Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

BigPrime: Byron Crawford is a diva blogger. It is what it is…he’s the Rush Limbaugh of hip hop lol
iPh0neRSS: [Wrestling] LAX/TNA Update, More On Dixie’s New Home, Palin/TNA, Knockouts
McCainNews: McCain on Leno: Don’t blame Palin (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
dailykos: Late Afternoon/Early Evening Thread: And the winner loser is… Fox News’ Sean Hannity has been a prolific and i..
fark: Sarah Palin named among runners-up for TIME Person of the Year — which by rule makes Tina Fey at least third [S..
2012Palin: Dependable Renegade: Speaking of Sarah Palin...: What the hell were her handlers thinking?SYRACUSE — In a carefu..
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Palin rejects proposed salary increase
: ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Gov. Sarah Palin say..
j_allen: One of our facilitators said she’s been told how much she looks like Sarah Palin. Can’t believe I missed that. She’s close, but not Feylike.
elloyd74: "The Neighbors Karamazov" (& other potential titles for Sarah Palin’s forthcoming book) at Shelf Check:
pfoinkle: @jayrosen_nyu Some of the articles you link to, Palin/Jefferson, make me queasy.
deanneagain: Stephenie Meyer is to JK Rowling as Sarah Palin is to Hillary Clinton.
woodlandalyssa: i need to stop with the Twitter winkfaces. i feel like the virtual Sarah Palin…
kentuckyBNN: Page One: It’s Wednesday. It’s Cold. People Ignore Facts.: Sarah Palin wig fail! FAIL! The Palin do i..
lemonton: Al-Qaeda pissed w/ Obama victory. They needed Mccain and extremist Sarah Palin to keep fanning their anti-US propaganda
YatPundit: @azjewelrydesign am glad Begich won, but it woulda been fun to see Stevens expelled and Palin take the seat. the comic value is priceless :)
josephinedamian: @RonHogan Since the doppelganger Fey got 5-6 million, the real-deal Palin has to get more, thus the 7 million price tag.
vdobbin: Looking forward to Sara Palin’s memoir? You betcha!
cherisblog: Happy birthday Senator Ted Stevens, you’re fired!: Many have wondered whether Sarah Palin would run fo..
holdensmith: Good news here is that Sarah Palin, wont get 2run. Senator Ted Stevens,Alaska, convicted on federal ethics charges, lost bid for 7th ter …
huffpost: Re_think on the Right loses. National Review’s Kathryn Jean Lopez thinks Palin was inspirational in the mold of Jefferson.
jayrosen_nyu: Re_think on the Right loses. National Review’s Kathryn Jean Lopez thinks Palin was inspirational in the mold of Jefferson.
latenightcuppa: @WhiskeyonSunday because from somewhere above, Sarah Palin is leveling a rifle at you. DUCK, BETH, DUCK.
chemistry1023: Happy Palin can’t appoint herself as Senator of Alaska
ianthealy: Sarah Palin, Mark Begich. Mark, Sarah. Now i want you kids to play nice…
kylewestaway: The votes have been counted. Sen. Ted Stevens (R) AL has lost his reelection bid by a narrow margin…. There goes my Sen. Palin scenario.
danielrose: reading this column about Sarah Palin’s verbal "abilities"
loboastuto: @pedrocs A Palin tuga?
dailydish: Person Of The Year?: National Review’s leading intellectual for the next generation compares Palin to R..
TheWarmSpot: @lovebabz what look are you going for this year? are you gonna do the Sarah Palin? :-)
edsops: Eyebrow-raising headline: "Stevens Loses Race in Alaska. God Slams Door On Palin"
kulturhack: Politics: Stevens losing the Alaska Senate seat effectively keeps Palin from running for it. So maybe there is a god–or a rebalancing zen.
leosue: Stevens loses means Palin loses.
bizcuit: getting ready to go to work. looks like Senator Tubes went down to defeat in Alaska. means Palin can’t run for Senate cuz he can’t resign
davidhembree: these 25 degree mornings remind me of white fang… and sarah palin
kathycalculates: Stevens is officially out! One more door closed on Palin’s future in Washington!
pauld: For the record, my avatar was winking before Sarah Palin was a glimmer in McCain’s eye.
newsbusters: CNN Reveals Sarah Palin Fantasies: CNN, the most trusted name in – doodling?
In a showcase piece of j..
lonadar: Ted Stevens defeated – no easy Senate seat for Palin. Burke vindicated, but still won’t be mayor. Primary candidate claims seat?!?
arkansasblog: Women think Hillary and Sarah Palin were treated unfairly. And that women get a raw deal at work. Me, too.
jrosswhiting: I think Begich can thank Palin for his win.
jmongeferreira: Sarah Palin à portuguesa
saline: Sarah Palin is going to write a book? Has she ever read one?
timrosenblatt: What world are these Republicans in? "I thank everyone who volunteered their time, resources, and energy to elect John McCain, Sarah Palin"
jmongeferreira: Sarah Palin à portuguesa
matttbastard: Sarah Palin ‘The White Oprah’? [Insert obvious joke about Cokie Roberts and drug abuse here]
mringlein: @matto I sort of gave on Alaska and the Alaskan people after that whole Sarah Palin thing.
420Dave: Palin Hangover: It came on and stunned me, hours later it was still there annoying me, then in a blink of an eye it was gone
Polledemaagt: And with it goes Palin’s hope for a chair in the Senate
huffpost: McClatchy: Palin publicity blitz: no signs of slowing: She’s a national political figure a.. -HuffNewswire
HuffNewswire: McClatchy: Palin publicity blitz: no signs of slowing: She’s a national political figure a..

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