Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

gretawire: Our Interview With Gov. Palin Last Night: Gov. Palin took time to go ON THE RECORD last night to discuss…
randallhmiller: it’s a sad day when Sarah Palin is more respected in the GOP than Colin Powell….
bruin: cool. cheney finally gave an interview. to rush limbaugh. "they will appreciate some of the things we’ve put in place" ?such as plasma tvs?
TheAwfulTruth: Morning Piss: Palin, Watch Your Back: Hey, for a change, I’m not pissed this morning, it’s every friggin’ democr..
mccain_quotes: When pressed why he won’t promise support for the 44- year-old Palin, #McCain said: "Have no doubt of my admirat..
feedmedrudge: UPDATE: ATF: Accelerant poured around Palin’s church…
GorillaSushi: Palin apologizes for turkey slaughter. Proceeds to make sweet love to all living turkeys within reach as retribution. Turkeys pray 4 death.
bobbytom: Not so hungry 4 turkey now. Palin interviewed while Turkey slaughtered behind her. Must be a metaphor for election
misha876: can’t believe that Palin allowed herself to be interviewed in front of a turkey being killed right after pardoning one NSFW!! http://pin
sidragon: Just when I thought it was impossible to hate Sarah Palin any more:
GlendaWH: @ppatel yeah, no doubt! buddy up to Palin or something. Nothing like selling out, eh?
jammer918: palin interview or metaphor
viqifrench: can’t get that Sarah Palin turkey killing video off my mind. who are her press people?! maybe she’s maverick of worst kind: wild & clueless
twitturly: New #2 ⇧ from #3: – YouTube – KTUU 2008 Sarah Palin turkey interview – via @raymondpirouz
twitturly: New #3 ⇩ from #2: – Sarah Palin Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered In The Background (VIDEO)
petrigirl: anybody catch the fabulous Palin turkey pardoning interview? If you have a sensitive disposition, I would recommend you NOT watch.
hiperlink: #video Surrealismo en una entrevista a Sarah Palin
Mabuzi: Mabuzi "YouTube – The Sarah Palin Turkey Massacre" ( )
storypixel: @amartindesign we’re going to Nagasaki. Also yes I couldn’t believe Palin interviewed while turkeys are slaughtered behind her. How savvy.
wnym: WNYM Latest: Palin pardons a turkey, but we watch his family die.
mangalamraj: Sarah Palin Turkey Video, Watch Incident On YouTube
MANX38: Could Palin do anymore to kill her political hopes…perhaps kick a puppy or steal candy from a baby doh!
pixability: Off topic but I have to vent: Bronx Mowgli is the worst baby name ever. Srsly, was Sarah Palin the name consultant?
lathak: heard on leno: HRC SofS, gay winner – dancing of stars, afr-amr president -enough combo for limbaugh’s head to explore
natthedem: I wonder if GM got advice for Sarah Palin on selling their excess jets.
cburnham: @ElwoodJBlues Okaaaaaay. What’s your point? I’m just laughing at Palin’s obliviousness. I don’t care about killing turkeys.
chalain: So let me get this straight: Gov Palin pardons a turkey each year? But without rehab or support, I bet that turkey’s back in jail in a week.
patrickharnett: Palin pardons a turkey. But what about to grisly fate for the turkeys behind her? Good filming, news team. Yikes.
iAmJulie: This is too sweet: Sarah Palin rambling on, oblivious to the man slaughtering turkeys behind her !!! WATCH:
codechemist: @dcurtisj I go to the GWAR show. Sarah Palin goes to the turkey slaughter. And GWAR goes to the Palin interview.
freitag: that video of Palin giving one of her "dontcha know" interviews while turkeys are being slaughtered in the background is gross. She is gross
blue_world: Where is Phoebe from Friends when you need her to write a song about the Sarah Palin turkey pardon?
SnorkyJr: Just found The Sarah Palin Turkey video – Warning it’s not something for the more sensitive viewer – that is all…
cburnham: RT @ThisJokersWild Palin turkey slaughter Gawd, I’m crying over here!
sidragon: Just I thought I could not hate Sarah Palin any more:
andyroth: The Palin turkey interview will definitely be parodied on SNL. Maybe a Fargo wood chipper in the background. Or Ollie North with a shredder.
thedanishmender: you’ve seen it? palin confirmed as an idiot –
hogepodge: Palin pardons a turkey.
MyGenes: Just saw the Sarah Palin video with the Turkey chopper in the background. it was pretty intense. I am surprised she allowed that to happen.
jmckeever: Clearly I am not a Palin fan- but not sure what the big deal is about the turkeys? Where do people think they come from?
andrewhawkins: RT @ijustine loling at Palin being interviewed while a turkey is slaughtered in the background! haha!
jonnybint: Palin speaks and a kind old man puts turkeys out of their misery behind her: She’d just condemned one to live tho!
dculmone: Sarah Palin getting pr while turkeys are slaughtered behind her on NY Mag’s Daily Intel
Rynoth: Sarah Palin’s interview of DEATH!//
ShawnaCoronado: @stelzner OMG – is he cutting off their heads right behind Palin? That can’t be a fun job!
craigmann: Sarah Palin, another fail … wow, she’s good at this.
newsobserver: Palin pardons turkey while others slaughtered: Gov. Sarah Palin has granted the traditional Thanksgi..
seanhackbarth: @mkhammer What’s done is done. Best part was Palin mentioned the "chopping block"

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