Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

silas216: Chicken v Hawk: Rush Limbaugh attacks Colin Powell – – News
rbmshow: #dontgo #wls #tcot Blogo drama!
holyweblog: News: Gov. Palin Apologizes for Her Church’s Suspicious Fire (Fox News)
spaceKebabji: Digg: ATF: Accelerant poured around Palin’s church
knobblyfruit: It’s entirely possible that I hate Sean Hannity more than I hate Bill O’Reilly. Which is saying something.
rightcommentary: @velvethammer You know what tho – if all this passes. I want to see Limbaugh, Levin, and Sean on 12 hours a day on NPR. That seems fair.
Josh_Painter: The same media that couldn’t wait to get to AK to dig for dirt on Palin now can’t be bothered to cover the arson attack on her church there.
ajbatac: The REAL Sarah Palin!
grantbond: @RNC Strange Palin Thanksgiving clip! Disturbing!
ohryankelley: And Palin promotes a local business: RT @Brigi / @nickerson
reddit: Dear Reddit Politics: The election is over, you don’t have to send us weekly updates on Palin anymore.: su..
EYEJAMMY: @calinative pull a sarah palin and go shopping.
kevinmhoffman: Watching Sarah Palin while turkeys are slaughtered in the background. RT from @atomicbooks
spindoktr: Oh wow, Palin interviews in front of turkeys being slaughtered –
carondg: @juliewright You mean the turkey execution stage right while Palin was being interviewed? Hilariously awful, if that’s a term.
11AliveNews: Palin Pardons Turkey While Others Slaughtered : Gov. Sarah Palin has granted the traditional Thanksgi..
churchpunkmom: @themuskrat yeah… alaska… brrrrr, it’s cold! oh, hi, sarah palin! look, there’s russia!!
CredibleKev: Just caught latest Palin interview where a Thanksgiving turkey is killed within view behind her. Are people just playing with her now?
JMPoston: Palin can’t catch a break. Post-pardon interview at a turkey farm while one’s being killed in the background. Made MSNBC’s "Countdown"
PaulMarshallWDI: Happy Thanksgivin’ from Sarah Palin LOL one more time MAVERICK!
Armageddontime: This is hilarious: Palin pardons turkey while others slaughtered (behind her) —
juliewright: @rayrena I think heads are going to roll (hah) in Palin’s staff… can you imagine being responsible for her PR on that?
oyboy: Palin’s turkey exploits, as described by MSNBC:
sarahpalinfeed: Palin pardons turkey while others slaughtered :
DannyDougherty: Palin talks turkey at a bird mill (warning: video does have some blood as turkeys are processed)
inthecan: Palin the pilgrim and brutal levity "FUN!"?
nizzer: Laughing at: "YouTube – KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview" ( )
soundersfcfan: Seeing Palin’s turkey interview/debacle may have wrecked Thanksgiving for me.
AnnieCushing: RT @TheMadHat Palin pardons a Turkey, then one gets slaughtered right behind her in the post interview. LOL <— …
scottytoodope: wondering when sarah palin will fade back into obscurity
zippyFerguson: this is the best sarah palin video i have ever seen.
Simone_Hazel: …still eating turkey for Thanksgiving. Sarah Palin can’t stop me!
jalichandra: I’ve rec’d many notes lamenting my lack of Palin rants. So by popular demand…the turkey fiasco
tecarmona: Palin does interview as turkeys being slaughered
thefwordblog: Palin pardons turkey; bloodbath in background —
celticdiva: Yes, I watched Gov. Palin pardon the turkey…oh, the carnage!
ronbailey: Retweeting @Kalli Surreal Palin interview: I wonder if this was intentional by the cameraman.
Big_Tiger: Both Palin and Bush are plagued by bad Turkey incidents. Turkey’s smell stupidity and fear.
laming_moe: Palin! Happy Thanksgiving! You have the balls to be the next president ;-)
SarahA29: laughing hysterically at the Sarah Palin pardons a turkey while turkey being slaughtered behind her video.
politicalirony: Updated blog post: Palin Photo Op
darrellsilver: Watching the Sarah Palin Turkey video at Jelly.
guanabee: Sarah Palin Talks Thanksgiving Cheer As Turkey Famer Strangles Turkeys: Even we who are hardcore carnivo..
punslingerr: Sarah Palin Pardons Turkey – While others killed behind her:
egrissom: @ghelf man, you would think Gov Palin would get a team around her that might say- hey, let’s try this shot without all the turkey murder
RocmanUSA: Don’t get me wrong, we lost because they chose Palin as a Veep. She’s a few fries short of a happy meal.
eveningscribe: @andersoncooper Re: Sarah Palin’s bird; Probably the one instance I’d willingly eat tofu for T-Day.
RNCJournalists: latimestot: Couric explains ‘the’ Sarah Palin interviews, but Letterman wants dirt – http://tinyur..
k8thegreat: Check this out…Sarah Palin Turkey incident, LOL
kpho_headlines: National news – Palin Pardons Turkey While Others Killed

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