Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

Mojos_Newswire: Blogo: From bookie to bag-man to governor?
pruuuudence: my professor reminds me of sarah palin. as does anyone with completely unfounded confidence.
ParisParamus: Looks like Mad Magazine has Sara Palin in their 2008 Twenty Dumbest issue. RIP Mad Magazine. Hope your circulation is Zerobama soon.
bartificial: Interesting comparison in that article of Caroline Kennedy to Sarah Palin…
flyinsaucier: Barack Obama is Time’s Person of the Year. And I thought it was going to be Sarah Palin. Or Tina Fey. Or Heath Ledger. Or Ryan Saucier…
flyinsaucier: Barack Obama is Time’s Person of the Year. And I thought it was going to be Sarah Palin. Or Tina Fey. Or Heath Ledger. Or Ryan Saucier…
bruceturnerjr5: Sean Hannity is named Media Matters "Misinformer of the Year"…a well deserved award that he worked hard for. His mom should be very proud.
valuestreamAUD: Obama Time man of the year is a predictable but good choice. My question is what is Palin doing anywhere near the list?
freerepublic: The Sean Hannity Show Thread, December 17, 2008: Welcome To The Sean Hannity Show Thread! All Posters And Lurker..
INFECTEDPB503: Mercs2 only $30 used at Gamestop! And can play as Palin for Free! Who’s robbing who hear?
imfreddiemac: Watching VH1′s Best Year Ever, this has 2 b 1 of the best years in Pop Culture.. Pregnant Man, Obama, Palin, the Bush Duck, Jes Jackson..
ACContent: Sarah Palins Night Before Christmas : A Christmas poem about Sarah Palin’s Night Before Christmas Content Produc..
fsims: Shoes. Burning Sarah Palin’s church. Selling a Senate Seat? Priceless. All sponsored by the Crazyworld Card.
xxx19826: @ricksanchezcnn don’t you think you are focusing too much on boring crime stories Rick and Sarah Palin look alike anchor is annoying
generaldeskasia: REUTERS: Palin, Alaska, grapple with lower crude prices – Reuters: Palin, Alaska, grapple..
djroe: @joegross Maybe they listen to Rush Limbaugh.
lucindamichele: I have managed to coif my presently-aqua-colored hair into a Sarah Palin updo. I am enormously amused with myself.
robschendel: Congratulations to Sen-Elect Mark Begich (D) Alaska – you saved us from a Sarah Palin appointment!
wendelldotme: @lonelysandwich I can’t imagine anyone in their right mind disagreeing with that. Expect to be attacked by Limbaugh on his next show.
DaisyWater: @SunnyGoodman SARAH PALIN : Say this really fast…We Todd It…I am Sofa King We Todd it
DaisyWater: SARAH PALIN : Say this really fast…We Todd It…I am Sofa King We Todd it
SunnyGoodman: Thoughts of a normal woman: Sarah Palin…how can I miss you if you don’t go away…really…go away
SunnyGoodman: Oh barf…Palin is getting $7mil for her memoirs which will be out soon…get me the Pepto
moldoon: "Now that Sarah Palin and the Religious Right have lost, I was wondering if you’d be up for getting that abortion we discussed" – Jajaja
noetical: QOTD: by MSNBC’s Chuck Todd: "The dream is over."
Re: Stevens loss means no chance Sarah Palin & Al Franken will be in Senate together.
RhiRhi: oh this is rich: I just received a letter from Sarah Palin inviting me to request an Alaska Travel Guide.
raminf: British Google iPhone users may want to start talking like Michael Palin as the Spanish Inquisitor:
WSJWashington: Palin Congratulates Begich after Sen. Stevens Concedes:
erat: Wow, a Palin memoir. Will it be more coherent than her interviews? I hope so. "Meeeaaaav’rik!"
virtualpros: @janesiet Um…Sarah Palin…is that you? LOL
eldiablito_72: @weathereye Who’s Palin? :-D
ptraughber: Listening to a talk by the head of the SF Newsweek bureau– general topic is women in politics and Palin
gmr2048: people who might not ‘get it’: guy w/ 2 ‘mccain-palin’ stickers + 1 ACLU ‘i’m a constitution voter’ sticker on his car.
weathereye: Missouri finally finished counting votes. What’s up with that? And they voted for McCain/Palin. (That’s the last time I’ll mention Palin.)
TheCrow1216: I attend the Limbaugh Institute for Advanced Conservative Studies
jordansatok: Just got back from the TV commercial. Does it make me a REAL canadian (just like Palin is a real american) to be in a hockey commercial?0000
JMCampbell: @PBCliberal did it have lots of ‘also’s, circular logic, and non-existent logic? Maybe that’s the secret all along. Palin is a german spy!
PBCliberal: I translated a webpage from German to English with BabelFish, and read it to my partner. He said: "Sarah Palin wrote that!"
chula5008: Wishing Sarah Palin were VP-elect.
xalfeed: -marketplace- Shopping thrift stores like Sarah Palin: Sales of used goods are rising as con..
TheWingDangDoo: But I’d still love if @HumanityCritic were my nosy and overprotective neighbor. Especially if he replaced the McCain-Palin people next door.
maniar: @meleahrebeccah LMAO at the "Alex P. Keaton" remark. OMG too funny ! Now just make sure he won’t vote Palin ! Hahaha !
Republican1b: Hillary may be the most qualified Statesperson to fill that position. Although Obama should’ve chosen Palin, for she can see Russia.
buchino: daily palin: obama uses complete sentences, confuses americans. palin quote at bottom.
lauraelizabethm: lol my marketing professor wins: "so where’s my redistributive wealth check, obama???" haha loves it. she voted McCain-Palin
genecowan: @thomwatson and to think, when you booked that cruise you’d never even heard of Sarah Palin.
chuckypita: @michellecheetah @bluewolf2072 – Hmmmm….. I don’t know Cheetah. I think Palin can handle her own just fine.
plomlompom: Wolf Blitzer: Wer hat die besten Changen zum neuen Republikaner-Leader, Romney, Huckabee oder Palin? Experte antwortet: RON PAUL! #cnn
michellecheetah: @chuckypita & @bluewolf2072 – if we help bluewolf run for pres, we need to beef up security for him around Palin
deanpeters: Hmm … I see ebay is also blaming ‘dictionary’ brute-force attacks … … I’m thinking it was a Palin pulled on my login

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