Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

codordog: Loren feldman est le fils cache de Sarah Palin. Meme ouverture d esprit, meme culture.
NickAdvent: @PhillyD I just saw on the news that Sarah Palin’s church was burned down. Should be a story worth looking in to.
anillosolidario: [MUJERES EN LA BLOGO Agua y saneamiento: cuestión de género
BlackMagic63: is Johnie Mac’s non endorsement of Gov Palin really a minus for her? Not sure now…
texasBNN: Libertarian Republican: BATF confirms arson as cause in Sarah Palin’s church blaze: But liberal media treating i..
louisianaBNN: Suspect Device: A Metaphor for Something: Sarah Palin yammers on about something while a guy slaught..
kslosh: 3 weeks later I still hate Sarah Palin’s awful voice. I shouldn’t have to be hearing it, but I am, thanks to the obsessed main stream media
AmberGladys: I hate fueling the coverage frenzy over Sarah Palin’s turkey-slaughtering backdrop, but it’s just too weird:
WineWoman: Some videos you just have to see to believe. "We need a little bit of levity," Palin quipped!
doubleforte: I’ll go out on a limb and say that, in general, Sarah Palin is a PR nightmare.
kerim: Its hard to believe Sarah Palin *isn’t* in front of a green screen.
rastamick: rastamick Sarah Palin Should Be Sued by Monty Python: Did Sarah Palin steal this trick from a ..
moontiger: I like polar bears, gray wolves and beluga whales very much, and Sarah Palin wants to shoot them all.
caro_lina: "The Sarah Palin Turkey Video" Disturbingly HILARIOUS.
peasleer: @voidptr It wasn’t necessarily different, it was just funny to see a guy standing behind Palin, staring at the camera, holding a turkey :)
cburnham: @ThisJokersWild Your sister likes Palin as well.
moontiger: Quote of the month comes from @LeilaniMunter "Leilani is wondering if Sarah Palin can see reality from her house in Alaska"
ThisJokersWild: @ElwoodJBlues Called Mom in England (who liked Palin, because of lack of info on her) Got great jollys out of saying "told ya so!"
dreamnotoftoday: Film du Jour: Sarah Palin Gives Interview with Blood-Drenched Background
dreamnotoftoday: KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview
ntman68: lol @ all the boobs getting so fired up about Palin at a turkey ranch. Where do they think the meat comes from, a magic tree? Please.
viqifrench: @covewriter – see scary new Palin video. this will spark u up…
dmataconis: I am absolutely amazed that idiots like Michelle Malkin don’t see why the Palin Turkey video is a PR disaster
eveningscribe: o.O There was a Sarah Palin Turkey "Incident"!? What, she finally realised she’s a big damn turkey and tried to roast herself for us?
jowaddell: @blackbirdsings Just watched the Palin video….. Thank god that woman is not the V.P. Just e-mailed you, by the way x x ((o)) x x
heriko: @bentotips Where were you in the US? o_o Lol, love how you wrote "the Palin"
eileenhynes: "Turkeys die as Gov. Palin takes questions from media." Greatest use of chyrons EVER.
ET_nowplaying: Having A Dollar Value Meal At Restaurants – Sarah Palin (Tina Fey) flails in an interview with Katie… –
jowaddell: Does Sarah Palin have any self awareness? Is the word INNAPROPRIATE not in her vocabulary?????
gmarkham: @howardowens I refuse to watch that video, along with Palin’s turkey execution, and online suicide.
peterscampbell: Huh. Sarah (not Palin!) accepts my LinkedIn invite; GMail Google ads next to the notification are all about Palin. That’s just rude…
Revolution_21: I mean, it’s a good thing Palin was a jock & not a drunk. What’d the kid’s name be then??? Puke? Gutter? Bedspin? Field Sobriety Test Palin?
airamericamedia: Exclusive audio: Hidden mic picks up sound of Palin turkeys
bentotips: oh, one thing i will not miss from the US: every time i turned on a news channel, the Palin was on. here, they have like, news.
willradik: In Your Water: Thankful for Palin
ctemp: if i see another article or blog about a palin interview, i am going to puke, really,
TheSectional: Why won’t Sarah Palin go away? Because stuff like this is toooo good: Watch the guy in the back.
viqifrench: @Phyaflyjones — u watch Palin video? that’s just pathetic. amateurish – not ready 4 primetime.
seanhackbarth: @KatieFavazza We’ll email the video to PETA in care of Gov Palin
DanNunley: With the furor over Sarah Palin and the poor turkerys, here’s a great laugh from TV sitcom history
dlemen: RT @thedrake Sarah Palin interview with turkey slaughter in the background Still workin on the interviewin skills.
aestheticpov: WOW sarah palin never gets old it gets good right before 2min in
Revolution_21: Now time to get another cup of Earl Grey and track that sucker. That’s audio speak — "track" — not Sarah Palin’s oldest kid, Track. ??????
amybermar: @jaybaer Would Palin come in for such relentless scorn if she were an equally self-serving but male politico?
ganondorf01: uncensored sarah palin turkey interview
misha876: cant believe that Palin did this interview after pardoning a turkey. NSFW!
qate: "Someone needs to tell Sarah Palin’s the elections over, so she can stop reciting the words John McCain wrote on the inside of her eyeli …
cantonelli: poor palin, she just cannot win:
imstephen: you’ve gotta give sarah palin credit for trying
tarpley: Sarah Palin is a turkey –

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