Eating Each Other Alive… December 17, 2008

When will the carnage end?

ET2U: Time mag spokesman describes Palin as a "transformational figure" in politics on Today show. Please, please, don’t let it be so.
ET2U: I’m heartened to see that it didn’t take long for the Caroline Kennedy-Sarah Palin comparisons to surface. Sheesh. Seriously, folks??
JohnnyCampbell: Build up to the Time Mag Person of the Year announcement getting to me. Please, please, please let it be Palin!
DakotaVoice: DakotaVoice Limbaugh Skewers Turncoat Colin Powell: Rush Limbaugh points out what a joke-of-a-Republi..
crtconsu: Check out countdown on msnbc @ 10pm. Palin’s news conf was I’m front of a farmer snapping the necks of turkeys & putting them in grinders.
Phyrdancer: now..which one is the turkey again????..and eww. Countdown: Sarah Palin’s Turkey Pardoning Fiasco
sarahconner: @plumpqt OMG…@Maddow ‘s face during that Sarah Palin story about "not pardoning" the turkey! LOL!
amberella_esq: Watching 30 Rock. Its my new show. Its smartly written. Thank you Sarah Palin, I mean Tina Fey!
acordova: Sarah Palin pardoned a turkey today! Then she gave an interview where the backdrop was a guy slaughtering turkeys:
mxjxharris: The Palin Turkey Slaughter video is outstanding.
d_n: @jaisonf @ktranby Hmmm. Wondering if Fox played the bizarre turkey-pardon by Palin and the follow-up interview. Probably not.
Floja_Roja: The combination of Palin rambling on and on in that annoying voice and bloody turkeys is pretty damn disgusting.
dpotts: Isn’t it funny how Sarah Palin is already being forgotten?
missusdakey: Hey, is that a fancy-schmancy Starbucks coffee in Gov Palin’s hand?
systris: @teemonster look up palin’s turkey pardon video
marylandBNN: monoblogue: As promised, here’s Sarah!: I told you folks when I found out about the pro-Palin ad, I&#..
FlagBearer4Him: How bout Palin/’somebody’ ticket in 2012? I’m totally up 4it. Who’s with me? I voted Mccain/Palin so when the proverbial $#!+ hits the f …
andygasper: @wopasaurus does that mean that McCain/Palin would be the next president… why am I even considering this!? OBAMA!
ET_nowplaying: Master Avengers prank call Sarah Palin – a radio show from Montreal prank calls Sarah Palin with… –
raymondpirouz: Sarah Palin has got to be the least sophisticated candidate to ever run for higher office. Not even a little bit sophisticated? uh…no…
moonboy_: The Obligatory Sarah Palin Column, or, Why I Don’t Care About A Pregnant 17 Year Old
shannon_e: @RosePena Yes! I was going through serious withdrawal. Wasn’t that Palin turkey slaughter fest a sight?
stprovogirl: ummmm, anyone else see Palin’s interview where she stands in front of a turkey being slaughtered? yeah, well….sickening….like her….
huffpost: Video: Turkey pardons – Palin style -TheRealMcCain
raymondpirouz: OK — that Sarah Palin ‘multiple turkey beheading interview’ really convinced me NOT to EVER have turkey again. Worst part was her language.
techfun: feels a little bad that the crowd scenes in "Inherit the Wind" remind him of some of the folks outside #Palin rallies
newsvideos168: Asterpix Interactive Video – The Sarah Palin Rap Song (Lyrics Only):
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bigseaton: @a20s Did Sarah Palin write that recipe? We’ll be right back.
Sarcomical: oh, Palin. what the Tweep are you up to now? turkey carnage?
shannon_e: Disgusted by Sarah Palin speaking in front of turkeys being slaughtered. She said quote, "No worries" about the choice of background.
orbitaldiamonds: It was dumb of Palin to stand where she did for that interview, but animals being killed for food = not a big deal in Alaska.
dukethecat: @stacey727 Much too coherent for Palin…
lkreitler: might have to throw up after watching Palin conduct a press conference as turkeys were beheaded in the background…and she didn’t bat o …
aeropolowoman: Palin turkey pardon with turkey slaughter just feet behind her. My stomach is in my throat. Didn’t know how much turkeys suffered. MSNBC.
johnhummel: @RosePena I’m not letting Palin ruin my thanksgiving. I’m already planning my brine. And my yummy made from giblets gravy.
nametags: @fuckcity – you look like you’ve seen a ghost…or like sarah palin’s coming through the computer to kill you
stacey727: @dukethecat wow-that sounded like a palin statement—-please accept my apologies.
sugarfreak: @sheigh I just saw that!! The Palin stuff never ends!!
blueeyedmuse: Sarah Palin did tv interview @ slaughterhouse, w/ a turkey being slaughtered right behind her. Her usual contrib 2 TG dinner? Turkey.
jcoatar: thank you david schuster for that brilliant segment on sarah palin and the turkey slaughtering
colesmcgee: did anyone see palin pardon the turkey, then give an interview with beheaded turkeys being blood-drained upside down in the background?
Volk_News: [Analysis] Was Sarah Palin too intelligent and overqualified to be in the Oval Office?
darbiw: just saw Sarah Palin give an interview after pardoning a turkey. Did I mention turkeys were being beheaded right behind her? Cuz they were.
kdubjackson: Oh hilarity! Will the circus ever end? Sarah Palin for peace love, and turkey killing???
sheigh: Sarah Palin interview in front of turkey slaughtering is as crazy as Anna Nicole clown face.
shermanesqe: OMG, Sarah Palin turkey interview!
Melissa_Brunner: oddest news conference ever just shown on msnbc – gov. palin takes ?s at a turkey farm, not realizing they’re slaughering behind her
annemyers: @hmorrell I dunno what happened. I moved back to MSNBC to watch the stupid Palin interview while they killed turkeys in the background
systris: @rosepena lol palin is an idiot…

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