Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

Blanka_Meduzo: @Bonulo @geppey li skribis pri Esperanto cxe sia blogo. Almenaux lia patro estis Esperantisto.
2012Palin: The Sarah Palin Blog: Palin Leads Alaska Through Recession: Sarah Palin unveiled her budget and although Alaska ..
2012Palin: PrairiePundit: Sarah Palin talks about Wasilla church burning: Sarah Palin talks about Wasilla church burning. T..
radiotwit: Radio-Info: Limbaugh fees?
jolun: Kom precis från en spännande Timbrofrukost om Sarah Palin, håll utkik efter rapporten som släpps idag! #SVPT
jolun: Kom precis från ett intressant frukostseminarium på Timbro om Sarah Palin och feminism. Håll utkik efter rapporten som släpps idag! #SVPT
ChunLum: RT @valdezign "The shoe-throwing incident has made Sarah Palin want to be president even more. Free shoes! You betcha!" –Craig Ferguson :D
nbclocaldc: Party Fowl: Palin’s Turkey Pardon Turns Bloody: Sarah Palin’s post-pardon interview turned bloody when..
ferrytales: SARA PALIN strikes again:
Spin_Thicket: (Media Bias) MSNBC Turns Palin’s Pardoning of Turkey Into Vehicle to Deride Her Over Slaughter in Ba..
boontdustie: @Xtal credit for the Goro link goes to JK. Especially <3 The JOHN McCain/ SARAH Palin w/ JOHN Conner/SARAH Conner connections!!!
michaeloc: Love Tina Fey… But Lisa Kudrow should play Sarah Palin in some film comedy.
tlrdfeed: Just added ‘In honor of Sarah Palin this Thanksgiving – Americablog’ to Vodpod
barackoblogger: Palin Interviews While Turkey Dies: A very bizarre interview with Sarah Palin, who is shown in fro..
DustBunny01: P. Hendrie Show: Well Phil, look back at the G. Palin rallies and what happened there.
stalkryan: OMG @ Sarah Palin video – – i have to become a veg again.
itsdae: The Palin Turkey vid is unbelievable. Is she that unaware? The conversation at the end was so surreal–as if Tina Fey was portraying her.
aac74: Katie Couric on Sarah Palin: She Was Struggling With Answers
shoeaholics: Q&A: Sarah Palin’s Shoes: Q: Any idea who makes these shoes worn by Sarah Palin? ~ Alison A: I ..
itsdae: Talk about Faus Paus. Why would Palin interview while a turkey is being slaughtered in her shot
julzdoz: just saw Sarah Palin’s interview with the Turkey carnage in the background. wow. I feel ill.
zipzink: The Sarah Palin Turkey Massacre –
soulciety: O M G at Palin being oblivious to a turkey getting killed behind her while doing an interview.
brundlefly: It’s disgusting and sad and what not, but the Palin turkey massacre interview is just hilarious.
RandomNickname: OMG… Palin giving an interview in front of a Turkey Slaughter KILL KILL KILL machine is the most awesome bit of Feed in a year full of it.
mpesce: @kcarruthers Nothing to do about it except tell them how you really feel about Sarah Palin. You betcha.
kcarruthers: @mpesce BTW the GOP just emailed me asking if I really like Sarah Palin – still not sure how I got on that email list
maegancarberry: RT @baratunde Sarah Palin being interviewed while guy slaughters the shit out of a turkey behind her
teacurran: Breaking news: Palin pardon’s turkey. Come on news channels, it’s okay, you can go back to ignoring her again. This isn’t news.
nappycamper: I swear, it’s like someone made Palin up, she is so unreal:
ireckon: @mpesce does an automatic ‘snow machine’ for Sarah Palin mean it is armed?
dpkpr: Media training 101 — be aware of your surroundings – Right Sarah Palin? It’s her staff’s fault.
biotest: [barfblog] Sarah Palin and turkeys: Amy the French professor is originally from Minnesota. She ..
waku_waku: Sarah Palin, this is really a strange spot to give an interview
GeirAasen: My first sign of twittering too much: I dreamt last night that I received a tweet from Sarah Palin (yes, I think she’s hot, but crazy :P )
cobalt123: Ok, had my fill of iPhone 2.2 and Twilight references tonight on twitter, so bedtime for me…oh, Sarah Palin Turkey Kill video was awesome
bridget_ellen: "the nightman cometh" and a sarah palin turkey slaughter video. moving pictures are really top notch tonight
scazon: Sarah Palin pardons turkey, while others are being slaughtered, on camera, behind her:
mpesce: @kcarruthers Sarah Palin would prefer that you call it a "snow machine". As they do in Alaska. Apparently.
moconnor: Foreground: Sarah Palin. Background: A man slaughtering turkeys.
blairplez: @aschambers i bet there are some cheap sara palin wigs you can get for a good price
kathaub: Sarah Palin Watches Turkeys Die, For Fun /Gawker Top Stories of the Week/ – Like any other …
jjpolitics: Post: A Must See Sarah Palin Interview – Turkey Slaughter
NJHussein: Palin talks, Turkeys volunteer for slaughter
mmDonuts: Oh GADS that Palin interview in front of a turkey being slaughtered is repulsive.
boontdustie: After you read about the correlation w/ Palin Egyptian gods & 2012- watch this video:
kaijuisme: @Ramona_W This is the Palin interview with the unmasked slaughter. Not so shocking, really.
cmespinoza: Likely the FUNNIEST politics video of the year. Palin at a turkey farm: Happy Thanksgiving!
TMV: What an Obama-Palin Administration Would Have Done For Our Economy:
Note: For the sake of letting bygones b..

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