Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

alexstroman: @RobGodfrey that website is hilarious. The Palin Thankfulnesses! so funny.
rcapote: RT @gopsaver BUSINESS: California Board Votes To Halt Infrastructure Funds: WOW! Only about three years late. Arnold, look up Palin and …
godandculture: Will the Blogojevich FBI tapes rise to the political drama of the WH Tapes circa 1974?
barbaranixon: @lacie_d_ Saw your pic behind Sarah Palin in @chriscree’s photostream
MaximusPolitics: #tcot Does your favorite talk show host tweet live with you? @hughhewitt & @thebcast do! #hhrs #bbtv #rush #hannity
gopsaver: BUSINESS: California Board Votes To Halt Infrastructure Funds: WOW! Only about three years late. Arnold, look up Palin and learn.
katkuhl: The last tweet motivated me to see what Sarah Palin’s up to these days. Time Person of the Year runner-up? How do I take back knowing this?
RThomasETC: Sarah Palin Explains Church’s Role in “Ex-Gay” Conference
JossipDotCom: Congrats, Hannity: Who cares if Barack Obama is Time’s "Person of the Year"? Fox News instigator ..
pampampizza: Just saw a McCain/Palin sign in some1′s BACK yard. They aren’t willing 2 give up their support 4 Republicans but don’t care 4 ppl to know
DailyMeNews: ‘We Need The Best’ — $25,000 Raise Recommended for Palin
The_Front_Page: ‘We Need The Best’ — $25,000 Raise Recommended for Palin
halfacent: @Pam_Spaulding Obama practicing radical-right inclusion? What’s next, Rush Limbaugh as keynote speaker? Very strange.
caseysoftware: @SaraMG OMG. Sarah Palin’s head is sprouting arms and another head. WTF!?
Elehd: Enjoying JC Watts on Hannity.
snackfeedbuzz: video added Who Do You Think Should Be Person of the Year?-MORE PERSON OF THE YEAR:
Palin? O…
jaybaer: @marketingprofs 11. Speaking of multiple personalities, is it true that you were back-up plan to play Palin on SNL, if Tina Fey bailed out?
SarahPalin: Japan flights to Alaska back on after Palin intervenes (USA Today)
pambaggett: @mkknief Wow! I’m impressed. Especially by the moose antlers. Where’d you get them? Left over frm Palin rally?
Polichicks: tina’s 3 yr old daughter can’t tell her from sarah palin.
Polichicks: ooh… revisiting the palin impressions. replay on oprah.
esj333: will be on WBRU for Entertainment News with special guest Sarah Palin @ 4:15. 95.5 FM in the RI area, or stream it at
katierosman: having her campaign compared to sarah palin’s can’t (shouldn’t) make kennedy happy.
sondrasondra: Obama Time’s Person of Year (duh). Runners up: Sarkozy, Palin, Paulson & Zhang Yimou (Beijing Olympics ceremony)
2012Palin: Brent Bozell Talks About Palin/Kennedy Double Standard: NewsBusters LinkCaroline Kennedy, God love her, has zero..
2012Palin: The Anchorage Daily News Begins to Feel the Pain: or as JP over @ Sarah Palin for President likes to call it, th..
dreamnotoftoday: Palin congratulates Begich on Senate win
cleonard: @laurenkennedy That’ s no worse than WMD Cessna Palin…
robkall: Noonan and Murphy Caught on Tape Discussing Palin: "Cynical", "Gimicky," "Political Bullshit. ""It’s over..
Karoli: @ursulas if i never heard Sarah Palin’s name again it would be too soon.
ursulas: Palin just got hit with another ethics complaint
basykes: @BawldGuy – Because he’s speaking as an "expert" & he doesn’t know diddily squat. His stmnt: Palin should have been Prez, not McCain.
hannibaltabu: @SupaSista Wow, that was quite a Palin-esque turn, asking me to "believe" without checking sources. Running for office anytime soon? ;-)
akaradrix: dammit, my nxe avatar looks kinda like sarah palin. clearly, time for extreme makeover.
churchnews: Sarah Palin vs Paul’s Directive for Women to be Silent and Submissive
SemanticBot: #BotBlogs : Al Qaeda as racist as a Sarah Palin supporter – – News
rrycroft: Apparently the real loser is Sarah Palin.
PaulHulbert: Relieved that Democrat Mark Begich has taken the Alaska Senate seat. That stops Sarah Palin getting into the Senate by the back door.
TimeSyncLive: @Sui_Generis — Palin has likely crapped out another one for him by now.
HuffNewswire: CNN: Palin congratulates Begich on Senate win: Palin thanked Ted Stevens for his service to Alas..
Andypry: At natural history museum , no sight of sarah palin riding on a dinosaur yet .
copperbird7: Sarah Palin’s list of books she’d like banned.
RawStory: Raw Story Stop calling Palin people ‘oogedy-boogedy beasts’: fellow pundit: Stop calling Palin ..
pa5fn: Palin congratulates Begich on Senate win: Palin thanked Ted Stevens for his service to Alaska.


robkall: Is McCain Campaign Interfering In Alaska Troopergate Investigation of Palin?: It looks like supporters of..
robkall: "Books Banned by Sarah Palin" Email Is Urban Legend: Don’t forward that email you just got, or received t..
jokingrabbit: sarah palin
codyrsmith: Huckabee on Palin: Some interesting comments from Huckabee on Palin, via the Wall Street Journal:
ewoman: @christackett – isn’t K. Parker the same woman who was crucified for her comments on Palin a while back?
eviltwins: Rush Limbaugh attacks pensions and the American Dream: You should work till you die:
The anti-union movement is on and it all ..

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