery: Sara Palin gives an interview while turkeys are slaughtered in the background!
huffpost: Politico: Palin talks turkey:
This is either brilliant advance work or, well, something e.. -HuffNewswire
HuffNewswire: Politico: Palin talks turkey:
This is either brilliant advance work or, well, something e..
scarab5: @kristen_ Turkeys die as Palin talks – because her not being there would cause them to live? Pardoning turkeys is so sad. We eat meat >:)
apekillapes: Breaking News about palin turkey
MegOhio: @excessdb what were you talking about sarah palin for last night? haha
GonulAksoy: Sarah Palin, "friend to all creatures, great and small," except, you know, "gays", and ironically (see link in next post), turkeys.
SenorDiscount: RT @awryone That spasmodic upside-down turkey behind Palin is augury of the highest order.
Ashley3613: @francijb Ps. The Palin video is nuts…I have to think that photog no longer has a job.
alexlmiller: Some bad advance work – Sarah Palin talking while turkeys are slaughtered behind her
thewavingcat: worst interview setting ever: RT @apt_berlin i just love the background #palin
tsimple: unbelievable…..this stuff can’t be written or directed. Warning.. PETA would not like this Palin video.
lennwallace: New Sarah Palin interview goes on while turkeys are slaughtered in the background… I hope she never goes away.
dELYSEious: Sarah Palin, WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU?! Pardon a turkey, then give interview in front of turkeys being slaughtered?
cappressglw: Palin pardens turkey in front of slaughterhouse

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