Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

Thatcher: @newser When people respond to the Caroline Kennedy question, be sure to check how they argued the "is Palin qualified" question.
GoogleNewsElect: Hannity’s ‘Wild Card’ Guest Just Another Conservative – Huffington Post: Hannity’s ‘Wild Car..
electionTF: Hannity’s ‘Wild Card’ Guest Just Another Conservative – Huffington Post
Thethinkerbee: Indict Blogo!
palin_quotes: "Ed will be remembered for his many years of service to Alaska," #Palin said. "Our hearts and prayers are with h..
pcnonlinegossip: Julia Stiles is Furry in a Flurry: Julia Stiles looked ready to join Sarah Palin in Alaska yesterday when she cr..
newser: Canvassing Upstate, Kennedy Dodges Queries: Caroline Kennedy pulled a Sarah Palin today, the New York Times repo..
Elehd: #tcot #hhrs Ann Coulter top of the hour on Hannity.
brgiant: What’s up with Blogojevich? If I can’t get an Attorney General to represent me, he shouldn’t get one either.
ralvin: Fox News buys Blackberry and finds its from the McCain Palin campaign and still holds numbers and emails
2012Palin: Sarah Palin’s “ex-gay” church targeted in arson attack – from Pink …: Sarah Palin’s. … By Tony Grew • Decemb..
crooksandliars: Rush Limbaugh attacks pensions and the American Dream: You should work till you die:
The anti-un..
iowaBNN: Iowa Liberal: Hot, buttered trenchant sarcasm.: I love it.
“You know, I wish Rush Limbaugh and oth..
iowaBNN: Essential Estrogen: What the Bible tells us about Sarah Palin’s future: That American feminism has triump..
joshacagan: Headline: "Al-Qaida No. 2 Insults Obama with Racial Epithet" Looks like someone’s angling for a position with the Palin 2012 campaign.
dryan: @davidm89 I already launched my anti-Palin campaign. It consists of a vast left wing conspiracy fueled by reality.
alexberger: @kimmance thank god on that one. No Senator Palin. No corrupt nutjob in office.
Milenio: Comienza Sarah Palin a ser presa de los paparazzi: Miami.- La ex candidata a la vicepresidencia de Estado..
wordful: Fellow Alaskans: I’m glad to hear about Begich. Talk about redemption for the cool half of Alaskans who aren’t Palin fanatics.
davidm89: @dryan per my last tweet, do u think it’s time we launch our anti-Palin website or do we just watch the magic happen around us?
DaisyWater: Glad Stevens is gone ………….now Palin
stacey727: @redwhiteandnews maybe cokie can be Palin’s Gail then. blech.
StephStricklen: @turcozy twitter’s search feature works about as well as the mccain palin campaign. your turn.
redwhiteandnews: BREAKING – Palin to gain weight, then lose it, then gain it back, then lose it again, then gain it back again, then…
JohnAmato: Twitter me this Batman…Who wants you to work till you diie? The answer..Rush Limbaugh
citycynic: @kariedwards Wait, were we talking about Sarah Palin there, lol. :P
lizzyliz: @DogReader But, Palin had neither smarts nor creativity (as evidenced by her helmet hair.)
newser: Economy May Tank Palin’s $30B Pipeline: A sour economy and tumbling oil prices might sink Sarah Palin’s of..
maxinefrances: @TimothyHolmes You weren’t expecting sense from him, were you? They should’ve got Sarah Palin in for fun: "Papers, yeah I read lots of ‘em!"
cstarrett: @bittbox Yeah. Poor Gov. Palin will have to finish out her term with oil prices in a slump. Keep an eye on those high approval ratings…
Wallaceh: "Obama taps Daschle for health job."
1- Way creepier than McCain tapping Palin.
2- I hope tapping Daschle isnt required for health care.
exador23: @mcnee haven’t seen Palin pop up on track in a few days. +Don’t forget all the bashing coming from the right to fix a scapegoat ;-)
meekorouse: RT @nprpolitics Stevens Concedes (well that should make it a little more difficult on Ms Palin’s bid for 2012!
mrxak: Woohoo! Sarah Palin won’t be appointed US Senator!
RadioUranus: In the interest of full bipartisanship, John McCain should be appointed Secretary of Defense and Sarah Palin, White House intern.
JohnnyMcNugget: It was so much easier to find funny links when Sarah Palin was a candidate.
mcnee: @pxlated @exador – sorta like so many here have been absorbed with bashing Palin?
northdallasman: How about Palin & al-Zawahri in 2012? That’s a team.
abbycarr: Question: Did Couric/Palin interview erode McCain lead, or did Lehman Brothers collapse just highlight Obama’s appeal four days later?
cyberczar: can someone explain to me why Sarah Palin still matters?
celebritypaycut: At Schwarzenegger’s Governors Meeting, Where’s Palin?
romilio: No way for Palin to go to Washington Good news Rick
RadioUranus: @ricksanchezcnn In the interest of bipartisanship, John McCain should be appointed Secretary of Defense and Sarah Palin White House intern.
mbarilla: I feel bad for Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, both for constantly sticking their feet in their mouths. it’s not a fun thing to be good at.
huffpost: Politico: Huck on Palin: My colleague Andy Barr attended a press breakfast with Mike Huckab.. -HuffNewswire
HuffNewswire: Politico: Huck on Palin: My colleague Andy Barr attended a press breakfast with Mike Huckab..
Karnas: @ricksanchezcnn thinks that Sarah Palin was the mayor of Alaska?
lightfoot: @DaisyWater i hate to be that way but its ridiculous! Palin in the political Brittany and the Obama’s are the Beckhams WHAT NEXT!!
triciagoyer: @beatccr That’s what John and I think Huckabee-Palin … it’s a winner!
DocRemy: @lissa77 The pastor is an idiot. He is beneath Lou Dobbs and Rush Limbaugh in my book

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