Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

lisabeth60: Glad to see Hannity named as misinformed of the year. He lies constantly and the "not to brights" actually believe him!
highscoregames: Watching: Sarah palin booed at hockey game | Free Online NHL Hockey Videos
ivanneto: A moderação de comentários no Blogo ficou MUITO massa :)
palin_quotes: "TransCanada’s record of delivering projects on time and on budget is unsurpassed in the industry," #Palin said…
clarkeph: Watching @georgestroumbo. Not sure how they came up with Palin for new years??
SarahPalin: Palin rallies governors (Richmond Times-Dispatch)
ProgressOhio: Sean Hannity is Media Matters for America’s Misinformer of the Year! /Community Blogs at ProgressOhio/
kryan: OK, with this kind of weather in SF, I might as well move to Alaska, except I could not deal with Palin always wanting to bake me cookies
harparora: @seedgirl @DanHowe OK I get it – that is funny and also inventive :) Gets funnier Crista – we’re being retweeted by Palin/McCain tweeter!
nishachittal: And I thought she was over…Sarah Palin is getting a $7 million book deal!
Theodosia: Begich declared winner in Alaska Senate race — take that, Stevens and Palin!
ET_nowplaying: Maybe in eight years – Sarah Palin tries to act modest. –
RNCJournalists: latimestot: Sarah Palin destined to be ‘the white Oprah’? –
DNCjournalists: latimestot: Sarah Palin destined to be ‘the white Oprah’? –
snackfeedbuzz: we’re watching Palin: Looking Forward, Not Back-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin addresses the Republican Governor’s Associ…
allvoices: Cold realities await Gov. Sarah Palin in Alaska:
ANCHORAGE, Alaska – Gov. Sarah Palin, heralded ..
valdiskrebs: Gift to USA on his 85th birthday… neither Stevens, nor Palin, will be Senator from Alaska! [ via @crawfordbrand ]
latimestot: Sarah Palin destined to be ‘the white Oprah’? –
pauljessup: @rsdevin so far, that one is a rumor. Some people think started by Palin herself, to drive up the price early
NJ_Voices: Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton: No setback for women at all
eestimeedia: Palin välgutas kintsu: USA asepresidendi kohast ilma jäänud Sarah Palin võttis aja maha ja puhkas eel..
WFMU: More Sarah Palin residue: Bocephus (Hank Williams Jr.) to run for US Senate:
aac74: Sarah Palin is Not Secretly a Genius
newsbusters: Hugh Hefner Weighs in on Sarah Palin: How could political analysis of the 2008 election be complete w..
ohioBNN: ProgressOhio: Oh Lord, give me strength: see Sarah Palin pictures » Recaption This [...]
susan_s_smith: Why does the media consistently say Obama Campaign and McCain/Palin Campaign, What happened to Joe Biden?
ProgressOhio: Oh Lord, give me strength /Community Blogs at ProgressOhio/ – see Sarah Palin pictures » Recaption This
themia: @busymommaval yes ma’am. i know nothing. In the words of Palin, "DONT ASK ME! IM JUST A GIRL!"
susan_s_smith: @ewoman Bachmann/Palin pic amazing
kaijuisme: @oiseauxbleu @trishobrien Sometimes bad things happen to people who have been bad. That hit was a two-fer. Stevens and Palin. Ohwell…
doublespiral: @ewoman That sounds like it could be a good subtitle for The Sarah Palin Story!
yahoobuzz: Fey’s Palin skits mark turning point of TV viewing
yahoobuzz: $150,000 Wardrobe for Palin May Alter Tailor-Made Image
yahoobuzz: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Calls Sarah Palin Wardrobe Scandal Sexist (VIDEO + GALLERY)
matthewdeloach: had dinner where Daft Punk and Donovan ate. I never want to come back to the states… I guess Palin was right… I’m just a fake American.
carltonreid: @maddogmedia To the right even of the Palin wing of the party. However, I agree, there are no Republican cyclists.
ewoman: #BachmannWatch – confusion over Bachmann & Palin:
ewoman: BachmannWatch – confusion over Bachmann & Palin:
pumapower: hillbuzz: Sidetrack in Chicago is doing it again: the Sarah Palin Misogyny Fest continues in B..
katrua: Sarah Palin claims to be a "voracious reader." Heh. Of what, she doesn’t specify. Yipes, pushing back from gate now … see y’all stateside.
RalphBassfeld: Wonder how Gov. Palin will be getting on with her new democratic senator
superjz: @MParekh That’s funny – I’m glad Palin lost the seat! Actually, might have been better for business.. ;-)
NRKno: Toppsak fra Palin kan få 50 millioner for bok: Hvis Sarah Palin vil, kan hun tje..
farkpolitics: [Interesting] Man who holds Obama’s doodle breaks his silence. Little known fact: Sarah Palin also h..
neilparis: I can solve the problem with the economy: let’s just give Alaska to China in exchange for wiping out our debt. Catch: they keep Palin
MeBBeM: I love that Sarah Palin’s doodle looks like a high school cheerleader’s "spirit banner" on a football player’s locker.
acousticrandall: Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity and all those hozers need to take a Repub holiday in Hell. Tix 1/2 price. Call now for best seats in Hell.
aniconic: so they got rid of stevens . boot palin in two years ?

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