Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

jeremypair: is bound by the artic wrath of palin.
info_monger: @Altair77 blago or blogo?
karlstier: I can’t nominate Rush Limbaugh as the "Dick of The Year" because as recipient of the "Dick Lifetime Achievement Award" he’s ineligible.
gospelmais: Igreja freqüentada por Sarah Palin é incendiada no Alasca
billygilbert: Sarah Palin was a runner up for Time Person of the Year??? :psyduck:
decidedlyright: If Caroline Kennedy gets the NY Senate seat, she’ll be a working mom. Will the feminists, who savaged Sarah Palin for this, be outraged?
colinmarshall: Twitter wishlist: Michael Palin (and I know we already have Cleese, but I’m more a Palin’s Travels man than I am a Monty Python man)
zulusafari: I got called ‘Sarah Palin’ @
tanyagarrett: @cakesecret Or… Perhaps if he’d had Romney for a running mate. I didn’t vote for him b/c of Palin. Would’ve w/Romney esp with economy
promoteabook: Why shouldn’t Palin get a book deal? She should, but I wonder if it shouldn’t be published a graphic novel or by Pl …
RawStory: Raw Story New Dem Sen says he can ‘absolutely’ work closely with Palin: New Dem Sen says he can..
huffpost: Kristol Defends Palin But Says Lieberman Would Have Been As Good -TheRealMcCain
PerezRevenge: Katie Couric & David Letterman talk about Sarah Palin.: By now, most of us have seen the interview t..
pambaggett: @anamariecox Palin fallout, perhaps?
cinemacrazed: Couldn’t afford "Wall-E" this month; damn you economy! Damn you Rush Limbaugh!
karnnewsradio: Rush Limbaugh is Next on KARN News Radio!
earwood: no matter your side of the aisle, this Palin song is hilarious… props to @innonate
guardiannews: Why shouldn’t Sarah Palin get a book deal?: Jean Hannah Edelstein: Left-leaning Americans should wel..
cwboldt: @alwaysgayalways Sure. You van think Todd palin, but that sure ain’t what it is…
new_yorkBNN: FishBowlNY: Letterman Talks to Katie Couric About the Palin Interviews: ‘The Newspaper Question Was a..
oregonBNN: VICTORIA TAFT: Remember When Palin Was Not "Qualified?": …because she was the mayor of the town Obama..
CountryMe: McCain/Palin sore losers just don’t give up lol
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] The Rush Limbaugh LIVE Radio Thread – Thursday, November 20, 2008: AND..
iheartthatdance: @Artfire Looks like an auto-retweeter. One of my comments got picked up by one yesterday looking for "Sarah Palin"
dragonflyeye: Just added ‘Katie Couric Talks Palin Interview With David Letterman’ to Vodpod
KatieFavazza: @kevinbinversie @abbyalger But, could Palin be Palin without him? He built the backwater tundra into a prosperous state. I’m torn.
sunraven01: My boss: Sarah Palin is running for the Senate.
Me: Good God.
Coworker: That’s pretty much her ticket!
jeffshattuck: just told Todd Palin about his friend’s trip to Australia. Todd sighed, saying he, too, hoped to go on a koala bear hunt someday.
tlrdfeed: Just added ‘Katie Couric on Sarah Palin Interviews: ‘Clearly She Was Struggling…” to Vodpod
top_news: guardian: Why shouldn’t Sarah Palin get a book deal?: Jean Hannah Edelstein: Left-leaning Ameri..
bigepaz: "Sarah Palin is getting a book deal, which means Wasilla is getting a book store" – S. Colbert cold open. I had to chuckle at that.
formatted_dad: @domesticvanilla. Great video. I saw Sarah Palin and John McCain at a rally in Virginia and I love her.
Magunwarrior: "Sarah Palin please come to the main office" Either someone played a prank on the secretary, or Palin is finally getting an education.
alwaysgayalways: @cwboldt Mmm…reminds me of my Todd Palin fantasies!
AltoidLover: Cold. Cold. COLD! It’s friggin’ freezin’. Ooh, I can talk like Palin and drop the g-s.
chrispetescia: I think it’s misleading maps like these that got Palin thinking maybe her state floats & drifts to Russia somtimes? lol
TheAwfulTruth: Democrats Back Palin?: For a political figure whose campaign got pretty damn surreal (moose hunting..
palin_quotes: #Palin answered, "I read most of them, with a great appreciation for the Press and the Media."
palin_quotes: "We are tightening the belt in state government and must do so," said #Palin, whose budget is due ou..
paulnewser: Interviewers Let Palin Off the Hook: Couric: Sarah Palin’s non-answer to Katie Couric’s question about..
newser: Interviewers Let Palin Off the Hook: Couric: Sarah Palin’s non-answer to Katie Couric’s question about wha..
tlrdfeed: tlrdblog Katie Couric on Sarah Palin Interviews: ‘Clearly She Was Struggling…’: Last night, Ka..
vergelbradford: GOPers in wonk mode on the chat circuit in confessional mode, ailing from Palin-envy, rhapsodize about a future not in power, sing the blues
superkas83: No se lo digáis a nadie, pero acabo de ver a Sarah Palin y Marta Pastor marcarse un baile en la disco disfrazas de elfas
AngelicaBoiteux: Goddamnit Sarah Palin is an idiot.
susan_adrian: @JonathanQuist LOLOL! I love the Sarah Palin quote there at the end, also, there.
RisingHegemon: Is GWB radioactive for the GOP? Will Palin become even more damaging?
barackoblogger: Couric: Palin Clearly Struggling: Katie Couric talks to David Letterman on The Late Show about the..
elisewho: @gardnerselby Yeah I thought Palin might appoint herself to the US Senate had Stevens won and then got kicked out.
jerrod1225: @Silvialynch switch it out for a palin 2012 shirt

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