Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

chrisfaulkner: ok, here it is Part 1 of "Lessons from the 2008 trenches" featuring McCain Palin 2008 National Spokesman Ben Porritt
SarahPalin: Sarah Palin can not count on McCain’s support in 2012 (
racingpenguins: Just watched the Palin-turkey-slaughter interview and feeling somewhat nauseated. Ugh.
Stumickel: Boston City Hall Blues: Sarah Palin turkey video
ThisJokersWild: OH SWEET CHRIST ON A PONY!!! Not sure if it has been tweeted about yet….but have you lot seen Sarah Palin’s turkey pardoning?
patach: Surreal Sarah Palin interview with Turkeys being slaughtered in the background –
Jughead_Jones: @imperfect LOL, classic. The more #Palin interviews I see, the more astounded I am that she was considered for VP. Then again, there is Bush
danhavlik: Palin yaks while turkey are slaughtered:
roseannhiggins: Rough job! Returning calls sipping Starbucks @ Arizona Biltmore. Met girl fm Anchorage who loves Sarah Palin. #phx
denverposttalk: Comment: Palin talks pardon as turkey killed in background: – Google is your friend: ‘Blu’ is a c..
ericsond: Surprised there aren’t 50 tweets about the Palin interview where there were turkeys being slaughtered in the background.
cdotcompolitics: Alaska Gov. Palin pardons turkey while others are slaughtered nearby: WASILLA, Alaska — Gov. Sar..
cdotcompolitics: Alaska Gov. Palin pardons turkey while others are slaughtered nearby: WASILLA, Alaska — Gov. Sar..
stelzner: OMG, pay attention to the guy with the turkeys in this Palin interview –
irishsk: New blog post: Palin Pardons The Turkey
Tulipdog: @msznitro but if Palin goes we wouldn’t have the Thanksgiving Turkey Reprieve & Massacre to watch every year! It’s sure to become a classic.
seasonothebitch: damnit, the news is distracting me from my work. Palin paper! (not Palin and turkeys, though god that’d be great for my paper)
mrbula: Still absorbing the Sarah Palin turkey interview.
dcurtisj: Sarah Palin turkey interview vs. GWAR show. It’s all about where you go for your gore fix.
jeepercreepers: Why is it every time I hear Sarah Palin speak I suddenly feel the need to join a support group?
colemanranahan: Palin pardons a turkey, and then one dies behind her
Eridanus: @trialia I’m now wondering when Sarah Palin moved to Manchester… (Manchester, Manchester, England, that is)
imperfect: lol @ Palin being interviewed while a Turkey is being slaughtered in the background.
ppatel: Is anybody really surprised? ? Retweeting @TheRealMcCain WATCH: Palin Laughs During Turkey Slaughter
Armageddontime: World news in pictures: Palin and the dead-turkey controversy, new surveillance drones and more —
glittergirl1970: is avoiding watching the sarah palin turkey massacre video. blech!
ratanx: I’ve watched the "Palin turkey pardon" vid 10x now, and I’m still hungry for turkey. You guys who were grossed out are a bunch of pussies.
john_wright_net: New blog post: Palin pardons a turkey
steingart: r/t @gruber Sarah Palin holds news conference standing in front of turkey killing machine.
ruthnh: @gruber re:sarah palin/turkey slaughter video. omg! that is so disturbing. I was hoping it was fake, from a green screen background.
MissLynn13: Palin apparently thinks pardoning a turkey while one gets slaughtered behind her and her Burberry scarf. (think 150k…)
caramelbella: New blog post: Couric Gives Letterman the Details on Her Palin Interview
chaoticthoughts: The thought of Hilary Clinton being our top diplomat "scares" her.. YET SHE WAS WILLING TO HAVE SARAH PALIN SECOND IN COMMAND OF OUR COUNTRY
seanhackbarth: @mkhammer Gov. Palin needs a image guru to match her charisma.
ramblingmom: @dELYSEious — I’d watch the Palin video — but then I’d be fighting you for the Tofurkey
leipzig_blogs: gelblog » Sarah’s Turkey to Go: Bei den Spreeblickern gefunden: Große Viecherei hinter der Palin.
spyker3292: Great Sarah Palin interview. Watch them kill turkeys in the background!
ABKing: Palin Laughs During Turkey Slaughter
viqifrench: this Sarah Palin turkey video proves she was out of her league. scary.
mhking: Just watch the guy with the turkey behind Palin….
tori_vixen: @weishaupt and Sandra Palin will pardon them all!
Flap: GOP Faithful Like Palin, Romney, Huckabee in 2012: Republicans and Republican-leaning independents are most ..
Flap: Gallup Poll: Palin, Romney and Huckabee Favored for 2012
tateblaze: Palin Interviewed As Turkeys Killed
voxefx: The Sarah Palin Turkey Video
topix_election: Sarah Palin Makes a Turkey of Herself: Isn’t it enough that the President always "pardons" a turke..
Saakimba: Sarah Palin may actually be, retarded. Seriously. Look at this ridiculousness:
tateblaze: Palin Interviewed As Turkeys Killed
BrickandClick: @stevenmhall The Palin/turkey slaughter video is one of the strangest and most surreal TV interviews … ever. Not sure what to do now.

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