Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

snicholsonboise: @LGM1 but at least I can laugh when I listen to Olberman. Hannity & Ditto head, well, I probably just otta stop there…..
asterbotvideo88: Asterpix Interactive Video – Alaska Panel Finds Palin Abused Power:
A bi-partisan legislative panel’s chief..
kasumi_gakure: @xDrGirlfriendx Oh, ok, very cool. You can also check out our Palin rally pics on the blog and the pics from the CNN interview.
skinismy: @unapologeticfem you try finding female politicians that don’t suck as bad as palin =p OR *be* one of those female politicians =)
xDrGirlfriendx: @kasumi_gakure thanks for the link! if you check out my twitter pics you can see where I went to the Sarah Palin rally in Johnstown, PA
mishigami: I still can’t believe my mom thinks Sarah Palin invented the term shout out. Not even kidding.
ThePBG: @missjia Ha! What do I think of it? I did that 2 weeks ago! It’s all good! *palin wink*
xDrGirlfriendx: @kasumi_gakure sarah palin is incredible. the damnest part of it is the ppl who elected blago are the ppl who burn her!
2012Palin: Palin Leads Alaska Through Recession: Sarah Palin unveiled her budget and although Alaska is ailing a bit, it ha..
TengoBlog: [jeanfreddy] Juega Super Obama World y derrota a la malvada Sarah Palin: Una versión "Obamizada" de ..
akapluto: Am I the only one that thinks the new hauswifes daughter and aslee, lauries daughter look EXACTLY the same? A lil sarah palin scandal maybe?
kasumi_gakure: @xDrGirlfriendx A big fat ditto! Joe is the gift that keeps on giving. And they crucified Sarah Palin for one mishandled interview?
washingtonBNN: Silenced Majority Portal: Sarah Palin Interviewed as Turkeys Slaughtered in Background: [...]
msnbc_tv: Video: Palin pardons poultry — Wasilla style
juliewright: Wow, yesterday’s Palin turkey pardon is a train wreck… They’ve blurred out the butchery:
kathleenmckenna: just watched s palin give interview while turkeys being slaughtered in background. called it levity during hard times-tell that to turkey.
luv2shoppe: @mortimas You’d think that Palin was murdering the turkeys the way they are twittering. How else do you get a turkey for Thankgiving? Sheesh
south_dakotaBNN: SouthDakotaMac: From Katie Couric to Wasilla’s Turkey Holocaust, Palin bombs again: To be fair, i..
RocmanUSA: Palin flips Dem’s THE BIRD in interview. Priceless!
missouriBNN: Prime Buzz: Palin: No moose is good moose:
Fair is fowl. [...]
JoysonPR: How does someone let Palin give a TV Interview in front of Turkeys being slaughtered?!?
texasBNN: RIGHTWINGSPARKLE: Too Funny: Here is video (it’s making the rounds) of Palin being interviewed after par..
georgiaBNN: Political Insider: Sarah Palin and the Thanksgiving execution video: A six-minute video is quickly mak..
connecticutBNN: Connecticut Bob: This is why I hope Sarah Palin never goes away: Yesterday, to celebrate the spiri..
plaintruthiness: @mbarilla yeah get Tina Fey one more time for Thkg! My gayness spotted Palin’s Burberry scarf. The GOP forgot to collect all of the $150K :D
jgarber: OH: "Is there any shit this woman cannot step in?" – regarding the Sarah Palin "turkey farm" interview
jackola: So have you heard the one about sarah palin talking her head off while a turkey got it’s head cut off right behind her?
whattheblog: Sarah Palin pardons Thanksgiving turkey while bloodbath ensues in background: Saw this AP brief about..
TheMadHat: Palin pardons a Turkey, then one gets slaughtered right behind her in the post interview. LOL
nickerson: Palin’s a turkey killer!
carnellm: WTF?! "Sarah Palin Turkey Incident: Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered In The Background (VIDEO)" (
SageMcGreen: RT@Borat those are turkeys silly man Sarah Palin does interview while chickens are SLAUGHTERED behind her
bderusha: Not for the faint of heart. Sarah Palin does an interview at Alaska turkey farm while turkeys are being slaughtered in bg
theunseen714: @lilatovcocktail I should have been more clear my mistake; I was referring to the Dick Cavett article you posted about to Sarah Palin
vergelbradford: Sarah Palin traditionally pardoned a Thanksgiving turkey, but the video that shocked viewers captured hundreds being slaughtered behind her.
alexhung: Am I the only person who think Palin is a bit clueless?
ghelf: Palin Pardon’s turkeys while they get slaughtered behind her.
paulwerth: Sarah Palin pardons one turkey, others not so lucky:
Important to check the background for your client.
howlvenice: Retweeting @acmaurer shockingly hysterical sarah palin interview pardoning turkey
rfoust: wow omg, where *not* to stand for your interview!! (topic: sarah palin)
huffpost: Swampland: "For One, You Need A Little Levity In This Job": So says Sarah Palin, about two.. -HuffNewswire
HuffNewswire: Swampland: "For One, You Need A Little Levity In This Job": So says Sarah Palin, about two..
penguingeek: Sarah Palin interviewed while turkeys are slaughtered in the background.
jenw: I’m sure you’ve all seen Sarah "friend of animals" Palin’s turkey video. Speaks for itself.
huffpost: Olbermann: Video: Turkeys sacrificed as Palin conducts interview: Nov. 20: After pardoning.. -HuffNewswire
HuffNewswire: Olbermann: Video: Turkeys sacrificed as Palin conducts interview: Nov. 20: After pardoning..
TIMESwampland: "For One, You Need A Little Levity In This Job": So says Sarah Palin, about two minutes into this v..
time: SWAMPLAND: "For One, You Need A Little Levity In This Job": So says Sarah Palin, about two minutes..
stealyourself: I cannot and will not watch that video of a turkey being slaughtered in the background of that Sarah Palin interview. /ill
clm122704: Sarah Palin’s turkey of a pardon

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