Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

BESTat: RT @gknauss Whoa. I just checked a couple of sources, and I think Sarah Palin was _real_.
battisti: blogo e twito logo existo!
viqifrench: @AroundHarlem — thank goodness. armisen was okay, but SNL should get as close to an Obama-alike as they did Palin. bar is high now.
DaveBP: Surprised they didn’t grab Palin, she’s a turkey!
Southbay: @drkiki What did the Libs say Palin did, wring the Turkey’s necks and drink their blood?
drkiki: wondering why everyone is making such a big deal of Palin and the turkeys. It’s not gruesome. It’s the way things are done… in Alaska.
imajin2102: Sarah Palin Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered
scasher: wants to know what that guy standing behind Sarah Palin is doing to those turkeys
_101_: [news] Palin pardon amid turkey butchery – BBC News: CBC.caPalin pardon amid turkey butcheryBBC News&..
genYnot: sarah palin decides its a good idea to give an interview while a turkey is slaughtered in the background
s_carolinaBNN: The Palmetto Scoop: Palin pardons a turkey:
texasBNN: The Texas Blue: Joe The Plumber Accuses McCain of Throwing Palin Under the Bus: Joe The Plumber’s fiftee..
Atomicbrahms: sarah palin pardon’s turkey, others die behind her. (Spoiler: this video is really Boring.)
arush: Watching south Park. Principal Victoria reminds me of Sara Palin.
baniak: I wonder if Palin shot those turkeys from her helicopter?
dogwalkblog: Palin STILL doesn’t know how to handle the press… who does an interview in front of this?
jeremiahlee: Hillary as Secretary of State is like Palin as VP, but I guess this is a "bringer-er together-er" move.
anorak_uk: Sarah Palin’s In The Wood Chipper: SARAH Palin has a Fargo moment:


anthonynaut: Palin pardons a turkey as birds get slaughtered in the background…
darkheath: @TheBigKlosowski We will never be done laughing at Sarah Palin…
JoelArandia: watches sarah palin and joe the turkey killer again.
newsnet: From The BBC Palin pardons Thanksgiving turkey – as slaughtering goes on behind: Alaska Gover..
mattack: Sarah Palin getting interviewed, dude in back is killing turkeys. ReTweet from @Crad
jborow: – Palin Thanksgiving Interview – Look at the Turkey getting loaded in the back ( )
nathancares: Can’t get over the Sarah Palin Turkey video
Happyvalrenea: Does Sarah Palin have a PR person? If so, fire them. Now.
tjcrowley: AWESOME Sarah Palin interview, complete with man killing turkey in background:
farwalker: Sarah Palin shows the world where turkey’s come from:
kpwerker: @verso Heh. I saw that recently (not a usual SNL fan; couldn’t resist Fey-Palin). In real life, she’s so much more annoying.
NapLover: Bean just commented that Palin is the female version of Bush.
rssofcwz: BBC Palin pardons Thanksgiving turkey – as slaughtering goes on behind: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin "..
googlenewsworld: Palin pardon amid turkey butchery – BBC News:
WorldNewserABC: Upset Over Sarah Palin Turkey Video : ABC’s Lisa Stark from Washington: Alaska Governor Sarah Pali..
net_news: Palin pardon amid turkey butchery – BBC News: BBC NewsPalin pardon amid turkey butcheryBBC News - 4..
why_yy: I’m surprised PETA hasn’t issued a release about the Palin video yet, esp. since they just launched their turkey farm campaign this wk…
ComKey: @DinkerP2 Okay… WHAT Palin video?
PalmettoScoop: Palin pardons a turkey
picsarch: BBC: Palin pardons Thanksgiving turkey – as slaughtering goes on behind: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin "pardons" a turkey for T..
CountryMe: @JohnDavidSuayan LOL What’s one more series with Palin? LOL I’ve lost count already!
odanielpavon: Palin pardons Thanksgiving turkey – as slaughtering goes on behind: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin "pardons" a turkey for Thanks..
yoerk: Diese Frau ist einfach nur abstoßend. Dumm & brutal. #palin #interview
FavrdFeed: Michele Catalano Watching the Sarah Palin turkey video. I keep waiting for someone to say "Live from New York, it’s Saturday Nig..
eatingliberally: Has Palin Been Pallin’ Around With PETA?:

Looks like plucky Sarah Palin is expanding her fan ..

JohnDavidSuayan: @CountryMe You know Judgment Day is here when Sarah Palin gets her own reality series. Pacin’ With the Palins *shudders*.
thebigklosowski: And I thought I was done laughing at Palin, and now this:
CountryMe: With all the excessive interviews, and then the turkey thing on TV, it seems like Palin is punishing us for not voting for them lol
ZekeSaysSo: McCain adviser explains how Palin was picked:
NewsGang: The Sarah Palin Turkey Video (from Xeni Jardin) :
Maybe she’s right, and she is blessed by God. Because..
MituK: RT@ttoste seriously? Sarah Palin gives interview while turkeys are drained of blood in the background.

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