Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

2012Palin: Panel Recommends Pay Raise … Palin Rejects: ANCHORAGE, Alaska — A new state commission says the Alaska govern..
palinsupporter: Dick Morris: (due to Palin on ticket) ‘If the economy hadn’t crashed McCain/Palin would have won’.
pablo011: Interesting that that this was discovered only in AK and how Gov. Palin is described.
Krewell: @digitalkitty Ahh! That’s OK. I thought you might be going all Sarah Palin on us.
Rocket_sled: OH "Can he stop referring to Sara Palin as "I’m proud of her, very proud" It’s the same way you refer to a child who is a little slow…"
alaskaBNN: Alaska Politics: Palin says no to raise; energy plan delayed: From Kyle Hopkins in Anchorage –
Two quick Palin..
doctorwifemom: @ifgh70 Yahoo teased Time Cover by "guess who" among BHO, Sarah Palin and Henry Paulson (aka Daddy Warbucks).I called it without peeking DUH
ohioBNN: ProgressOhio: Sean Hannity is Media Matters for America’s Misinformer of the Year!: Because of the unending stre..
ronff: Are there any challenges to Obama as the TIME person of the year. Actually another choice is probably Sarah Palin.
justpat: Blogojevich looks like a guy with a full head of hair wearing a toupee anyway.
lisabeth60: I meant he is "misinformer " of the year–can’t stand Hannity
mbites: Anyone actually got this BNP list then? Or is it on Bittorrent already, like Sarah Palin’s email correspondence?
WaterKula: moment: Sarah Palin is Not Secretly a Genius – link by DIGG

seilogramp: So many here obsessed with trashing Sarah Palin and wanting her to "just go away," yet report her every word on twitter. Very strange.
davethegreat: @lovemotionstory hmmmm… Pink-suit mid-campaign Palin, or black-suit late-campaign Palin?
ET_nowplaying: I love him – Sarah Palin comments on how much she loves John McCain.
DNCjournalists: tigerbeat: Begich defeats Ted Stevens by 3724 votes candidate of Tod Palin’s former party got 13k ..
mccain_quotes: It doesn’t matter whether Palin was "a joy to work with," as #McCain aides said publicly, or a "div..
chrisorourke: Westboro dislikes Palin…not sure how I feel about that. Also their "website" is blocked by :D
TinaDupuy: @RonHogan wouldn’t be the first time something involving palin wasn’t thought through
michelletrent: omg A Cabbage Patch Kids "Sarah Palin" Doll –
tommypjr: @redbeard909 stevens out and blind ambition palin stuck in Alaska. Hooray!
freerepublic: Brazile: Ambitious Palin focuses on future — hers–[Donna graciously warns GOP -:)]: “The past..
tommypjr: @redbeard909 Stevens out and the blind ambition palin stuck in no mans land. Hoooray!
KatieMartell: Nicole Parker singing "Defying Gravity" as Sarah Palin
conservatweet: [FreeRepublic] Brazile: Ambitious Palin focuses on future — hers–[Donna graciously ..
velvethammer: If Palin is so damn insignificant to some of you. Why do you insist on chattering incessantly about her? LOL!
tabsharani: @banane is that your best Sarah Palin imitation…."you betcha"
RonHogan: I mean, I don’t doubt there’ll be a Palin book, either, but I can’t see anybody who knows what they’re doing offering $7 million.
RonHogan: I love how everybody is falling over themselves to write up Palin’s deal before it happens, without stopping to ask whether it makes sense.
crawfordbrand: Bonus! RT @MParekh Both Ted Stevens and Sarah Palin lost a Senate seat on his 85th birthday:
RonHogan: Palin’s memoir "the book most likely to repay a multi-million-dollar advance"? If $2M is multi, MAYBE.
CPeterC: @kevinrose Roomba… Wasn’t that one of Sarah Palin’s kids?
lucyfir: McCain campaign staff implying that Palin was dumb only certify that their party only hires puppets like Ronald Reagan . He was a puppet.
MParekh: Both Ted Stevens and Sarah Palin lost a Senate seat on his 85th birthday:
nyhedsradar: Palin scorer kassen påelvbiografi
brianeisley: In Second Life, trying to deal with the worst lag I’ve ever seen. I’m blaming Sarah Palin.
littlebytesnews: Team Sarah: NorCal Republicans Film Thank-You TV Ad For Palin:
Nov 17, 2008 11:44 pm..
kaijuisme: Palin is right. God is good. No Sen. Palin, no Sen. Ted Stevens. Alaska has been set free of scandal. Love it when things are balanced.
almacy: Prada, Palin, and Pitbulls : FamousDC
TerryBain: @blogbooktours I would like to announce I will not buy this or any other Sarah palin book. #wontbuypalin
tia_marie: Rush Limbaugh Island — Worst vacation spot ever. That is all.
TelegraphMG: Republicans and the Sarah Palin divide: David Frum, the former George W. Bush speechwriter best known..
GreenPlastik: Sen. Stevens loses Alaska re-election bid, thus likely keeping Sarah Palin out of our Senate. Tinay Fey must be a jumble of emotions
bitmapped: Stevens loss also complicates Sarah Palin’s plans for a non-Alaska future.
derekforrest: There goes Palin’s hopes to replace Stevens in the Senate. re:
j_aroche: @SiRGt a falta de sarah palin ? XD
dje: Stevens lost Alaska recount. Palin is trapped. it’s conceivable Minnesota and Georgia magically fall and we have a filibuster-proof senate.
BackseatSandbar: Retwt: More hoorays for American democracy: convicted felon Ted Stevens defeated in Alaska saving us from a Senator Palin
Akula: @originalquill Glad you liked it. Palin had her own list. :-)

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