Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

AlohasGuy: Noticed that Caroline Kennedy thinks raising a family qualifies her to be Senator. Would she have laughed at Palin for the same thing?
aprilliesel: Wondering who’d b a PALIN FRIENDLY RNC Chair. And who she would/could endorse that would benefit her politically 4 a Presidential run? hmmm?
daymap: Radio’s Rush Limbaugh Gets a Young Girlfriend: Kathryn Rogers …
sinspired: @RandyNBL @dsawyer @arstal Yes, it’s the Rush Limbaugh list, as in people I tune out as a matter of course due to perpetually faulty logic.
clairegoodson: The Law of Attraction and Sarah Palin
DoTheMingusDew: failed explaining why Obama > Palin to his father…
nachamasol: Attn Sanford groupies: The SC guv will be on Hannity tonight around 9:40 pm
thoughtbeast: @TIME Nothing against Obama, but really. Nobody is surprised TIME picked him as Person of Year. It should have been Gov. Sarah Palin.
QueenofSpain: @trianglman we could get a pool going on how long it would take me to tell Hannity to #suckit
trianglman: @loadeddice @QueenofSpain Hannity wouldn’t be able to handle her. (might actually get me to turn on Faux)
lovebuggie09: I just played a flash game where i threw snowballs at sarah palin, the olsen twins, madonna, and donna karan. Oh the holidays.
namemeBB: Piper Palin should have a playdate with Bindi Irwin.
reddit_feed: Ted Stevens’ loss means Sarah Palin loses shot at U.S. Senate seat, let the nation rejoice: submitted..
tiffyd72: called Palin as VP and Clinton as Sec. of State months in advance. Note to self: start gambling.
mjkelsey: Sarah Palin is looking for another door now that Mark Begich appears to have slammed door to Senate Wasn’t there a quiz show with doors?
redditfeed: Ted Stevens’ loss means Sarah Palin loses shot at U.S. Senate seat, let the nation rejoice: submitted ..
doppenhe: My Big Fat Redneck Wedding is the key to deciphering the popularity of Sarah Palin…it also might be my new favorite show.
reddit: Ted Stevens’ loss means Sarah Palin loses shot at U.S. Senate seat, let the nation rejoice: submitted by d..
mineralrich: Celebrity Dell Chick sighting, Sarah Palin – – Dude I’m getting a Dell.
quinnelk: Recount beginning in Minn. Daschle to be HHS sec. and Health Czar. Still no reason to talk about Palin anymore, but people won’t stop
trypd: Things I want. Monty Python remake of Charlie and Choco Factory. Idle=Wonka, Cleese=Gpa Joe, Palin=Charlie, Gilliam illust Oompas, canhazplz
ClosedThreads: New ClosedThread: Sarah Palin Didn’t Know Africa is a Continent?
arkansasblog: Now The Huckster’s whining to natl. press about Sarah Palin’s easy path to fame.
DaveWaldon1908: Who will call Obama a "n****r" first – Rush Limbaugh or Osama bin Laden?
letscube: Frank Schaeffer: Sarah Palin Will Never Be President — Trust Me
sassafrassv: @biggirlelise-wonder if Sarah Palin was treated that way?
Jillmz: New post: shrinking of GOP base NO surprise, highlighted last spring, basis for miscalculation on Palin pick
megpillow: Stevens, you’re going down. Correction: you went down. You’re done, buddy. Now at least Palin can’t weasel her way into the Senate.
rhondation: Dick Cavett on Sarah Palin: "With the sound off, she presents a not uncomely frontal appearance."
YoungPoorAngry: Palin Can’t Escape Ethics Violations (
karomon: Just spoke to a sweet old Alaskan grampa about Palin. His opinion: "She’s a WHORE! A fucking WHORE"
cARTHAN: @idealist615 Republican=velcro for idiots. In his example, Michael would just kick Donna’s butt.Btwn Joe and Palin repubs IQ went way down.
LiberalsAreCool: al-Qaida Borrows From Palin Crowd: The Palin crowds are at it again, yelling racial slurs at Obam..
dcSportsGuy: Ted Stevens’ loss in Alaska opens the door for Palin …
adamradman: Retweeting @seanhackbarth Retweeting @toddlohenry: Sarah Palin’s Authenticity Problem and What Consumers Really Want
starcasmdotnet: Waiting for Sarah Palin’s book deal, as well as her movie and music deal.
farkpolitics: [Obvious] Ethics complaint filed against Palin over Fox interview. Jesus lady, just go away: (Anchor..
muti: Obama to McCain: "I Should Give You my Profound Thanks for Picking Sarah Palin"
ohhhwhat: @TJsDJs holla at nalin palin while your there!
Bodhipaksa: @VincentHorn CP’s critical faculties seem to be taking a sabbatical. I mean, Palin’s incoherence as "jazz improvisation"? Come on!
sarahpalinfeed: Huckabee, envious of Palin’s quick political rise, won’t rule out 2012 bid for president :
NoLeftTurns: RT @newsbusters Poll: Sexist Media Far Harsher On Palin Than Clinton: A new poll released Tuesday found that …
seldo: I think Sarah Palin will have a more successful political career if she changes her name back to "Palpatine". And runs for emperor.
WSJWashington: Huckabee on Palin: ‘She Didn’t Have to Get Bloodied’:
VincentHorn: I had respect for Camille Paglia before she started endorsing Palin.
willmackey: Wonders what the political future holds in store for Governor Sarah Palin, following the election defeat of Republican Senator Ted Stevens.
lekhni: @anantha yaay yaay! But what will poor Palin do now? :)
ShawnDrewry: New blog post: McCain and Palin’s Time Will Come to Shine – Right Now, it’s Obama-rama!!!
seanhackbarth: Retweeting @toddlohenry Sarah Palin’s Authenticity Problem and What Consumers Really Want
vergelbradford: Zane Henning of Wasilla filed a complaint with the attorney general alleging Palin promotes a political career on state property running f..

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