Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

DCDiva28: Doing show in right now on all the current events. Jesse Jr, Gov. Blogo , are gays born or made and more. Join us
2012Palin: Palin Fights Recession: H/T that yesterday is the one day I did not rea..
ffholic: AJ Batac: The REAL Sarah Palin!
fllngrdian: @knowmadic1 Folksy charm sounds bizarrely like a Sarah Palin tactic, and I will not abide by that.
TelegraphMG: Sarah Palin “is crack cocaine”: Every so often I get an email from a reader frustrated that I have..
Wallace_Reid: Newsflash! Sarah Palin follows a hick ( me! )
christinloes: "You know the shoe throwing incident has made Sarah Palin want to be president even more. ‘Free shoes?! You betcha!’" – Craig Ferguson
alaskaBNN: The Immoral Minority: Sarah Palin about to get a raise. WTF?: A commission is recommending a pay raise for Gov. ..
BlueSgNaturals: @Gretawire gd plug on show. Ur interview w/Palin was exc. ur ?s tonite were great #tcot
culturekitchen: Sarah Palin’s turkey:

I cannot get enough of Sarah Palin’s cluelessness. I swear, it’s just m..

TheLocalStation: Palin Pardons Turkey While Others Killed: As Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin pardons a Thanksgiving turke..
Brigi: OMFG – Where is Sarah Palin’s handler? She gives and interview as a turkey is slaughtered in the background:
DNCjournalists: latimestot: Couric explains ‘the’ Sarah Palin interviews, but Letterman wants dirt – http://tinyur..
dkutz: Palin, turkey pardon fail. . chop chop.
dannigyrl: Why do I still make it a point to get in front of people who still have McCain/Palin bumperstickers so they can see my OBAMA sticker? LOL
CountdownMSNBC: Video: Turkeys sacrificed as Palin conducts interview: Nov. 20: After pardoning a turkey, Gov. Sar..
NicolePRexec: JoysonPR (RT) How does someone let Palin give a TV Interview in front of Turkeys being slaughtered?!?
CBS46: Palin Pardons Turkey While Others Killed: As Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin pardons a Thanksgiving turkey, other b..
runnerbird: Palin … don’t stand in front of a turkey killing machine after you’ve just pardoned a turkey. Bad form. Bad, bad form.
AndersonCooper: Do I have to pay extra if I’m buying a turkey that Sarah Palin watched get slaughtered?
georgeaye: Palin interview while turkeys get slaughtered in backgrnd.
watchthisnow: Sarah Palin turkey farm interview: The election may be over, but Sarah Palin is still a viral video ..
WalkingHorse: @mortimas The Palin turkey video cracks me up as does the faux outrage.My kind of gal..outdoorsey&doesn’t let turkey processing distract her
arijit57: Celebrity Sarah Palin Gobbles Up Thanksgiving Publicity: Ah, politics.
Just when you think eve..
inspire_emotion: Almost surreal. Yesterday, Palin visited Wasilla in order to pardon a local turkey in
ellepixie: After seeing that Palin video, I’m glad I’m making sushi for Thanksgiving.
scottdrummond: Sarah Palin, what the FUCK?! Around 1:30, this video just becomes disturbing.
twitterdoug: Sarah Palin turkey interview : Sarah Palin turkey interview
mortimas: people that are more outraged over palin turkey slaughter than they are about abortion. are d-bags, I will know as u quit following :} bye
drswebmaster: Oh those poor poor liberals. Are they still raging about Sarah Palin? LOL
slgoudie: Tom Turkey in the turkey-chipper…. what was Palin thinking???? Cletus the Slack-Jawed Yokel in the background – her base!!
vegangrrl: this is sick! sarah palin interview about pardoning turkey while turkeys are being slaughtered in the background
shortstack81: I can’t wait for SNL to tackle the. Palin turkey interview. It is hysterically surreal.
trainsignal: RT @TheMadHat Palin pardons a Turkey, then one gets slaughtered right behind her in the post interview. Tough to focus!
Kalli: Surreal Palin interview: I wonder if this was intentional by the cameraman.
shmu: [votes:1902] Sarah Palin Explains Why Women Should Be Forced To Bear Their Rapists’ Babies [Couric Interview Video],
eviltwins: Countdown: Sarah Palin’s Turkey Pardoning Fiasco:
Download | Play    Download | Play From Countdown Nov. 20, 2..
shmu: [votes:1986] Fox News : Palin Didn’t Know Africa Was a Continent,
SageMcGreen: @Borat, those are turkeys silly man, RT-Sarah Palin does interview while chickens are SLAUGHTERED behind her
muckster: Everybody’s seen Palin and the turkeys by now, right?
shmu: [votes:4173] Vote up if you think Ron Paul, not Palin, should be GOP’s future,
latimestot: Couric explains ‘the’ Sarah Palin interviews, but Letterman wants dirt –
arky305: Palin tv interview at turkey ranch has turkeys getting killed in background. How… strange.
JoanneSardini: Did you see the Palin video with the Turkey? OMG – go to TMZ – freaky! Not for any of you veg-heads!
Brooklahn: Clip from MSNBC: Palin being interviewed while a turkey is slaughtered over her shoulder. God. –
politicalirony: NEW blog post: Palin Photo Op
mortimas: @luv2shoppe I was going to put the palin turkey party on my website, but it is saturated on the web. more than somali pirates even
msnbc_video: Video: Turkeys sacrificed as Palin conducts interview
ebelow: I dreamt about Sarah Palin. She made me a taco.
snooge: Sarah Palin – the gift that keeps on giving…

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