Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

JBenson2: Quote of the Day: "Who is more qualified to run for national office: Sarah Palin or Caroline Kennedy?"
anthimeria: @dwf That Palin was a runner-up for Person of the Year, be it for good or ill, makes me a little nauseous.
miles_smit: @keepthatfaith I trust you guys saw the very early YouTube Palin-McCain ad done by Students of America, using the theme from "The Unit"?
nickbrusky: I think a Sarah Palin / Ron Paul ticket in 2012 would be very interesting and exciting.
zennie62: @gretawire I gotta ask if you ate "Moose stew" when you went to Alaska to talk to Todd Palin?
robdew: Palin invites Obama & Biden to Alaska for moose hunting, where Cheney does firearm training and Kennedy drives the SUV. Ok, that’s funny.
clublk: I think he deserves it.

runner-up, Sarah Palin????

sarah palin.. maybe in "Harvard Lampoon Annua..

cckarl: Can’t believe Palin was a runner-up for Time’s POY. I mean, really? Haven’t we suffered enough with her shenanigans?
Sznq: Barack Obama => Times Person of The year ’08… No brainer… But Sarah Palin was also in consideration. wtf.
thezapper: @ValeriaL WELL…lol In the dream, Palin is basically a doctor, and we laugh and joke a bit, then she starts giving me a physical exam. :)
orbitz: HuffPost Panel: Palin Deserves A $25,000 Raise: A new state commission says the Alaska governor ought to..
twittfeed: Huffington Post Panel: Palin Deserves A $25,000 Raise: A new state commission says the Alaska gov..
xiozen1: Hannity without Colmes…? Whats gonna happen now?
suckmycaucus: SMC News Flash: Palin totally thought she had this one in the bag.
aparanjape: @ AnupamSaraph @idhananjay I agree..Palin was a stretch. My 2nd pick would have been Paulson. What about Person Of Year – India? Thoughts?
kgriggs: Only one Palin story on CNN’s website today, buried at the bottom of their political ticker–could her 15 minutes be up already?
bornhorseinsane: is following SARAH PALIN! she totally rocks!!!!!
theredshoes: IT’S LIKE SHE’S SARAH PALIN. ‘I was instantly impressed by something about him. Maybe it was just the way he was so open and curious, ….
meede: @ricksanchezcnn Documented that Ted Stevens is Sarah Palin’s mentor. How far will she fall from the tree?
frohman: @bigjim I’m not that informed, but those people were just stupid. The fact that every stupid thing had to be Palin reflects on the media.
NYTimesIdeas: Turning Palin Against the Pro-Lifers
ErickGonzalez: @ricksanchezcnn Look Rick, these are the "real" Americans, Sarah Palin was talking about, from small towns, conservative ignorants
jonbecker: @bethanyvsmith but did you see the pix of Napoleon Dynamite and Sarah Palin?
djwhelan: @thedelicious Did Palin make them more or less sexy in the end? Regardless, glasses ARE sexy. Relax & enjoy socializing. Better than moving.
bigjim: @badger4life But it does make a point. How did they know so much about Palin and so little about the others. The press was harder on her.
gjmall: @bigjim None of that matters now, change is here!!! Sarah Palin overdid it by campaigning in 57 states. She should stick to Russia watching
ihasatardis: Headline: "Palin blames Bush admin for GOP loss." You had to do with it too, Caribou Barbie.
HighPlainsBlogr: Rush Limbaugh did not lose the election
fuukostar: @nordopolica "Good luck getting things restored! I’ll send a memo to Sarah Palin to keep a closer eye on her neighbors ;) "
Divapalooza: Wow, truly scary. I knew all the answers to the questions, which is why I voted McCain/Palin. I knew..
digg_trends: Katie Couric on Sarah Palin: She Was Struggling With Answers:
c3ane: @JDvB Africa! LOL. You must have been in Palin’s Geography class
adam_cozens: Re-aligning my Fantasy Football team (Sarah Palin’s Labia) for post-season contention! We had a bad start, but look to finish strong.
jakema: Bill Maher: "Sarah Palin is a MILF – a Moron I’d Like to Forget." I <3 Bill….
hotairblog: Rush Limbaugh did not lose the election: Scapegoating.
nitroslick: @ryan_kanyay Looks like youre FIU’s Howard Stern! Just make sure you don’t become its Rush Limbaugh…
HappyLeftie: Hitler confirmed to have only 1 testicle – – So, he had 1 less than Ann Coulter and 1 more than Hannity & Limbaugh
shawnsie: @BevanWhitfield *DickCavette* loved his Maureen Dowd quote of Palin’s ramble on re Darfur, and how Alaska has real relevance there…????
FishbowlLA: Couric and Letterman Heart Palin:

This is Katie Couric and David Letterman last night discussing t..

ckEpiphany: With all due respect, now seeing so much of Congress together…I understand why they spent $150k on Palin’s style.
csapodcast: Tonight may be the first international edition of CSA Podcast with Maqz up in Toronto, Canada. Hey, can he see Sarah Palin from there?
BillyAkerman: Rush Limbaugh did not lose the election: Scapegoating.
PolitoStan: New Blog Entry, "Why Sarah Palin was wrong for America" –
spoonsrant: Palin’s problems keep mounting:
jkestr: I’ve been noticing the phrase "pall around" a lot lately. Am I just noticing it bc of Palin, or are we all using it bc of Palin?
winecat: The most priceless line "Sarah Palin has no first language"
thegoldenhat: I just saw a sponsored ad in gmail for "Sarah Palin 2012". Really? I mean…. seriously. Really? Calling all Dems. Please click that add ;D
maumoon: @lyzajalyl ey anekkaa sarah palin photo lee?
Leters2PenerDoo: Oksana Matvienko, you are my Sarah Palin
rightblogs: [hotair] Rush Limbaugh did not lose the election: Scapegoating.

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