Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

breakbeat: @coxy how do you find people? is michael palin tweeting yet?
Jim207: @senator_mean no, if McC understood politics, he wouldn’t have lashed his campaign to the bailout, or kept Palin from talking to the press.
Figliuolo: #IfTheyTweeted Palin’s REAL tweet cloud (thanks @joeschmitt): MAVERICK! Mavericky coupla mavericks gonna maverick up Washington Maverick!
drewcollins: is amazed that the same people that called Sarah Palin "inexperienced" are all giddy at the prospect of Caroline Kennedy in the Senate.
MaximusPolitics: Where in the world are the Three Little Piggies now? Ask your favorite talk show host! #tcot #hhrs #bbtv #hannity #rush
MichaelLibbie: Wouldn’t it be a HOOT if Blogo gets off…case is looking weak..?
josephpred: Can’t help the Palin joke but I saw the UK from Hawaii today. The Cook memorial is soverign British soil. All 25 Sq Ft of it.
howardweaver: @RealtorLiz In Alaska, you do get money from the government, this year about $3,200 each. Palin’s family of seven got aboyt $22,400.
KGMB9: @hawaiitraveler Henry Paulson, Nicolas Sarkozy, Sarah Palin and Chinese director Zhang Yimou… I think he had it in the bag.
celcafe: mother of the year… angie jolie is first so far, sarah palin is second:
cristalbubblin: @TJsDJs call Sarah Palin she can take u hunting & make u moose soup
stacy_schubert: Gov. Palin & Sen-Elect Begich at Resource Development Conference
parkles: just predicted "No" on Sarah Palin Motherhood at
toddlohenry: Sarah Palin’s Authenticity Problem and What Consumers Really Want – Harvard Business Online’s Conversation Starter
WordofSouth: Well until Sarah Palin popped up, I never knew people actually lived there, so sorry can’t help. If you see Eskimo traps, take a pic@TJsDJs
inspire_emotion: Daily Pol News posted on IDP – news re Palin, Lieberman, Robert Gates…
jrj: Good Idea: Blockbuster’s opt-in facebook integration
Bad Idea: (In retrospect) renting political documentary "Nailin’ Palin"
Live & learn.
elentirvigo: @isaacj Al Gore dirá que el calentamiento global está haciendo que los glaciares de Alaska se dilaten… o culpará a Sarah Palin. XD
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Hugh Hefner Weighs in on Sarah Palin: How could political analysis of ..
ET_nowplaying: Maybe in eight years – Sarah Palin tries to act modest. –
jamesbritton: RT @TheInDecider God Slams Door in Sarah Palin’s Face
apostropheFAIL: RT @TheInDecider God Slams Door in Sarah Palin’s Face
Blandanomics: Donovan McNabb is to NFL overtime rules as Sarah Palin is to Africa.
sparkycollier: Dear LA taxi driver playing rush limbaugh. I think I’ve solved the mystery of your chronic low tips.
GoogleNewsElect: Sarah Palin loses shot at US Senate seat – Kansas City Star: Voice of AmericaSarah Palin lo..
mofopolitics: Ethics complaint filed over Palin-Fox News interview
buddhastew: When will Sarah Palin go away? Seriously, people.
xiombarg: @martinboz In fact, I gotta agree with ovals49 on this one. Would thus berk prefer McCain/Palin?
mortimas: @myCMPS I would guess tina fey owes Palin for the material, if anything
mycmps: if Sarah Palin becomes the $7 million woman…do you think she owes a little to Tina Fey? Just a curious.
ebradlee10: Cokie has lost the plot: Palin "could be the next Oprah" Though I could see a talk show in downtown Wasilla.
newser: The GOP Has a God Problem: After getting death threats for dissing Sarah Palin, Kathleen Parker is stirrin..
loadeddice: rt @HarvardBiz Palin is experiencing a truthiness problem.
smartyp: @ChrisRauber Pancake was in reference to Michael Jackson’s kid, and Zamboni was what Palin said she would name her next boy if she had one
luciagia: Just received a letter in the mail from Gov Palin offering me a free brochure of Alaska and inviting me to come visit. How thoughtful.
philwilson27: @sfreeman "The 2012DSC will keep you informed of Gov. Palin’s activities…." so it’s a stalker web site?
mlatorra: Sarah Palin signs $7 million book deal. Proposed table of contents leaked ;)
ndschmidt: Good news. No chance of Palin being appointed to fill the seat. RT @nprnews Stevens Narrowly Losses Alaska Senate Seat
stix1972: Thanks To Palin Hillary to be SOS???:
Image by Getty Images via Daylife At least that is..
bagotoys: Finally something that makes sense. Palin as poet laureate…
lovemotionstory: @davethegreat Being as dressing as Santa Palin is a reward in and of itself, you’re in no position to keep bargaining, sir.
Digicasity: Michelle Obama to be featured in comic book: Obama, Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton will be showcased ..
mackwhite: RT … More Sarah Palin residue: Bocephus (Hank Williams Jr.) to run for US Senate:
notkristina: The downside of the Palin piano video is that I am gradually learning every word of her idiotic interview with Couric.
aaronburdette: Listening to the Real Time from Friday. P. Diddy is dumber than Sarah Palin.
vergelbradford: Sarah Palin said Barack Obama does the bidding of terrorists; terrorist #2 said he does the bidding of white Americans. Palin-Zawahri to….
karnnewsradio: Rush Limbaugh is next on KARN Newsradio!
MarketingProfs: @TOKiBiz Sarah Palin? Who she…? ; )
Joytaciousrex: Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse each got THREE votes. Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, Bill Nye “The Science Guy” and

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