Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

amacavinta: MediaMatters "Misinformer of the Year" for 2008 Sean Hannity
nrek: @shindotv i don’t think I can imagine a worse name outside of something completely obsurd but Palin’s got those ones covered
emaildiva: @huffpost Palin’s self-appointed board gives her a $25k raise? ROFL!!!
huffpost: Palin-appointed commission recommends $25,000 raise for the governor.: The new Alaska State Officers Compensatio..
thinkprogress: Palin-appointed commission recommends $25,000 raise for the governor.: The new Alaska State Officers Compensatio..
earlvalleysr: Japan flights back on after Sarah Palin intervenes
seasonothebitch: Coding articles on Palin. Hating it.
mrveil: MO goes McCain! Mack is Back! Palin 2012 is Gaining Joementum!
AlaskaSEO: @Wordful at least Palin can’t immediately run for US Senate. That would have been a mess!
Akula: I feel safe knowing Palin is back to keeping an eye on Putin.
GreatEscapist: If Palin had been elected with McCain I would had only one question for her… "How do you spell potato(e) Madame Vice Presedent?".
Mountainsister: I wonder how involved Palin was in Ted Stevens affairs. I believe she was in charge of one of his slush funds. Someone should investigate.
terrisCA: Look you democrat partisans: Sarah Palin was just trying to keep the CPI steady. And what were you doing? Hm? How much do YOUR shoes cost?
ttttaylor: fuck sarah palin
andrewhawnt: Thankfully its biographical stuff. The last thing I need to see is that Palin nutter in spandex.
andrewhawnt: Michelle Obama. Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin to appear in comics.
matthewbaldwin: Heard Palin’s voice on the radio this morning. It was like a bout of diarrhea 3 days after you thought you’d beaten the flu.
robkall: Todd Palin, Alaska’s First Man: some info from wikipedia on the spouse of Sarah Palin
robkall: McCain VP: Sarah Palin, AK Gov. Help Build a profile on her: Help Build a profile on her in the comments ..
robkall: Local Alaskans See Sarah As Potent Asset But Vulnerable: What do local Alaskans think about Sarah Palin? ..
davidjam: @ErickaAndersen I think it was the Cult of Palin that pushed me over the edge. As if mawkishness and bad syntax all adds up to authenticity.
ryoshioka: Smart article on why Palin was McCain’s fail whale:
starstorecom: Michelle Obama, Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin to appear in comics…
meganrose88: Getting my hair dyed brown, sick of orange. Pro: I can wear purple again. Con: I’ll look even more like Sarah palin.
bluestategop: New Blog Post : In defense of Sarah Palin: Let me be clear…I would have voted..
kristinamolfino: @paulfroberts Political hacking. Obama, Palin, Hilary… who else’s site was hacked? What is next? Something more serious…
rockthearts: @xdiamondgirlx dont be jealous that you are stuck at work…you sound like sarah palin….just kidding
RedneckWoman: century we had a candaidaate for executive office who understood real hunting and fishing" F&S in its Dec issue, said of Palin, who
RedneckWoman: According to Field and Stream magazine: Palin a hero. F & S has declared Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin among its heroes. "For the first time in
minxlj: the last 30 seconds with Michael Palin are insanely funny :-)
dashaver: 5:06 PM 11/19/2008
Senator Chuck Hagel Says Rush Limbaugh Does Not Have Any Answers
pippak: Oops forgot NYT link to Palin story
Allen_Taylor: @mofopolitics Last video of Huckabee was on gay rights. You sent that earlier. Was there another one where he talked about Palin?
robkall: McCain’s Palin Pick Proves His "Put My Country First" Hypocrisy: McCain’s and the GOP’s "Put America Firs..
robkall: Sarah Palin’s Business Shut Down By State: failure to disclose, failure to report… sound like Cheney?
robkall: Lieberman Consumates His Sellout To GOP, Backing Palin: turncoat former democrat shills for McCain
robkall: My Take on Covering Potentially Taboo Topics Like Bristol Palin’s Baby on OEN: my take on OEN’s coverage ..
PerezRevenge: Rosie talks Tina, Palin & Madonna.: When Rosie O’Donnell returns to TV with her new show, Rosi..
hotairblog: Huckabee: I wish I could have gotten an easy ride to national prominence like Sarah Palin: It’s on.
YuleHeibel: @northernvoice Could you tweet the link, too, please? Or do I have to pull a Palin an’ go moose-huntin’? ;-)
ExWallStreetGuy: I’m not sure what’s worse, Palin’s impossible to diagram sentences or Dow’s inevitable trek to 7000.
miqueltegler: as sarah palin would say: sportin’ them planets
mofopolitics: Huckabee says Palin got an easy ride
oklahomaBNN: Red S Tater: Can Carl Cameron Come Clean and Apologize To Sarah Palin Now?: Shame on FOX News and Car..
acordova: I had a meeting with my dept chair today, only he’s on vacation and there’s no record of me having an appt. SFSU is run by Trig Palin.
twishes: [-O] Huckabee: I wish I could have gotten an easy ride to national prominence like Sarah Palin: It’s ..
BillyAkerman: Huckabee: I wish I could have gotten an easy ride to national prominence like Sarah Palin: It’s on.
Skidmark: 2012: Palin, Bachman & Harris Triple Threat
bentleyc: Daschle good choice for health/human ser, Holder as AG, too. Bye bye Stevens (AL) & good riddance. Tke Palin w/u pse?
neilwhiteside: I like Palin, I like her a lot. Perfect illustration of how feminist activists and libs are hypocrites in attacking her baselessly.

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