Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

choirshark: @yojibee – yikes !! Call citrix, and say you’re sarah palin
chris_herrala: Kennedy<Palin in experience;
jimfinn: looks like hillary’s in, and palin’s a turkey-killing voyeur
blabrmouth: Palin giving interview while in background they are cutting off turkey heads. Says it’s nice to participate in something other than politics
cathylamberth: OH MY GODDESS RT @harrisfellman Palin can’t stay out of the news- -she’s being interviewed in front of a turkey slaughter
chibaraki: So they’re interviewing Sarah Palin on the news on a turkey farm and there’s a guy slaughtering turkeys in the background I’m pretty sure.
templesmith: Oh man, the Palin Turkey Slaughter footage is hilarious. How can this not be a setup?
trendsjp_full: Google急上昇ワードに 『sarah palin turkey』 がランクイン! (10位)
WillAtWork: Watching he full Palin turkey interview on @CountdownMSNBC What the heck is that thing? I head chopper?
treasurefingers: <3 the new sarah palin turkey video
danielraywetzel: Palin us wearing a $400+ dollar scarf in her interview!!
jenokimoto: not sure if i’m making it up, but i swear the lady in the next room is saying, "Sarah Palin" and a two y.o. is yelling, "yuck, yuck, yuck."
somejoe: Sarah Palin, heartless turkey killing monster. Also, turkeys are yummy.
stacey727: ahhhhh palin is talking-ahhhhhhhhh
kevinthegreat: When Sarah Palin dresses a turkey, does it cost $150,000?
bitmapped: Palin’s even dumber than I thought. She gives 3min interview while they’re killing turkeys on camera behind her.
RawStory: Raw Story Palin pardons turkey as bird decapitated on camera: Palin pardons turkey as bird deca..
harrisfellman: Man, Palin can’t stay out of the news – – she’s being interviewed in front of a turkey slaughter
garyd: @lisarein I’ve actually shortened that meme already, to simply shouting "Palin!!" in angst, and slapping the forehead.
ConnieFoggles: OMG another Palin screw up!
Joey96: Palin Gives Interview During Turkey Slaughter
schwarzwald: please don’t give sarah palin attention, it only encourages her.
7thscreen: Is Palin a turkey? You betch’a!
prestonparish: omg.. did you see Palin on camera while some guy in the background brutalizes a poor turkey? awwwwful
newser: Palin’s Visit to Turkey Farm Gets Grisly: A new Sarah Palin video is causing a buzz on YouTube and in the ..
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – SHONUFF OLD SCHOOL PIMPIN ( TALKS ABOUT SARAH PALIN ROGUE DIVA ):
BY ..
aponderingheart: @sisterlisa they asked what I thought about palin and who were supported
newsbusters: MSNBC Turns Palin’s Pardoning of Turkey Into Vehicle to Deride Her Over Slaughter in Background: MSNB..
CommunispaceCEO: And new Sarah Palin scandal: Turkeygate!
AroundHarlem: RT @RosePena Katie Couric on the Palin Interview.
valerie_j: Sarah Palin doing an interview while turkeys are being beheaded: Happy Thanksgiving!
woodlandanimals: Sara Palin giving an interview in front of some dude killing turkeys:
QQKachoo: The world’s oldest polar bear on record died today. PLZ INSERT YOUR OWN SARAH PALIN JOKE. (Personally, I think it collapsed from relief.)
jlgilbert: Had sworn off tweets on Palin. But this interview is "unpardonable" if not gruesome
hotairblog: Video: Palin rocked by Turkeygate: Gobbled up.
DaisyWater: Palin could have moved over where the actual slaughter was not visible…She wanted this attention….
i208khonsu: A typical Sarah Palin Interview
Skip to 2:30
colleenr: Sara Palin turkey carnage…..sooooooo funny.
KathrinOutLoud: RT @RosePena Katie Couric on the Palin Interview.
readerville: Joe and Sarah the Writers: by Gayla Bassham | Joe the Plumber has a book deal. Sarah Palin might get ..
Mountainsister: I think it was totally insensitive of Palin to allow the interview to go on knowing turkeys were being slaughtered in the background!
rosepena: Katie Couric on the Palin Interview.
HenryHoward: watching Palin pardon a turkey, then praddle on while other turkeys get wacked in the background.
gretawire: David Letterman’s Sexual Comments about Governor Palin – FUNNY? OR NOT?: David Letterman of CBS’…
Mountainsister: Nobody has to bash Sarah Palin. She does a good enough job of it on her own! LOLOLOLOL
LindaEskin: I like turkeys. I don’t eat them. And I don’t care for Palin. But seriously, some of the comments about the Palin video are so ignorant.
SternalPR: CNN’s Campbell Brown talking about the Big 3? You mean she has something to talk about other than bashing Sarah Palin?
AllMN: Kare11: Palin’s turkey pardon interview becomes too grisly for some : Warning: video could be distur..
jpons: Katie Couric on the Palin interview:
mclgreenville: Sarah Palin Pardons Turkey – While others killed behind her This is unreal.

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