Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

Abbie12: Runners up for TIME Person of the Year are Henry Paulson, Nicholas Sarkozy, Zhang Yimou and Sarah Palin.
Divapalooza: @readmylipstick – I was hugely dissapointed when she blogged about Sarah Palin in such a negative way.
freerepublic: Kennedy v Palin (Application of Standards at the NY Times): Another Kennedy for New York? Like anyone who has fo..
cheney_quotes: Vice President #Dick #Cheney, in an interview with talk show host Rush Limbaugh, said the auto industry’s woes c..
mccain_quotes: "I’m proud of Sarah Palin," #McCain said.
tlrdfeed: tlrdblog Sarah Palin Defends ‘Ex-Gay’ Programs While Discussing Church Fire: Governor Sarah Palin called..
rightblogs: [jawa] Pres-Elect Named "Person Of The Year": No surprise except Governor Palin was one of the runners-up…
NewsHub: Sarah Palin is a runner up for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year. Guess who won?
conservatweet: [Jawa]: Pres-Elect Named "Person Of The Year": No surprise except Governor Palin was one of the runners-u..
scheinerlaw: Why does Sarah Palin want to become president? Answer: free shoes! :-)
moms4sarahpalin: @Divapalooza Oh, I was so mad. It went against everything SHE stands for to sit there and pontificate about the "evil" Sarah Palin.
Divapalooza: @moms4sarahpalin – Yep, I totally agree. Sarah Palin and her husband make it work with the kids. They are a TEAM.
Divapalooza: @moms4sarahpalin – I was pretty annoyed when she ridiculed Sarah Palin.
idhananjay: @aparanjape darn, I thought it would’ve been palin .. kidding
happy_and_lucky: The bitterness between Hannity and Combes is becoming too painful to watch.
thezapper: I had that dream about Sarah Palin again. hahaha!
boslfp: Youi know it’s an election year when Santa is making Palin jokes about seeing Russia from the North Pole at the Boston Holiday Pops.
daveweigel: Time mag cites Jezebel in its Sarah Palin "runner-up for person of the year" profile. Because no one else thought Palin was a moron.
nikkinephew: @lancearmstrong and here I thought it would be Sarah Palin. haha
susannereeder: Emilee went as a teacher. Left the house looking like a cross between Miss Frizzle (Magic School Bus) and Sarah Palin. TOO CUTE!
feednote: @michaeleast Katie Couric on Sarah Palin: She Was Struggling With Answers – For the first time, Katie Couric t – Digg
andycastro: Katie Couric on the Late Show: Sarah Palin was "clearly struggling with some of those answers."×4
tylerjameslee: katie couric : during campaign biden said the thing he missed most was being chair of senate foreign relations… palin said "running daily"
afifteen: @katiepic4 were you sarah palin in that pic? (to reply to me you have to put @afifteen then the msg)
nsidenashville: Palin Comparison: Why Sarah Palin will lead the Republican revival: Preaching the Gipper Gospel.
mattrowe_test: Katie Couric on Sarah Palin: She Was Struggling With Answers
mattrowe_test: Katie Couric on Sarah Palin: She Was Struggling With Answers
MrChevyCeleb: deems this Moose Day (no, this has nothing to do with sarah palin). Mike Mussina retired today. All hail Moose.
farkshow: [Unlikely] Rosie O’Donnell thinks Tina Fey deserves the Nobel Peace Prize, since her Palin impression go..
offmessage: OH (from a 4 yr old girl): No, sarah palin’s a baddy cos she doesn’t like books. except the bible.

Sarah Palin talks to NBC’s Matt Lauer in a frank interview about the failed election campaign, the media and …

BadJocks: New female teacher sex scandal at – She looks like Sara Palin!
tljames99: please hand "Joe the traitor" his beans in a Mc-Palin souvenier gift bag! He doesn’t deserve warm hugs with GOP confetti still in his hair?
redhat_kernal: @CJWard Palin, Paul 2012!!!!!!!!!!!
frohman: @badger4life They talked about Palin’s clothes for a week. I had to go out and read about Obama to find out about his first election.
brian_miller: @toosunnyouthere yes ma’am. and the sarah palin cutout was still smiling away in back by the bathrooms. i heart sicilian thing pizza.
routerguy: @peter_miller that’s like a Palin-ism LOL
dkmj: If Obama sold Alaska back to the Russians, he could take care of The Palin issue and pay off the national dept at the…
frohman: @badger4life Why does everyone know about the RNC buying clothes for Palin, but hardly anybody knows about Obama’s election chicanery?
dailykos: Midday Open Thread: Would Sarah Palin like to have you visit Alaska? You betcha! Gov. Sarah Palin is per..
newsbusters: NPR’s Terry Gross Asks Bill Ayers About Palin-Prodded Death Threats: Unrepentant domestic terrorist B..
almacy: Whitney (cont.): Post Sarah Palin, McCain campaign avoided long "War & Peace" tomes at 6 PM on Friday "From the desk of John McCain."
fearlessblogger: To give perspective my monty python/@johncleese fandom: wondered how Michael Palin was so involved in US politics before I knew it was sara
ashleyevidence: both my mom and the receptionist at the oncologist’s office look like sarah palin..I might just be in hell
badger4life: Why did the media "pick on" Palin? Hmmm…
CityWendy: In case you miss sarah palin since the election:
CityWendy: In case you miss sarah palin since the election:
gregoryphillips: New blog post: Why McCain Lost North Carolina: Age, Palin, Bush
davidhanna: @jumpshot ill-conceived? was that supposed to be a sarah palin joke? come on..
myster: If al Qaeda hates @barackobama this much, does that mean "pro-America" Sarah Palin has to start liking him more?

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