Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

huffpost: McClatchy: Palin won’t take pay raise — even if it’s approved: ANCHORAGE — Gov. Sarah Pali.. -Huff …
HuffNewswire: McClatchy: Palin won’t take pay raise — even if it’s approved: ANCHORAGE — Gov. Sarah Pali..
vaspersthegrate: Alan Combs, on Hannity & Combs, just said "Blagoyess’s Bitch" in trying to say Blagojevich. Blah. Goy. A. Vitch. It’s easy to say really.
seedgirl: @HarpArora I guess Palin/McCain tweeters have nothing better to do these days. If only they knew I was talking about sweet Michael. LOL!
ursulas: So fake conservative Sarah Palin is getting a $25,000. raise from her state taxpayers. Is there no end to the…
McClatchyDC: Palin won’t take pay raise — even if it’s approved
JadedByPolitics: @SGPolitics I know what you mean because the Hannity twitter was bogus and we notified twitter about it!
jleslie: Kennedy is no more qualified than Palin. There I said it.
KellyAlford: The Sarah Palin Cronicles? That’s a series that wouldn’t last long!
angatc: On the treadmill & watching Hannity & Colmes
martinbowling: Sweet Mark Begich wins in AK, and Stevens will have to pay for the recount & save us from Palin in the senate
RussB: W00t! Ted Stevens lost! Senate’s at 58 Democrats and counting. Also fucks Palin’s senatorial ambitions as well. Very nice!
BShavelson: thank goodness Ted Stevens lost in Alaska. No "Senator Palin" in our immediate future
copperbird7: @norcross And God did take care of the Palin and Stevens mess. One mess at a time. Thank you, God.
kingofdaburbz: just finished up filmin an interview for Vlad TV with the Sarah Palin Revival Model . Vlad got the drop
norcross: Ted Stevens lost his election in Alaska. Right after Palin said "god will take care of it". How about that
shindotv: @The8thDeadlyZin Sadly, lots of of them are among us and they keep breeding. McCain, Palin, & the Internet has brought a lot of them out.
VerenaFuchs: Sarah Palin is Not Secretly a Genius
gomom: chapter heads of Palin’s book released
merlyn383: A fantastic article on how Sarah Palin is not secretly a genius
AmSpec: Blog: Joe on Palin, Jindal, etc.:
A student reporter for the Tufts Daily scores an interview with J..
kariapeterson: i never wanted this article to end: Yes, i’ve had enough palin. still. i love dick cavett; was happy to read more
thirdworld: Stevens loses Alaska Senate race. One less felon in Washington. Harder road to President for Palin in 2012:
jblebrun: @desmond94114 OMG Sarah Palin, did you steal Desmonds email address?
SimonsMom: Sarah Palin just got a book deal with Joe the Publisher! LOL! ;)
TheCrazyDogLady: Stevens just lost his seat in Alaska! No way Palin can get to senate now. Yippee!
RacingColorado: I miss Sarah Palin.
colleensullivan: Why hasn’t Sarah Palin gone away? And why does she bastardize the English language?
birdrobot: Saw Spamalot they managed to get in a Palin and Clinton joke. I don’t ‘do’ musicals but had a blast and want to see Young Frankenstein.
MadKane: @katieschwartz Re your Palin interview question, if you subscribe to the Larry King podcast, you’ll get it. It’s labeled as 11/13th.
newskag: is logging off to read about obama, lincoln, and sarah palin. newsweek day!
fruMurf: Palin needs to work at FOX which will give me another reason why I don’t watch FOX
Steamboater: – "God is clearly telling Palin…
WackyMarketing: @blogbooktours Re:Palin Book Advance Folks just love a train wreck
Shredward: @hannahrisinger i’ll get a sarah palin action figure with terrorist labeling action and we can reenact the debates.
dancurry: Pundits keep saying Palin is hurt by not moving to Senate. She’s far better off building a good record as governor and helping candidates.
Palin4President: @independentone I’ll tell ya what a LIE is separation of the church and there also too the state I tell ya SARAH PALIN 2012!!!! <wink>
wellmettled: @NicMcPhee And Ms. Palin has to stay put in Alaska, for now. There is a Santa Claus, Virginia!
Morticia626: Jindal/Palin 2012. Or Palin/Jindal either way
jackiegirl82: all my avatars look like Sarah Palin… especially the one on Jason’s Wii :/
pelletk: AP calls Alaska Senate race for Begich, meaning no more Ted Stevens, and more importantly: not Senator Palin. There is a Santa Claus.
pfoinkle: Looks like Palin won’t get a senatorial run this year:
DemDaily: Ginrich Say Palin Will Not Lead Republicans via @ShareThis
dcgrrl: Newt Gingrich can bite me. He and Sarah Palin are crazy hate mongers just itching to get someone killed.
seasonothebitch: @sylviasrevenge salon fail. one of the articles for my Palin paper is actually about Palin’s polar bear pin. they are useless.
chicklitgurrl: @blogbooktours I think I vomited a bit in my mouth over that $7 mill/Palin comment… :-/
missdeneen: Looks like I won’t be moving to Washington to work with Sarah Palin :( Maybe in four years :) Mom suggested I move to AK. Haha…
knute: The difference between GWB and Palin is that when GWB is spouting out nonsense even he doesn’t understand, someone else wrote it for him.
djbigdaddy: i guess since Stevens lost his reelection bid that there’s no way that Palin can stay on the national stage.
digg_top24: [+1152] Sarah Palin is Not Secretly a Genius: And other obvious truths that shouldn’t need proving.

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