Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

geolibro: TTRH 10:52: On Rush Limbaugh’s stint as DJ Rusty Sharp, "I think I used to listen to that show."
bledbetter: @markfinkelstein the press did a more thorough investigation of palin’s use of a tanning bed (in sunny Alaska) than any Obama scandal.
NSBAR: Blogo is still gov of il. Politicians round us do some sex thing and they r out of office but lying, cheating and extortion is ok??????????
howardgr: @myster It must be Sarah Palin.
instapundit: DICK CAVETT VS. CAMILLE PAGLIA on Sarah Palin….: DICK CAVETT VS. CAMILLE PAGLIA on Sarah Palin.
SarahPalin: Accelerant found at Sarah Palin’s church (UPI)
mommyaulait: @ilinap very timely for today’s Palin sighting
jimmath: @garrygolden seems like not all of the turkeys in the Palin turkey video ( were being slaughtered
tomcummings: good lord, this is like a bad SNL skit! RT @DJDiva5 WTH? Palin talks to news while turkeys are killed behind her.
JoergR: @zoonpolitkon Ich wollte auch eigentlich sehen wie Sarah Palin in den Trichter gesteckt wird…
NewsOnTwitter: MSNBC – Turkeys killed as Palin addresses media: Gov. Sarah Palin has granted the traditiona..
zacory: See the Palin article on MSNBC describing the Turkicide happening behind her post-pardon:
Dan_Cody: Sarah Palin Turkey Carnage press conference (not for the squeamish)
erickohndotcom: I didn’t think it was possible to like Sarah Palin any more…: I like Sarah Palin.I know I’m ..
zacory: Palin pardons a turkey on camera, then the turkey farm keeps on a’slaughtering in the shot right behind her… CLASSIC! Totally oblivious!!
turi319: Happy Thanksgiving – Sarah Palin
AdamDenison: From @freep "VIDEO: Palin pardons turkey; 1 behind her not so lucky" All I can say is wow! Not for animal actvists
CathyVon: OMG @QueenofSpain I just saw the vid of Sarah Palin. Ok couldn’t the camera guy have given her some sort of clue OMG
BurningKitchen: I CANNOT believe this local interview with Sarah Palin. Behind her, two turkeys are being killed:
gabrielsond: Sarah Palin Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered
sogross: This Palin turkey slaughter video is kind of the best thing ever.
silas216: Liked "Who gives interviews in FRONT of turkeys being slaughtered? Oh, Sarah Palin…that’s who"
saxdiva: If Sarah Palin’s political future weren’t in enough doubt, she sure seems determined to kill it (no pun intended) with that turkey incident.
bostonherald: Sarah Palin pardons turkey while others are slaughtered during interview: WASILLA, Alaska – Gov. Sar..
francijb: I love this! Retweeting @msnbc_politics Turkeys killed as Palin addresses media
joethepeacock: Blogged: Palin pardons turkey… While other turkeys are slaughtered right behind her on ca..
obiwanadobe: Gawd I love Sarah Palin. A very thanksgiving interview.
Louinator: RT @joshuastecker OMG just when you think Sarah Palin had gotten control of her media image, this happens: WOO!
thebodybreaks: Palin Interviewed As Turkeys Killed: Gov. Sarah Palin has granted the traditional Thanksgiving pard..
ElaineVigneault: check this out: Palin’s Turkey Slaughter Backdrop: Sarah Palin held a news confere..
coyotesqrl: Apparently, Sarah Palin didn’t pardon the poor bird that guy’s killing in the background. She’s just tone deaf.
bryanf: Best Ever —> "Gov. Palin Apparently Oblivious To Turkey Carnage Over Her Shoulder"
rkitson: @filberts That’s funny. Guess I wasn’t in the mood to investigate further. And the Palin quote was pretty good. That’ll teach me.
surachai: impeach obama: (hate this website, but palin 08!!)
brianfeller: WOW. Sarah Palin rambles on while turkeys are slaughtered in the background…who are her handlers?
trianglman: @0×44 If "Drill baby, drill" Palin was elected, I would agree. I have hopes that people aren’t completely stupid now (I know, I know…)
jontherevelator: Sarah Palin is clearly a character escaped from a Christopher Guest movie. Where’s Jennifer Coolidge when you need her?
QueenofSpain: Who gives interviews in FRONT of turkeys being slaughtered? Oh, Sarah Palin…that’s who
abufstar: Sarah Palin Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered… (kinda gruesome)
Armageddontime: @DarrenBarr Yes, the Palin/Turkey video (… thanks for adding that !
socalinmotion: Palin interview OMG too funny
joeruiz: This Sarah Palin with turkeys interview is (sadly) comedy gold. You almost want to feel sorry for her with her handlers.
derbycityespres: Turkeys slaughtered in background as Palin addresses media
t100acres: The funniest Sarah Palin interview yet. Whether you like her or not.
dailydish: Kill Da Turkeys: A reader writes: I’m certainly no fan of Gov. Palin’s, but the widespread reaction to ..
karnnewsradio: Rush Limbaugh is next on KARN
flyinsaucier: You won’t believe what Sarah Palin has done now:
escapeest: i’m convinced that the palin "turkey pardon" interview in front of a live turkey slaughter was deliberate. social commentary. SNL sketch.
DJDiva5: WTH? Palin talks to news while turkeys are killed behind her..
frolleinb: @mathiasrichel @svensonsan DAS ist ja mal wieder der Knaller. Mir wird übel. #Palin

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