Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

kbbrux: Hmm LittleSnapper and drag-n-drop to Blogo , awesomeness first thing in the morning :)
cindymccain: Without McCain/Palin, what are some of your concerns regarding security at this point? Has Obama/Biden convinced you of safety?
billkleinonline: Why is Obama denying something he doesn’t have to deny? And when is somebody going to kill Sean Hannity?
bridoc: @maegancarberry Haha, only Sarah Palin would have something like that happening behind her during an interview.
Zut_Radio: I shoud appoint Sarah Palin as my Vice-President …. on 2nd thought …. Nah …
TheSuperficial: Sarah Palin just set off some alarms at PETA: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has answered a resoundin..
newsbusters: Time Spreads Sneers for Palin, Cheers for Kathleen Parker: Time is accepting Person of the Year nomin..
dpadua: @RenatoMF isso. desculpem-me. atrás da sarah palin tem é peru.
zildjianpro: lmao. Palin pardoned a turkey, then gave an interview with another two turkeys being slaughtered behined her. BLOOD and everything!!! lol
davewoodson: is sad to report that at Toys R Us today, a Sarah Palin doll shot My Little Pony. :(
garrygolden: Sarah Palin (+ media team) still don’t get it!!! Recent interview with turkeys being slaughtered in background
nipslip: Sarah Palin just set off some alarms at PETA
omgitsadam: Amazing interview with Palin… behind held in front of a turkey slaughter… really? what in the hell..
dpadua: Sarah Palin dá entrevista com frangos sendo massacrados ao fundo
WaterKula: moment: Sarah Palin Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered – link by DIGG

markodvornik: @gregorzalaznik zdej moramo samo še zapret vse ki nosijo majce McCain/Palin
tonibarros: Depois de pedir perdão aos perus pelo Tksgiving, Sarah Palin dá entrevista em matadouro. COM PERUS SENDO ABATIDOS!
otakursed: Can we say pariah? There, I knew you could. Now run along, Mrs. Palin, grown ups are talking . .
jessmauer: @HawaiiSEO LOL. Before I even clicked on that link, I was like… Palin?
quotocrates: Can someone ask Sarah Palin if Alaska is home to elves (no, not Gary Coleman)?
freep: Video: Palin pardons turkey; 1 behind her not so lucky
ryancoleman: You can’t make this up: Palin pardons turkeys, then has an interview while they’re slaughtered in the background wtf?
JohnDavidSuayan: senses a connection between Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney. They can go fuck their trigger-happy selves.
technogoddess: Palin lies; who dies? THE TURKEY!
DukeStJournal: Its the tub of blood that really seals the deal on that Sarah Palin turkey clip
philly_bits: Must See Sarah Palin TV! Gives post-turkey pardon interview while turkeys being killed directly behind her.
paler1: Sarah Palin – Oblivious to everything?
GuzenMediaJapan: Ironic choice of words during Palin’s turkey vid. blast/chopping block/neat /part. in something that isn’t heavy handed/
kathycalculates: Buying a huge turkey today so it will thaw in time for baking Thursday morning. Thanks to Palin there will be fewer turkey eaters this year.
Verena_S: @guggib unglaublich #video palin
Gernot: Palin is a comedy GENIUS. Being interviewed while some guy slaughters turkeys in the background. For real. WTF.
ohioBNN: ProgressOhio: Video: Happy Thanksgiving From Sarah Palin: Watch It:Yes, that’s right.  Sarah P..
teeveedub: Buying opportunity in today’s rough market: After Sarah Palin’s interview, I’m pretty sure we’ll see a spike in Tofurkey sales.
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Why Sarah Palin Is Despised By The Diabolical Media: Woe unto them tha..
timmyrotten: I now understand why Palin didn’t do interviews during the election: No ritual animal slaughter.
ppatel: Wise and Katie running for Secretary of State? The ultimate diplomat. Retweeting @RosePena Katie Couric on the Palin Interview. http://
HumbleEurotrash: The Palin-turkey interview is just astonishing! I mean, we all know meat isnt coming from the fridge, but is THIS NECESSARY? I don´t get it.
FloppingAces: Sarah Palin’s Turkey Pardon Massacre: Ok, look… I think Sarah Palin is great. I was really imp..
ckarath: @p2wy Um, yeah, that Palin Turkey interview… wow.
RNCJournalists: rachelsklar: Sarah Palin Thanksgiving over-the-shoulder video I think just made me a vegan.
DNCjournalists: rachelsklar: Sarah Palin Thanksgiving over-the-shoulder video I think just made me a vegan.
mommyaulait: RT @WakeupwithBill Palin does Thanksgiving interview while turkeys are slaughtered in the background…REALLY
palin_quotes: #Sarah #Palin said, "This is Barack Obama’s time right now and this is an historic moment in our nat..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Sarah Palin – What Does the VP Do?:
Watch more at http://www.theyoung..
ProgressOhio: Video: Happy Thanksgiving From Sarah Palin /Community Blogs at ProgressOhio/ – Watch It: Yes, that’s …
hollyhock100: If you hear or see ‘Sarah Palin’ and ‘Turkey’ in the same sentence, turn the channel. Do not hit play. Think I”ll hit the potatoes Thurs.
katriord: Not sure I ever want to eat a turkey again after seeing the Palin interview/turkey slaughter video making the rounds. Happy Thanksgiving.
kenGe: Sarah Palin does NBC interview after pardoning a turkey nbd except 2 turkeys get killed behind her during the interview
nbcsandiego: Fowl Video: Turkeys Killed While Palin Talks: Sarah Palin’s interview at a turkey farm turned bloody ..
huffpost: Sarah Palin Thanksgiving over-the-shoulder video I think just made me a vegan. -rachelsklar

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