Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

retheauditors: Must see. RT @latimes Most-viewed LAT #2008 moments Steinem on Palin |
mindblowingbich: Most-viewed LAT #2008 moments Steinem on Palin | Voters approve Prop 8
digggety: C. Kennedy for Senate is disturbing in many ways, not the least of which is that I’d have to admit that Sarah Palin is more qualified.
latimes: Most-viewed LAT #2008 moments Steinem on Palin | Voters approve Prop 8 | Your top story?
mike_ware: @retiredfirecapt b/c the MSM already knows Caroline… Palin was just some "Wasillabilly."
brumdo: Listening to Sean Hannity. God he is awful.
retiredfirecapt: Why is Caroline Kennedy qualified to be the Senator of New York, but Sarah Palin not qualified to be VP? Which one has achieved more? #hhrs
friendly_joe: @p2wy Just saw the Palin clip and cannot believe that she’s outdone herself in this fashion. ??? wtf? ???
rmichaelthomas: @urbannerd Sounds like something Sarah Palin would say LOL
blasfemias: Breaking news: Sarah Palin criticada por se deixam filmar numa empresa que mata perus.
Para quem não s..
friendly_joe: Just saw the Palin clip and cannot believe that she’s outdone herself in this fashion. ??? wtf? ???
friendly_joe: @p2wy Just saw the Palin clip and cannot believe the she’s outdone herself in this fashion. ??? wtf? ???
elbrian: after watching the sarah palin turkey killing fiasco over and over, the guy behind is really the most funny part…aside from sarah palin
JenKaneCo: RT Palin/turkey interview. Can anyone tell me what in the world they’re doing to that turkey?
firerosekiss: Um have you guys seen the recent Palin press conference where there’s a guy trying to slaughter a turkey in the background? Amazing!
Hargarmoopy: @Q13FOX Insert daughter’s pregnancy happening under Sarah Palin’s nose joke here. :)
ashley_rodgers: Sarah Palin turkey killing
muttmutt: Alaska’s very own turkey!: Watch Sara Palin pardon a turkey and then watch what happens next.
BarefootHoodoo: All I can say, is don’t look at anything with Palin and turkeys. Makes me damn glad I don’t eat meat.
20min: Blutbad mit Sarah Palin: Einem einzelnen Truthahn hat die Gouverneurin von Alaska, Sarah Palin, nach alter ..
turtlen: just when i thought palin had out palin-ed herself…
jordamhayes: @candyhog why does anyone care about that palin lady anymore; aren’t her 15 minutes up? move along, nothing to see here …
MartiniMama: Fave headline this a.m.: "Palin pardons turkeys while others are slaughtered."
rikmeistr: Palin is obviously devoid of any compassion for animals…helicopter kills, posing in front of ‘kill’ farms…who knows what else, etc.
byshyp: @fritzi am I following tina fey or sarah palin, what? Oh, ok, sorry.
saddacracker: Video of Mrs. Palin sharpshooting some furry wolves. Great leading technique.
snackfeedbuzz: checkout The Sarah Palin Turkey Massacre (NSFW)-Just after Palin announced she’d be sparing a turkey, grisly processin…
DailyContributr: Sarah Palin and the turkey back drop
jennnyyyp: Can’t believe Sarah Palin pardoned a Thanksgiving turkey and then gave an interview while other turkeys were butchered in the background.
tancopsey: Palin turkey killing spree –
anjibee: @CocteauBoy – did you see the FULL "pardon" speech palin gave? your vid had it edited out….
LV_AVENGER: Sarah Palin is an idiot. PLEASE watch this.
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Senator Palin?:
That would be the death of politics as we know it. Wo..
jasonhanggi: palin is in charge of the turkeys:
pinkonthecheek: i think this year, i am going to skip the turkey. Sarah Palin just did an interview with a guy about to slaughter a turkey
peta2: Turkey Pardon Fail, Starring Sarah Palin: The moose-hunting, fur-wearing, pro-aerial-wolf-gunning governor ..
Q13FOX: Video: Palin & Turkeys:
zenmastr: LOL clueless Palin does interview in front of Turkeys being killed:
razornylon: Sarah Palin Turkey Incident: Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered In The Background
MyMobileGeek: YouTube – Sarah Palin Pardons Turkey – While others killed behind her: YouTube – Sarah Palin Pardons..
amylarson_626: Palin seriously needs a PR person — this is just embarrassing:
geefunk: RT: @BurningKitchen I CANNOT believe this local interview w/Sarah Palin. Behind her, two turkeys are being killed:
KLSoltis: Thanks to Sarah Palin, I am now a vegetarian.
OpenIntro: the palin lol’s just don’t stop. though this time, i feel a bit ill
HaysElectric: drinking coffee, reading helgaas newspaper, and deciding how to fire Rush Limbaugh
TheScene: EntertainMe latest: Sarah Palin makes a turkey of herself: Chat chat chatting away in..
GOPrealist: Rush Limbaugh says Somali pirates have been rated "AAA" by Moody’s, are becoming a bank holding corp to access TARP, & plan to buy Citi.
chrispitre: LOLOLOLOL!!! Retweeting @jeremey Oh man, I can’t stop laughing at the Palin/turkey interview.
KevDC: The Sarah Palin Turkey "Pardoning" video: Just…wow. Yeah…
djbruce: sarah palin is a sick mofo hufpo

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