Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

littlebytesnews: Retweeting @calebhays fundraiser to help Gov. Palin’s church that was burned by an arsonist earlier this week:
lwaltzer: Amity Shlaes is (slightly) smarter, but she shares a cadence with Sarah Palin. Freaky.
alaskaBNN: Kodiak Konfidential: Sarah Palin wants a Raise????: I heard a commission the governor appointed to examine state..
fropes: @garyvee The lady on that Fox "Business" show genuinely didn’t know what ROI is. That’s as epic as Palin not knowing the Bush Doctrine.
SarahPalin: Accelerant found at Sarah Palin’s church (
joshuastecker: OMG just when you think Sarah Palin had gotten control of her media image, this happens: totally a -woo.
illinoisBNN: I didn’t think it was possible to like Sarah Palin any more…: I like Sarah Palin.I kn..
msnbc_us: Turkeys killed as Palin addresses media
msnbc_politics: Turkeys killed as Palin addresses media
rhode_islandBNN: I Dreamed I Saw Grace P. Last Night: Governor Palin Loves/Loses Turkey?: [...]
EcoAussie: Sarah Palin Talks Politics While Thanksgiving Turkeys Get Slaughtered // Archives // :: the latest in…
tntwhite: My issue w/ the Palin turkey video: stop saying it’s horrendous if you’re sitting down to a slab o’ turkey next week. Whiny meat eaters..
moto62: watched the palin turkey video,it didn’t bother me. there was no blood. turkey slaughtering is a slow process though, huh?
conhopper: Palin answers Q about concerns over programs being on the "chopping block." with a turkey on the chopping block. 1m 10s:
R_R_D: @powpowpow You malevolent bastard. Sarah Palin & a bathtub of turkey blood is the exact opposite of how I expect to start my days…
RobboMills: Palin Turkey Slaughter Interview –
chiefhothead: have you seen the Sarah Palin Turkey Incident .. not what I wanted to see while having lunch
shanink: OMG! watched sarah palin turkey interview. man, oh man. sarah…jeez…
andymelton: Sarah Palin Turkey Incident: Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered In The Background
shanink: OMG! watched sarah palin turkey interview. man, oh man. sarah…jeez…
Sarah Palin Turkey Inident.
kmberger: For Sarah Palin, who shoots animals and can field dress a moose, having a turkey slaughtered in the background of her interview was normal!
jtemple77: Sarah Palin gives an interview while turkeys are being beheaded behind her. :O
timesonline: Comment Central It’s (almost) Thanksgiving: Time to bring on Sarah Palin and a turkey…
TheRecruiterGuy: Dear Sarah Palin: What exactly was the thought behind filming interview in front of animal slaughter? LOL
twingly25: Govern Palin pardons a turkey but the rest are screwed!
YouTube1: Most viewed today: KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview:

A 2008 news ..

rondata: Sarah Palin has gained 10 pounds since losing the election. If she’s not careful, Russia is going to be able to see *her* from THEIR house.
VaBeachKevin: Sarah Palin is interviewed at a turkey farm while turkeys are slaughtered behind her. –
nicole719: i am really, seriously disturbed by the sarah palin turkey slaughtering video.
JulieWhoMood: Silver fox@andersoncooper Do I have to pay extra if I’m buying a turkey that Sarah Palin watched get slaughtered
wimbleblog: En compañía de los pavos La escena a espaldas de Sarah Palin en esta entrevista está dando la vuelta a..
mykelnahorniak: @a_nic Also, if you ARE a turkey, DO NOT watch the Palin turkey video
marchewitt: @anitaloomba That is… what is that? RT: "Sarah Palin does interview while turkeys are slaughtered behind her" –
apt_berlin: i just love the background #palin
nagunagu: Sarah Palin Turkey Pardon with lots of action in the background!
wingedfeetxc: Regarding Sarah Palin in front of Joe the Turkey Butcher…really Sarah, really? You’re not even trying any more.
alchemist_esq: I love turkey! Oh, wait…damn you Sarah Palin!!!
JaseFOS: Palin somehow able to top even herself:
a_nic: OK, if you like turkey and are the queasy type, DO NOT watch the Palin turkey video. ugh.
TPIP: There Will Be Blood – Palin’s turkey interview –
huffpost: A. Sullivan: "Gov. Palin Apparently Oblivious To Turkey Carnage Over Her Shoulder": Best.. -HuffNewswire
HuffNewswire: A. Sullivan: "Gov. Palin Apparently Oblivious To Turkey Carnage Over Her Shoulder": Best..
mathiasrichel: Re-tweeting @svensonsan Sarah Palin lässt sich entspannt interviewen, während hinter ihr gemetzelt wird: #wtf
mikenayyar: This is officially the new Zapruder film, train wreck of the year: Sarah Palin talking in front of a TURKEY BEING KILLED:
SSrb1098: Couric explains ‘the’ Sarah Palin interviews on Letterman:
sherid: …saw the Sarah Palin/turkey "processing" video this am & just found my tongue…a little of that "reverence for life" woulda been nice.
TexasMonthly: Sarah Palin sips latte while turkey is slaughtered behind her. That’s my girl.
iamthedude: Watched this Palin video without sound…but the action and the captions are priceless…
NewsOnTwitter: CBS NEWS – Palin Interviewed As Turkeys Killed: Gov. Sarah Palin has granted the traditio..

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