Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

net_news: Exclusive: Gov. Palin ‘Apologizes’ for Her Church’s Suspicious Fire – FOXNews: Washington PostExclus..
knuckleslap: @THE_REAL_SHAQ Senator McCain? Interesting. Was his wife with him? She’s not bad looking herself but Sarah Palin was smokin’ hot. You agree?
JohnKasich: is going to be on Hannity and Colmes tonight.
ShantyMinister: @MorningJoe Scarborough just makes crap up. Where was the outrage over Rove & Libbygate & Palin? Mika’d got no spine
snackfeedbuzz: watch Sarah Palin: Sexy MILF Republican!!-Rate, Comment and Subscribe if you like my video! I make this in silent prot…
alisso: Exclusive: Gov. Palin ‘Apologizes’ for Her Church’s Suspicious Fire – FOXNews: Exclusive: Gov. Palin..
north_dakotaBNN: Say Anything: ATF Confirms That Palin Church Burning Was Arson: Well it was definitely arson, unless someone can..
OneRiot: New blog post: Palin’s Turkey Beheadings
mayankchandak: Palin pardons Thanksgiving turkey – as slaughtering goes on behind: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin "pardons" a turkey for Thank..
spinVIP: @phelpstwin haha that somehow sounds like a Sarah Palin solution to me
johnmcintire: slaughtering a turkey and touching myself while listening to sarah palin on you tube.
twittfeed: Huffington Post Kerry Trueman: Has Palin Been Pallin’ Around With PETA?: You could argue..
smartsuggest: Sue Katz – Thanks but No Thanks: The Voter’s Guide to Sarah Palin
Louinator: @jacobm I know. Palin is extremely against the flow. If she keep this stuff up, I might become a fan.
twitturly: New #1 ⇧ from #2: – YouTube – KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview – via @raymondpirouz
abigvictory: @hotdogsladies I thought for a moment that you and Sarah Palin were picking out baby names.
robmacomber: @ 08 forum today…Palin’s experience questioned yet Obama’s credentials as community organizer applauded. Still don’t know what that is?
bringfrothehori: Sarah palin is pretty hot also
DavidStephenson: sitting by warm fire reading Boston Globe.Can’t give up ink on newsprint.Buy a paper today.Can’t choose?Call (907)465-3500 ask Sarah Palin!
Tacitus_SGL: The LA Times must be getting pretty desperate if they are calling in to Rush Limbaugh.
lalabird: Do you think SNL will just show the Palin turkey bit in its entirety? No need to satirize.
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Nobody’s dummy [Palin]: What a powerful letter — which I am plea..
AriT93: @dfjkl @turkchgo stop it the more palin the better she’s hilarious
newestdiscovery: update: Palin pardon amid turkey butchery (Alaska Governor Sarah Palin "pardons" a turkey for Thanks…)
zggcd: Palin pardons Thanksgiving turkey – as slaughtering goes on behind
joethunk: #GoogleNews: Palin pardon amid turkey butchery – BBC News: BBC NewsPalin pardon amid turkey ..
tehawesome: Someone will add the rabbit lady scene from Roger & Me to the Sarah Palin turkey interview. (Newer, happier link instead!)
andykaufman: [Retweeting @QueenofSpain] Sarah Palin turkey video You can’t make this stuff up.
machinegunhand: @suchcolors Samantha Palin! Haha… she’ll love that name ;)
chacal_lachaise: how caligula is this? palin interviewed while turkeys slaughtered in background.
DinkerP2: So…do you think the Palin video is real? Or is that a green screen behind her and they fed that video in? My office mate says screen.
igorschwarzmann: that’s just disgusting: #palin #interview #slaughter
willpants: you just can’t make this shit up. sarah palin giving an interview with turkeys being slaughtered in the background
Moeskido: City kids hate seeing where their meat comes from. Palin’s an evil shit, but the turkey interview doesn’t add anything new to her oeuvre.
mayarae: WOW.Have you all seen the Palin/dead turkey video? Yuck! I should buy a tofurkey.
ozsultan: RT @2xlp and now the Palin Turkey video!
ttoste: seriously? Sarah Palin gives interview while turkeys are drained of blood in the background.
channelone: Palin pardons Thanksgiving turkey – as slaughtering goes on behind: Alaska Governor Sarah Palin "pardo..
CitizenSugar: Gobble Gobble!! Sarah Palin Ruins Thanksgiving?
NewsOnTwitter: BBC NEWS – Palin pardons Thanksgiving turkey – as slaughtering goes on behind: Alaska Gov..
thetexasblue: Joe The Plumber Accuses McCain of Throwing Palin Under the Bus: Joe The Plumber’s fifteen minutes of..
alwaystbell: who’s idea was it to shoot palin in front of headless turkeys? she should stop it with the cameras. cameras r not her friends.
judico: RT @dhmspector so much for "Obama recession" that Hannity/Limbaugh are pushing.. Obama’s treas. pick pushes the market up almost 500 pts
QueenofSpain: Sarah Palin turkey video
willclarkworld: is sad that Sarah Palin is unaware just how much of a national joke she is. Poor Sarah. :(
RSS_BBC: Palin pardon amid turkey butchery
MKMahler: Sarah Palin and the turkey slaughter: Um, wow. Sarah Palin gives a TV interview at a turkey farm with a ..
politics: PETA blogs about Sarah Palin’s recent interview conducted with turkeys being slaughtered in the background.
johnmoehrke: Happy Thanksgiving (NOT), from Sarah Palin

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