Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

DavidAll: #TCOT I’d love to see a little mini-project to get Sarah Palin on Twitter.
ChooseTheHero: New blog post: Palin: A raise? For Me? No thanks.
jehawbaker: Best Palin headline EVER, courtesy of @theonion — "Area Woman Becomes Republican Vice Presidential Candidate"
francoBeans: Can’t believe I have to say this. But if Palin can’t be VP, Kennedy can’t be a senator
Feds nearly quash Japan’s flights to Fairbanks By Rena Delbridge Published Wednes..
rafaeldfmelo: @Cardoso se eu fosse um blogueiro mais sério(?) e menos twitteiro usaria o blogo. Qdo testei achei muito bom. Pena nao ter a app pra iphone
calintro: @Cardoso O Blogo não é bom, não?
jmathree: #TCOT Gov. Sanford on Hannity and Colmes explaining to Alan states have other options besides bailout by feds
ivanneto: @Cardoso Já testou a nova versão do Blogo? Bastante coisa nova
stefandviolins: @charlestrippy DO YOU LOVE SARAH PALIN AND HER ALASKIAN PEOPLES?!!?
PopDaddy: @CalamityJen I think the dead on Palin impression by Tina Fey was a big part of the resurgence this year. But otherwise not so good.
alaskaBNN: The Immoral Minority: Sarah Palin does something smart.: Palin says she didn’t ask for a pay raise and won’t acc..
MaximusPolitics: Where in the world are the Three Little Piggies now? Ask your favorite talk show host! #tcot #hhrs #bbtv #hannity #rush
JadedByPolitics: @derrickcarlisle I replaced O’Reilly and Hannity because I keep it in the background and do this where I used to listen :-0
westvirginiaBNN: Don Surber: More foreign policy experience than The One: Number of comments: 2Republican Gov. Sarah Palin solves..
Elehd: Victoria Toensing on Hannity called the Blago scandal a "payment interruptus"! Says he missed out on a two-fer.
dougkrile: Fresh Blog Stuff!! How’s This For A Raise?: I’d take a 20% bump any day. How about you?Palin-a..
msblog: @joshbuckner (Re Bachman denial of her own quote) That move is called "pulling a Palin."
4ndr3w: I’m kind of sad Stevens lost Alaska. Now we can’t see Palin run for senate.
markwharvey: @decidedlyright you cannot, however, discount the lip service that alternate media gets on tv programming viz Rush Limbaugh
winequester: @nebbiolata I agree, discourse is great. But we can’t discourse on everything anymore. Provocation Rush Limbaugh style?
netfortius: – I also enjoyed one of the comments there: "O’Leary <snip> is to writing, what Sarah Palin is to speaking…"
chacal_lachaise: With apologies to the late Jeanne Hagen, I finally figured out that Palin reminds me of Leena Lamont in Singin’ in the Rain.
DemocracyPress: is enjoying hearing republican Chuck Hagel tear into Rush Limbaugh.
nejsnave: @seanodmvp i had completely forgotten about that and just a whooole bunch of sarah palin jokes :)
HowardKurtz: Man, Stevens made it close, for a man with 7 felony convictions. Guess Palin can’t run for the seat after all.
misshavery: @LTroise that chicken deserved it. he didn’t run fast enough to make it across the road! Dominos pulled a Palin!
popcultPRgeorge: Yikes.. $7 Million Palin’s going to make on her book deal @
RBLevin: Palin shopping book deal, could net $7M … WTF!
saxton: Hoping "pulling a Palin" becomes a euphemism for making a horrible mistake like you got drunk and married a tranny in vegas. Pulled a Palin.
popcultPRgeorge: Yikes.. $11 Million Palin’s going to make on her book deal.
RBLevin: Palin book deal = $7M … WTF
lamarkarmor: Sarah Palin’s Has A Sweet Pair Of Legs.: Part of me just wants Sarah Palin to just go away already.  ..
robkall: AK’s Sen Stevens loses. Poor Sarah Palin. Her stepping stone to washington just disappeared. She’ll have to stab someone else in the back
bderwest: According to C.N.N., my nightmares of a possible Senator Sarah Palin can stop! Stevens was defeated. I wonder if this is 1st Dem. fr. A.K.?
ecormany: phew! Stevens loses! no Senator Palin!
_Dianne: Republican Stevens has lost his seat in Alaska, wonder if Palin had anything to do with it……
seaneyb: nailin palin comes out soon
elphantman: idc who comes, but if jayme comes i cant invite palin, so that would be a little awkward.
rapunzels_tears: yeaaaaaaah! fuck you stevens! fuck you palin! hahahahahaha!
Teriss: WOOO…HOOO….one less criminal in Alaska….now on to Palin…
etdf_richards: Sarah Palin is not secretly a genius -really?…we needed someone to tell us?
johnfschneider: Terry Gross is talking with Bill Ayers on Fresh Air on NPR. Poor guy has received numerous threats as a result of Palin’s rant.
tigerbeat: Begich defeats Ted Stevens by 3724 votes candidate of Tod Palin’s former party got 13k votes
Eventine: Alaska senate race was just called for Begich. Stevens (and Palin) are done!
Admodieus: Epic group project meeting tonight. I definitely had a Sarah Palin moment towards the end
plumpqt: @bethbangert @ Maddow yeah i am so happy the dem won so we don’t have to worry about Palin’s butt in office
tonyrobots: Begich unseats Stevens, no Senator Palin for you!
dustincann: recently discovered that he has the same birthday as Sarah Palin, and is wondering if it would be incredibly petty to try and change that…
raine1967: The AP is reporting Mark Begich has won the Alaskan Senate race!

Buh by Uncle Ted, don’t let the door hit Sarah Palin in the ass.

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