Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

virginiaBNN: From On High: Rush The Video: Here’s the video of Rush Limbaugh spanking Colin Powell.Powell the turncoat? Well,..
christendom: Accelerant was poured around Wasilla Bible Church, attended by Sarah Palin, before fire damaged the building. No one was injured.
Spin_Thicket: (Media Bias) FNC And Hannity Ignore History Of Antagonism Toward Ayers In Order To Taint Latest Obama Pick As Ha..
christiansoeder: @stylewalker So wie bei Sarah Palin? #tsg-brille
greenoptions: [greenoptions] Palin Praises ‘Great Country’ in Which Turkeys Are Slaughtered Behind Y..
brlittle: Palin pardons turkey, walks outside, gives interview in front of…turkey slaughter.
jicksta: Countdown’s "#1 story" tonight of the Palin interview in which turkeys were being beheaded in the background went too far, even blurred out.
BlisfulyDomestc: Brilliant! When Cheney Invited Biden to Hunt..:
see Sarah Palin pictures Tags: Blissfu..
zerbinetta: Not sure which part is more disturbing, listening to 5 minutes of Palin babble or the turkey slaughter behind her.
BNN_HR: [BlogNetNewsHR] Scott’s Morning Brew: Thank you Sarah Palin!:

From Our Country ..

kaijuisme: @MorningBrewVA "Thank you Gov. Palin?" Okay. Are you freekin’ serious? This video is a joke, right?
zenhung: Late Show – Katie Couric Post-Palin
chrisjacobson: Sarah Palin does TV interview while turkeys get slaughtered in the background:
excessdb: @megohio I wonder if ryan giblin <3′s sarah palin.
ludovicspeaks: @baratunde was the guy in Palin’s interview slaughtering the turkey from the air, or was he groundbound?
reddit_feed: Sarah Palin pardons turkey, while others are being slaughtered, on camera, behind her: submitted by a..
joescott3: Video of Sarah Palin doing a TV interview as turkeys are slaughtered in the background is shocking and reveals how clueless she is.
kevincrossman: Sarah Palin interview trainwreck tour hits Alaska. Turkey on Rye anyone?
kaijuisme: @MorningBrewVA "Thank you Gov. Palin?" Okay. Are you freekin’ serious? This is a joke, right?
Nickrob: Sarah Palin pardons turkey, then gives interview in front of slaughter. I try to ignore her but this was just too much.
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Governor Palin Get’s Slammed By Chevy Chase:
Chevy Chase offers criti..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – Tina Fey isn’t the only Palin impersonator!:
Sarah Palin answers ques..
FavrdFeed: The Jester Sarah Palin was just on TV bemoaning that things had gotten "so political" over the past few months.

Read that again..

Chris1051: Sarah Palin Turkey Incident: Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered In The Background (VIDEO)
yesbutnobutyes: Gov. Palin pardons a turkey…: Then doesn’t realize what’s happening behind her. I think it’s saf..
Count_Down: Video: Turkey pardons – Palin style: Nov. 20: Countdown guest host David Shuster discusses Gov. Sarah ..
witchyflickchic: Sarah Palin gave an interview today with a backdrop of turkeys being slaughtered. They showed it on Countdown. The woman’s a trainwreck.
reparudi: 22 Questions We Wish We’d Asked Sarah Palin /Jezebel Top Stories of the Week/ – Withdrawal creeps up on you …
schussman: Gov. Palin goes to a farm to pardon a turkey. What could go wrong?
tylerdewar: Palin gives interview in front of turkey slaughter:
eimaj:… you can’t write something this good – RT @ccarmichael the Sarah Palin silliness just doesn’t stop…
digg_trends: Sarah Palin Does TV Interview While Turkeys Are Slaughtered :
delr: ROFL, you must see Sarah Palin’s turkey pardoning fiasco. It starts at about the 2:50 min point.
thepinkc: Shaking my head at: "Palin Pardons a Turkey in the Name of “Peace and Harmony.” Let the Slaughter Begin! « Mudflats" (
KateMartin13: Palin pardons turkey then interviewed as turkey slaughtered behind her:
brinstar: RT @jakemckee Wow. Sarah Palin interviewed whilst turkeys are slaughtered in the background:
mvatlarge: Palin does interview while turkey is slaughtered in-frame:
homescribe: Just watched Sarah Palin have a press conference after pardoning turkeys while turkeys are being slaughtered in the background.
JPWP: Spectacular backdrop! RT @jakemckee Yikes. Palin really needs to consider her interviews a bit more carefully…
thenextaisle: How funny when the person bringing up how Palin called Africa a country, accidentally calls it A PLANET. OH good laughs.
jasondiamond: Sara Palin talking nonsense while turkeys are killed right behind her…not joking
AKFirecracker: RT from TucsonScene: Sarah Palin’s Thanksgiving Wishes…In Front of a Turkey-Slaughtering Machine.
vonbadass: Lol @ Palin at the turkey farm. EPIC FAIL
jakemckee: Yikes. Palin really needs to consider her interviews a bit more carefully….
djbigdaddy: Sarah Palin pardons turkey, while standing in front of turkeys being slaughtered. All while giving an interview.
OnSiteStudios: Sarah Palin interviewed as turkey is slaughtered: Not ‘sanitized’ as seen on MSNBC
DaveWaldon1908: Sarah Palin does TV interview while turkey is slaughtered in the background. PETA will love this.
juliegomoll: Wow, thee irony. Sarah Palin talks about how brutal the campign trail is *while turkeys are slaughtered in the background*
ET_nowplaying: Sarah Palin Actually Comes on Saturday Night Live Sketch – Sarah Palin makes a cameo appearance… –

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