Eating Each Other Alive… December 16, 2008

When will the carnage end?

EziukasSuKedais: Gal kas norite pagaminti grungy blogo dizainą Ež blogui ant WP? Bandau pats, bet php žinių labai neužtenka…
CemYildiz: @vincente Hier een discussie met mensen die issues hebben/hadden:
thebodybreaks: Salem Alaska Menthol cigarettes go cold and furry: If Sarah Palin were a smoker, her brand of choice might just ..
Arlingtoncards: GLOBALCONFLICTMAP: Arson at Sara Palin’s Church: Wasilla Bible Church: Federal Alcohol, Tobacc..
CathyBrooks: RT@JackiePeters LMFAO at the Palin turkey slaughter video…I‘m sorry…WHAT? I knew she was stupid, but… really?
pramas: Things I currently could give a shit about and wish the media would shut up about: Twilight, Madonna’s divorce, and human stain Sarah Palin.
brit: Just watched the Palin-turkey video and am now officially nauseated.
SeanCon: @KenjiFinster Think Tina Fey’s got one last Palin skit in her? That bit just BEGS for parody.
utahBNN: KVNU’s For The People: The Sarah Palin Turkey Massacre: Here Sarah Palin is “pardoning” a tur..
oregonBNN: MaxRedline: It’s Not News, It’s MSNBC: Gov. Palin makes an appearance at a turkey farm to "pardon" a bi..
humanraza: tweet…tweet…what happens if Sarah Palin is talking while you are tweeting…aaahhhrrrrrrrgggggg…ohh!
myster: If Sarah Palin must lie, at least she’s only lying to ET.
Flap: Media Die as Governor Palin Takes Questions From Turkeys
whereswayne: Just in time for Thanksgiving. I like Sarah Palin, but the formation of her sentences, speech… Atrocious!!
johnkoetsier: Sarah Palin is Not Secretly a Genius // via
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Steyn on Palin’s ‘Turkey’ interview: Hmm. Good question.
othiym23: Sarah Palin: America’s premiere art terrorist. She makes Jimmy Cauty look like a fucking amateur:
dheirtzler: Aliveness test failed because command sent from Alaska was not received. I blame Palin.
walleiki: I don’t get it, why is the Palin turkey execution video noteworthy? You know those things aren’t born in your grocer’s freezer section…
JeromineSharon: 20minutes : Là où Sarah Palin passe, la dinde trépasse (au broyeur): VIDEO – A ne pas r..
ish: Thanks to Sarah Palin, new trend in holiday dinner planning: the "kill your own turkey" station. Thanks, I think I’ll just have pie.
oclafcire: Just watched that Palin/turkey video. Can someone out there please explain to me WHY?!?
sagebrennan: msnbc is getting annoying, looping the sarah palin "turkeygate" story. yes, she’s an idiot but… enough already.
JackiePeters: LMFAO at the Palin turkey slaughter video
jamarante: @leticiacianconi Que coisa grotesca!!! uma entrevista da Sarah Palin e um cara matando perus atras.
jmproffitt: Seems to me Palin/Turkey video is a metaphor for Palin herself: Yakking happily while she’s actually being slaughtered by the media machine.
rikwright: Sarah Palin pardoning a turkey. Didn’t turn out so good for the turkey:
hellety: Palin’s outdone herself this time (RT @techcrunch) She does Palin ridicule better than Colbert and Stewart, wow!
radiogretchen: Sarah Palin disgusts me now more than I thought possible.
Louinator: →_→ Non’t miss this "Sarah Palin Turkey Incident: Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered In The Background (VIDEO)" ( http://ti
freerepublic: Steyn on Palin’s ‘Turkey’ interview: Hmm. Good question.
jake_bell: Countdown seems to think Sarah Palin going to a turkey processing plant where turkeys were killed is newsworthy for two days in a row.
TelegraphMG: Sarah Palin gives interview as turkeys slaughtered : Sarah Palin gave a television interview as turke..
Nystana: You guys – have to see this – Sarah Palin pardons a turkey but misses the execution. AMAZING!!
Chaoticwhizz: @drkiki not that I am a Palin fan but I don’t get the big deal either
firenza00: This is great. She’s there to pardon a turkey. Graphic, but it’s a prime example of Palin’s media cluelessness:
gavinb: Sarah Palin is America’s answer to Pauline Hanson – a political lightning rod for small-minded bigots. Let us hope Pain fades quickly too.
TheDarklady: BTW — Sarah Palin never disappoints. Please let this woman be the new leader of the GOP so we can replace it with something else.
Aniela702: Palin let a guy kill a turkey during an interview behind her She said she was promoting the industry. SOMETHING IS SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH HER.
mongioi: Laughing at: "no caption required « Pundit Kitchen: Lol News and Lol Sarah Palin, Barack Obama, John McCain, Joe Biden and more" ( http: …
Caz1029: Sarah Palin giving a interview while turkeys are being killed in the background. WHY??
DeWayneLehman: Sarah Palin caught on camera at turkey farm that (gasp) kills turkeys. ION, Capt. Obvious told GM to get a biz plan b4 asking for a loan.
pwot: Re: Sarah Palin and Turkeys and…. just watch: Oh, I know. I just thought it was weird to talk about ‘l..
dshaw: ♺RT: @TechCrunch this Palin-turkey video is just so absurd. [OMG, this is aweful.]
SeanAtRed: Retweeting @TechCrunch this Palin-turkey video is just so absurd.
mulegirl: OK – you’ve probably seen it, but Sarah Palin’s Very Special Trip to the Turkey Farm is v.v. funny:

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