Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

Fausta: Facile NYT dig: Palin vs Caroline: In Appearance Upstate, Kennedy Says Little In a carefully controlled strategy..
cheney_quotes: "If the auto industry goes belly up now," Vice President #Dick #Cheney told talk show host Rush Limbaugh, "there..
RawStory: Raw Story Hannity: 2008 ‘Mis- informer of Year’: Media watchdog calls Fox host ‘prolific purveyor of mi..
almuslow: I plan on finding Sarah Palin when I’m in Alaska. I’m hoping we can hunt for wolves. Fingers crossed!!
particlejen: IPS Holiday party. Just scared off Barbara Ehrenrich with my Sarah Palin getup. I say that’s a great first impression.
Emmakat79: SNL clips on hulu are working, getting stuff done now. The Blogojevich Hair jokes?….LOL!
Fausta: Facile NYT dig: Palin vs Caroline
xavierla: The Carville email was sent to the Clinton email list. Smart to throw Chris Matthews in with Limbaugh/O’Reiley when msging that list ;-)
JoySims: @ricksanchezcnn Who cares what Sarah Palin says.
ceolaf: Senator Mark Begich (AK): less educational credentials than Sarah Palin.
MissScarlett: Yay! Stevens goes down in Alaska! Good ridance…now if only we could get rid of Palin…
stacey727: @christrahan i thought fade away was the next move-but i should have known better-amazon could bundle his book with Palin’s-
stretchandmayo: OMFG! I just got a letter in the mail from SARAH PALIN!!!!!
lightfoot: CNN confirms Stevens is out … next … PALIN!!
Race42008: Joe the Plumber “Endorses” Jindal; Defends Palin From McCain: In what may be the very first..
brownspider: @willingthrall I like that concept, but only if we get to vote both Palin and Joe off in a Weakest Link kind of way.
sisterbetty1: @nakiamsimpson : BO gave so many Christian laws that Mac/Palin called him a Socialist :-)
dailydish: Dana Palin: It is simply inarguable that the Bush administration has authorized torture. There is no fa..
elysedavene: you gotta throw out a little wink liks sarah palin. ;)
smtelection: Sarah Palin: The Julie McCoy of CPAC?
westvirginiaBNN: Don Surber: Palin flora: The media cannot get enough of her, can they?
beatccr: Mike Huckabee won’t rule out a 2012 presidential bid. Hmm perhaps a Palin-Huckabee ticket? I can dream
arkansasBNN: Arkansas Blog: Palin envy: Do I detect a little here in Mike Huckabee’s remarks?

“What John ..

Sungnib: I lived in Alaska for 8 years and I’ve never met an Alaskan who has Sarah Palin’s accent. Is it half Minnesota half Idaho?
solfirepro: Is it me or does our HR supervisor look like Sarah Palin today?
LyndaIowa: What the Bible tells us about Sarah Palin’s future
eunice007: RT: @joshbuckner wants your support for Palin in ’12
huffpost: A. Sullivan: Dana Palin: It is simply inarguable that the Bush administration has author.. -HuffNewswire
HuffNewswire: A. Sullivan: Dana Palin: It is simply inarguable that the Bush administration has author..
Boomercoach: Even with felony convictions, boy was it the proverbial teeth-pull for Alaskans to give Stevens the snow boot…what’s that say about Palin?
joshbuckner: wants your support for Palin in ’12: "You can be an organizer for your state or town." i.e. community organizer?
oiseauxbleu: Hilarious – Palin’s facebook!
robkall: Did Palin Punk CNN or Are they Shilling For Her Bogus Alternate Investigation: Is CNN helping McCain Pali..
DogReader: "Imagination is more important than knowledge." – that is a quote from Albert Einstein – and not Sarah Palin.
instapundit: SARAH PALIN:  Destined to be “the white Oprah?”…: SARAH PALIN:  Destined to be “the white Oprah..
tremblingdoggie: Sarah Palin sez she’s on her way up! Wait a sec! She look like the bill collector! "You look much prettier on TV," I sez.
newsbusters: Pot Calling the Kettle: Joy Behar Labels Sarah Palin an ‘Airhead’: Sarah Palin is an airhead proclaim..
seasonothebitch: Palin v. Huckabee in 2012–I want a job covering that primary campaign.
ayse: @MaudNewton I’ll have wev Paglia’s having:"(Palin) uses language with the jumps, breaks & rippling momentum of a be-bop saxophonist." O rly?
cmail_bolt: White Oprah tipped: Get ready to see a lot more of Sarah Palin, says veteran ABC and NPR reporter Coki..
ninjabot: @scottsimpson @jonathancoulton But aren’t those avatars just as cute as a button? *palin wink*
TheInDecider: 2012 Draft Sarah Palin Committee Off to a Roaring, Losing Start
mrstroyready: @AngelKatie413 I meant to ask you, I know it’s not as exciting as a McCain/Palin rally, but we’re going to need Christmas pictures soon.
jerps: Reading, "The ‘Bitch’ and the ‘Ditz"", an article on Hillary and Palin:
robkall: Sarah Palin Won Governor Race with Less than 50% and less than most congressional race winners get: Did t..
jmproffitt: @matthewtift Sarah Palin tells me Terry Gross pals around with terrorists.
missouriBNN: Prime Buzz: Huckabee (who will be here Friday) envies Palin, won’t rule out 2012 run: ..
missouriBNN: Show Me Progress: 3632: Turn out the lights Don John McCain, Sarah Palin REP 1,445,781 49.4%  
kitalooclef: News Sarah Palin loses shot at US Senate seat – Kansas City Star: Shared by KM Frightening that i..
patrolmag: What Sarah Palin should do now:

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